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Cards and runes are usable items with a wide variety of effects. They take up the same slot as pills.

Runes and special cards are unlocked by completing challenges.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Major Arcana Cards[edit | edit source]

When on the ground, these cards look like this: TarotCard.png

Name ID Icon Message Effect
0 - The Fool1 0 - The Fool Icon.png"Where journey begins"Teleports you back to the starting room of a floor.
I - The Magician2 I - The Magician Icon.png"May you never miss your goal"Grants homing tears for the current room.
II - The High Priestess3 II - The High Priestess Icon.png"Mother is watching you"Mom's dismembered leg is called down to deal 300 damage to anything it stomps. It will always stomp on the enemy with the most health. If used in an empty room or during the fight with Mom, it will stomp Isaac instead.
III - The Empress4 III - The Empress Icon.png"May your rage bring power"Triggers the Whore Of Babylon effect.
IV - The Emperor5 IV - The Emperor Icon.png"Challenge me!"Teleports you into the Boss Room of a floor.
V - The Hierophant6 V - The Hierophant Icon.png"Two prayers for the lost"Spawns 2 Soul Hearts.
VI - The Lovers7 VI - The Lovers Icon.png"May you prosper and be in good health"Drops 2 full red hearts. If used in a Black Heart or Eternal Heart-containing Super Secret Room, it will spawn those types of hearts instead.
VII - The Chariot8 VII - The Chariot Icon.png"May nothing stand before you"Grants the temporary invulnerability effect of My Little Unicorn.
VIII - Justice9 VIII - Justice Icon.png"May your future become balanced"Spawns one of each consumable drop (a heart, a key, a bomb, and a coin).
IX - The Hermit10 IX - The Hermit Icon.png"May you see what life has to offer"Teleports you to the shop. If there is no shop, this will act as a random teleport. If the shop has not yet been accessed, this card will unlock the door without requiring a key (as long as the player exits through the main entrance).
X - Wheel of Fortune11 X - Wheel of Fortune Icon.png"Spin the wheel of destiny"Spawns an arcade machine (Slot Machine or Fortune Teller).
XI - Strength12 XI - Strength Icon.png"May your power bring rage"Upon use, increases all of Isaac's stats except tears and adds one (temporary) heart container for the current room.
XII - The Hanged Man13 XII - The Hanged Man Icon.png"May you find enlightenment"Removes Isaac's body, allowing him to fly around similar to Transcendence.
XIII - Death14 XIII - Death Icon.png"Lay waste to all that oppose you"Deals 40 damage to all enemies in the room.
XIV - Temperance15 XIV - Temperance Icon.png"May you be pure in heart"Spawns a Blood Donation Machine.
DLC Indicator.png Spawns a Devil Beggar in Greed Mode.
XV - The Devil16 XV - The Devil Icon.png"Revel in the power of darkness"Increases your damage by 2 until you leave the room (same effect as the Book of Belial).
XVI - The Tower17 XVI - The Tower Icon.png"Destruction brings creation"Spawns 6 troll bombs randomly around the room.
XVII - The Stars18 XVII - The Stars Icon.png"May you find what you desire"Teleports the player to the Treasure Room. If there is no Treasure Room, this will act as a random teleport. Randomly chooses a Treasure Room on Curse of the Labyrinth. If the Treasure Room has not yet been accessed, this card will unlock the door without requiring a key (as long as the player exits through the main entrance).
XVIII - The Moon19 XVIII - The Moon Icon.png"May you find all you have lost"Teleports the player to the Secret Room. This card will open one random wall once inside the Secret Room, so you can leave even if you don't have any bombs available.
XIX - The Sun20 XIX - The Sun Icon.png"May the light heal and enlighten you"Restores full health, deals 100 damage to all enemies in the room, and reveals the map for the current floor, except the Super Secret Room.
XX - Judgement21 XX - Judgement Icon.png"Judge lest ye be judged"Spawns a Beggar.
XXI - The World22 XXI - The World Icon.png"Open your eyes and see"Reveals the entire floor, except for the Super Secret Room. Has no effect if under the effect of Curse of the Lost or Amnesia.

Playing Cards[edit | edit source]

When on the ground, these cards look like this: FaceCard.png

Name ID Icon Message Effect
2 of Clubs23 2 of Clubs Icon.png"Item multiplier"Doubles your bombs. If you have no bombs, gives you 2 instead.
2 of Diamonds24 2 of Diamonds Icon.png"Item multiplier"Doubles your coins. If you have no coins, gives you 2 instead.
2 of Spades25 2 of Spades Icon.png"Item multiplier"Doubles your keys. If you have no keys, gives you 2 instead.
2 of Hearts26 2 of Hearts Icon.png"Item multiplier"Doubles Isaac's current number of red hearts. Soul and Black hearts are unaffected. Doesn't add new heart containers, just fills empty ones.
Ace of Clubs Afterbirth† Indicator.png27 Ace of Clubs Icon.png"Convert all"Turns all pickups and chests in the room into bombs.
Ace of Diamonds Afterbirth† Indicator.png28 Ace of Diamonds Icon.png"Convert all"Turns all pickups and chests in the room into coins.
Ace of Spades Afterbirth† Indicator.png29 Ace of Spades (card) Icon.png"Convert all"Turns all pickups and chests in the room into keys.
Ace of Hearts Afterbirth† Indicator.png30 Ace of Hearts Icon.png"Convert all"Turns all pickups and chests in the room into random heart pickups.
Joker31 Joker Icon.png"???"Teleports you to the Devil Room or Angel Room.

Special Cards[edit | edit source]

When on the ground, these cards look like this: FaceCard.png

Name ID Icon Message Effect
Chaos Card42 Chaos Card Icon.png"???"Throws the card to kill anything in its path. Opens normal doors.
Credit Card43 Credit Card Icon.png"Charge it!"Converts all items in the Shop or Devil Room into pickups or items on pedestals, allowing them to be picked up for free. This card's effect lasts for the entire floor, but only affects the room it was used in. Wasted if used outside the shop or the devil room. Allows devil room items to be obtained without affecting the chance of an angel room appearing.
Rules Card44 Rules Card Icon.png"???"Displays a cryptic statement on the screen, similar to a Fortune Teller. These messages (often) provide hints on bosses, bonus areas, etc.
A Card Against Humanity45 A Card Against Humanity Icon.png"Something stinks..."Covers the entire room with poop. The process is not instant, and the room will not get filled if you leave it before it's done filling.
Suicide King46 Suicide King Icon.png"A true ending?"Kills Isaac and spawns lots of pickups, items, and/or chests in the same room.
Get out of Jail Free Card DLC Indicator.png47 Get out of Jail Free Card Icon.png"Open sesame"Upon use, opens all doors in the current room (including the golden door at The Chest / Dark Room), similar to Dad's Key.
? Card DLC Indicator.png48 Q Card Icon.png"Double Active"When used, copies the effect of Isaac's currently held activated collectible item.
Holy Card Afterbirth† Indicator.png51 Holy Card Icon.png"You feel protected"Gives Holy Mantle effect for current room

Runes[edit | edit source]

Left Pointing Runes[edit | edit source]

When on the ground, these runes look like: Rune2.png

Rune ID Icon Message Unlocked by completing Effect
Hagalaz 32 Hagalaz Icon.png


1. Pitch Black

Destroys all breakable objects in the room. Does not affect Key Blocks.

Jera 33 Jera Icon.png


2. High Brow

Clones all pickups and chests in a room (even shop pickups; the clones can then be picked up for free). Cloned chests will contain exactly the same type of items: if the original contains a pickup, so will the clone; the same is true for Collectibles. Cannot clone other Jera runes and trinkets.

Ehwaz 34 Ehwaz Icon.png


3. Head Trauma

Creates a trapdoor leading to the next floor. Has an estimated 1/12 (8%) chance to spawn a door to a Crawl Space instead.

Dagaz 35 Dagaz Icon.png


4. Darkness Falls

Removes any curses from the current floor and grants a soul heart. (This will not remove Curse of the Labyrinth.)

Right Pointing Runes[edit | edit source]

When on the ground, these runes look like: Rune1.png

Rune ID Icon Message Unlocked by completing Effect
Ansuz 36 Ansuz Icon.png


5. The Tank

Reveals the whole map, including the Secret Room and the Super Secret Room.

Perthro 37 Perthro Icon.png


6. Solar System

Rerolls all pedestal items in the room. (This is the same effect as the D6.)

Berkano 38 Berkano Icon.png


20. Purist

Summons 3 friendly blue flies and 3 friendly blue spiders.

Algiz 39 Algiz Icon.png


8. Cat Got Your Tongue

Grants a shield which lasts for 30 seconds.

Blank Rune DLC Indicator.png 40 Blank Rune Icon.png


30. The Guardian DLC Indicator.png

Grants a random rune effect. Has a 25% chance to spawn another Blank Rune upon use.

Other Runes[edit | edit source]

Rune ID Icon Message Unlocked by completing Effect
Black Rune Afterbirth† Indicator.png 41 Black Rune Icon.png


Greedier Mode as Apollyon

Deals 40 damage to all enemies in the room. Consumes all pickups in the room and turns them into blue flies and spiders. Consumes all pedestal items in the room and turns them into random stat upgrades.

Other[edit | edit source]

These are items other than cards and runes (and pills) that take up the consumable slot. When on the ground, each of these items are uniquely identifiable by their respective icon.

Name ID Icon Message Effect
Dice Shard DLC Indicator.png49 Dice Shard Icon.png"D6 + D20"Upon use, activates the effects of the D6 and the D20 at the same time.
Emergency Contact DLC Indicator.png50 Emergency Contact Icon.png"Help from above"When used, will cause two Mom's Hands to come down and grab two random enemies.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The game counts runes as cards for the purposes of Starter Deck, Blank Card and Afterbirth† Indicator.png Tarot Cloth.
  • DLC Indicator.png Using the Blank Card with the ? Card teleports the player to the I AM ERROR room of the current floor. This consumes both the Blank Card and the ? Card.
  • Using the Joker card in The Womb II or Utero II will instantly teleport the player to the Devil Room or Angel Room with a trapdoor leading to Sheol or to the Cathedral. This can be used to skip Mom's Heart or It Lives and will not count as a kill.
  • Using The Joker card can allow Isaac to encounter Devil Rooms or Angel Rooms on floors they otherwise cannot appear on.
  • If you use the Strength card with only one spirit heart left, and lose the spirit heart while in the same room, you retain the full heart container that Strength grants after you leave.

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the expansion of the original game, Wrath of the Lamb, there was a positive pill effect called "Friends Till The End", which summoned 3 blue attack flies. This effect was improved, given to the rune Berkano in Rebirth, and added again in Afterbirth with the original effects.
  • The Suicide King card is a reference to the King of Hearts card, which is usually called that way because it depicts a king in a way that he appears to be sticking his sword into his head.
  • The Chaos Card is a reference to the Magic: The Gathering card "Chaos Orb", which also instantly destroys enemies that it touches.
  • The Get out of Jail Free card is a reference to a card with the same name that appears in the table game Monopoly.
  • The "A Card Against Humanity" card is a reference to the card game "Cards Against Humanity".

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If a card that teleports you to a room (ex. The Emperor) is used upon exiting a room, the teleportation is instantly canceled.
Bug Bug! DLC Indicator.png Using the Joker card to enter a Devil Room / Angel Room in the Blue Womb will cause the music of the floor to continue playing instead of the normal Devil Room / Angel Room music.

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