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A working Donation Machine.
A jammed Donation Machine.

The Donation Machine appears in almost every Shop (and rarely in Black Markets as well as in Arcades or Vaults). Upon touching the Donation Machine, Isaac will donate a coin, causing the displayed coin total to increment. This mechanic is unique in that the amount of coins donated will persist between runs. Donating money will both upgrade the shop and unlock new items; see below for more information. It will take the player many runs of continuous donations to unlock everything.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Every single donation has a 5% chance to jam The Donation Machine for the current run. When this happens, no more coins can be donated until the next run starts. (Exceptions are covered in the Strategy Section below.)
    • For perspective, this means the player has a 95% chance of being able to donate 2 coins, a 90.3% chance of being able to donate 3 coins, a 51.3% chance of donating 14 coins, a 10% chance of donating 46 coins, and a 1% chance of donating 90 coins. On average, a donation machine will accept an average of 20 coins before jamming. This equates to an average of 50 runs of maximum donation to reach 999 coins.
  • An explosion (typically a bomb from Isaac) near the Donation Machine will cause it to randomly drop 2 to 5 coins. These coins will be deducted from the banked total; however, more coins will be deducted than dropped. This can be repeated until donation counter reaches zero, at which point explosion will no longer trigger anything.
    • Bombing machines will never randomly set the donation counter to 0. This will only occur if there were few coins left in the machine to begin with.
    • DLC Indicator.png Bomber Boy will drop many coins from the machine without deducting more coins than normal.
  • When the amount of coins donated increases past 999, the machine will explode, dropping roughly 12 dimes and resetting the total to 0.
  • Nothing unlocked through donations will be lost if the amount of coins in the donation machine is reduced in any way. Thus once something is unlocked it can never be locked again.
  • Donation Machines will not appear during seeded runs, challenge runs, or Afterbirth† Indicator.png modded runs.
  • Each donation has a very small chance of giving Isaac +1 luck.
  • Donating 10 coins to a Donation Machine will increase the chance for an Angel Room to appear for the current floor.

Donation Rewards[edit | edit source]

Coins Donated Reward
10 Coins The Blue Map is unlocked.
20 Coins The shop is upgraded to level 1.
50 Coins There's Options is unlocked.
100 Coins The shop is upgraded to level 2.
150 Coins The Black Candle is unlocked.
200 Coins The shop is upgraded to level 3.
400 Coins The Red Candle is unlocked.
600 Coins The shop is upgraded to level 4.
900 Coins The Candle is unlocked.
999 Coins The Stop Watch is unlocked.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Causing the Donation Machine to explode at 1000 cents is not recommended, as it does not unlock anything and removes the ability to trade bombs for coins in future runs until the coin total has been rebuilt back up .
  • It is recommended to deliberately bomb the donation machine such that the banked total is less than 999 cents. This will effectively prevent accidental 1000th cent donations.
  • With the Humbling Bundle every cent received from bombing the donation machine is doubled, however the amount deducted from the donation machine is mostly less than what is dropped from it. The profit can be used to buy shop items or donate back to the machine until it jams.
  • With the Placenta, a Blood Bank or IV Bag, and a lot of patience, enough money can be generated to jam the machine.
  • The Donation Machine can be quickly filled using Azazel and farming coins on the first few floors. When the machine jams, simply reset and farm some more.
  • Using the Force Quit method, one may potentially fill up the machine in a single run. Save the game in the store by exiting to the start menu. Continue the game. See how many coins it takes to jam the machine (if you're lucky, you may be able to get rid of all your coins). Force Quit the game (Alt-F4 in windows, Force Quit in OS X, home button and then quit app on consoles). Restart and continue the game. Now donate coins but one less than the amount it took to jam. Go to another room and Force Quit again. Restart and continue the game. The machine will be at the higher coin count. Donate coins again with one less than the amount it took to jam. Repeat as necessary. Leaving the room is necessary in order to keep the higher machine coin count. DLC Indicator.pngThis method will also work with the Greed Machine if you have a way to exit the room.
  • DLC Indicator.png The Glowing Hourglass will un-jam the machine and return your coins to you, but the coins you donated will remain in the machine. There are multiple item combinations that allow the player to donate indefinitely:
    • Buying the Glowing Hourglass from the shop and donating any remaining coins (re-purchasing the Glowing Hourglass refills it's charges).
    • Using the ? Card will return the ? Card, allowing infinite uses of the Glowing Hourglass
    • Purchasing (or otherwise acquiring) a battery in the shop while donating
    • Using the Sharp Plug (or the Habit and two bombs) with more than two hearts
    • If the store has a battery for sale, you can donate money, use the Glowing Hourglass to leave the room, re-enter, and charge it with the battery endlessly.
    • Afterbirth† Indicator.png This method only works 5 times per run, as Glowing Hour Glass will become The Hourglass after 5 uses.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug!  Vita You can donate to the machine if you then leave the room, restart the game and go back to the machine and the amount you donated will still be there and so will the amount of coins you had when entering the level. (This only works if you restart the game by pressing the PS button and then pulling down the paper like icon and not if you press START and exit game.)