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Holy Mantle
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Character Appearance
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Passive Collectible
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Holy shield
Item Pool
Angel Room Angel Room  
Treasure Room Treasure Room  
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Holy Mantle is a passive item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Protects Isaac from damage by blocking one hit.
    • Shield effect recharges the next room.
  • DLC Indicator.png This item belongs to the Seraphim set. Collecting three items from this set will turn Isaac into an angel.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Holy Mantle will protect you from spiked chests.
  • As the shield gets restored whenever another room is entered, Holy Mantle allows Curse Rooms to be entered and left without taking damage.
  • Holy Mantle won't be active when initially spawning on a floor in the spawn room. For example: the damage caused by walking into a Curse Room adjacent to spawn is not negated. Walking into another room and coming back to spawn resets the Holy Mantle and allows to safely enter said Curse Room.
  • Unlike every other protective effect (like shield or invulnerability), Holy Mantle does not prevent damage from Blood Donation Machines, Devil Beggars, and Blood Rights. This is probably done to avoid exploiting them, given the infinitely rechargeable effect of the Holy Mantle.
  • Damage from Sacrifice Room spikes can be blocked by Holy Mantle, but a chest will not spawn unless Isaac actually takes damage.
  • Bad Trip will not damage the player when protected by Holy Mantle.
  • The blocked hit does not count as damage taken for related achievements and will not trigger items that activate upon taking damage, like Dead Bird. This means that such items are still worthless for The Lost, unless Dull Razor is possessed.Afterbirth† Indicator.png, even if he carries Holy Mantle.
  • If the player possesses Pyromaniac, the Holy Mantle will appear to be consumed if hit by an explosion before other damage, but will still protect from the first actual hit.
  • DLC Indicator.png The Lost starts with this item after donating 879 coins to the Greed Machine.
  • DLC Indicator.png Holy Mantle will not recharge after every wave in Greed Mode and will only recharge when the room is left and re-entered.
  • DLC Indicator.png Holy Mantle will protect the player from the automatic damage that occurs when the timer runs out in the SPEED! challenge.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Thunder Thighs or Leo: Isaac can stomp on Mushrooms or Bomb Rocks without taking damage once per room, granting a safer way to receive pills or Magic Mushroom/Mini Mush from the Mushrooms or a potential Crawl Space from a Bomb Rock.
  • Kamikaze!: If the player doesn't take damage upon entering a room, the mantle will absorb the damage from the explosion. Can be used as much as wanted by simply exiting and entering the same room after each use.
  • DLC Indicator.png Stop Watch: If damage is blocked with Holy Mantle, Stop Watch will trigger the slow effect

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • DLC Indicator.png Diplopia: No effect.
  • E Coli: The nullified first hit will still turn the contacted enemy into poop.
  • Infamy: Infamy's chance of blocking projectiles is applied before the Holy Mantle.
  • Isaac's Heart: The shield effect transfers to the heart.
  • Sharp Plug: Holy Mantle blocks the damage from Sharp Plug, but also keeps Isaac's active item from charging. Using Sharp Plug again will function normally.
  • DLC Indicator.png Glass Cannon: Holy Mantle does not stop the Glass Cannon from reducing Isaac to half a heart, and will still prevent Isaac's first point of damage thereafter.

Ingame Footage[edit | edit source]

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PC  2RTG TZKG and 893G 9AYJ (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 PC  1QXB 08E9 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn) (Normal mode only)

 PC  8WKT GK49 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 PC  CJHB BJF8 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn) (Normal mode only)

 PC  HGBT SDKC (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 PC  3403 J3ZN (First floor treasure room)

 PC  AL07 13JY (Second floor treasure room)

 PC  DLC Indicator.png DN0F 9GFH (You will start with it if you started as Eden) (Both modes)

 PS4  S1HX M6V9 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 Vita  HPJ6 R873 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 3DS  8FKH 6SN6 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn; Curse of the Blind)

 XboxOne  J3HV KLK8 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If the Holy Mantle is removed from the players items, for example when using the D4, Isaac can still take one damage and it be negated with the Holy Mantle's effect, but only in the room where the items were re-rolled.

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