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Item Pool
Rebirth Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest Red Chest Beggar Devil Beggar Key Master
DLC Indicator.png Afterbirth Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest Red Chest Beggar Devil Beggar Key Master Bomb Bum
DLC Indicator.png Greed Mode Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest
Afterbirth† Indicator.png Afterbirth † Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest Red Chest Beggar Devil Beggar Key Master Bomb Bum
Afterbirth† Indicator.png Greed Mode Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest

Items in this pool can be found for sale in the Shop.

Activated Collectibles

Name Icon Description Recharge
Blank Card Blank Card Icon.pngHas the same effect as the card or rune currently held by Isaac.4
Box Of Friends Box Of Friends Icon.pngUpon use, duplicates all of Isaac's familiars for the current room.4
Converter Converter Icon.pngWhen used, converts two soul hearts into a heart container.0
Deck Of Cards Deck Of Cards Icon.pngGives Isaac a random Tarot Card.6
Diplopia Diplopia Icon.pngDuplicates all pickups and item pedestals in the room.One time use
Glowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass Icon.pngWhen used, this item will rewind time, put Isaac back in the previous room, and undo anything that happened in the current room. Any health, pickups, or items gained or lost will be reset back to the previous state.2
Jar Of Flies Jar Of Flies Icon.pngEvery time Isaac kills an enemy, a fly will be added to the jar, up to a maximum of 20. Using the Jar of Flies will release all the flies that are currently in the jar as friendly Blue Flies that will damage enemies.0
Magic Fingers Magic Fingers Icon.pngFor 1 Coin, damages all enemies in the room.0
Mom's Bottle Of Pills Mom's Bottle Of Pills Icon.pngGives Isaac a random Pill, and will cause him to drop any held Q-slot item (If any). The player will only receive six different pill types in one playthrough.6
Mom's Box Mom's Box Icon.pngWhen used, Mom's Box will drop a random trinket on the ground. While held, increases luck by 1 and doubles the effects of trinkets.4
Pandora's Box Pandora's Box Icon.pngUpon use, spawns certain Pickups or Items depending on the floor it is used on. Single-use.One time use
Placebo Placebo Icon.pngWhen used, copies the effect of the pill Isaac is currently holding without consuming it. Does not copy the effects of cards or runes.4
Portable Slot Portable Slot Icon.pngUpon activation, 1 coin will be consumed, and a random Pick Up may drop, similar to the Slot Machine.0
Red Candle Red Candle Icon.pngThrows a persistent flame that deals high damage and diminishes as it damages enemies or blocks shots.4 seconds
Remote Detonator Remote Detonator Icon.pngBombs you place explode only when you use this item. Gives 5 bombs.0
Tear Detonator Tear Detonator Icon.pngWhen used, will detonate any tears currently on the screen and cause each one to split into 6 more tears which will fire in a circle, similar to Tammy's Head.1
The Bible The Bible Icon.pngUpon activation, Isaac gains Flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan.6
The Boomerang The Boomerang Icon.pngThrows a short-range boomerang which does a bit of damage and has a high chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Can also be used to grab pickups.4 seconds
The Candle The Candle Icon.pngThrows out a blue flame that can pass over gaps (but not through rocks). The flame damages anything in its path.4 seconds
The Jar The Jar Icon.pngWhen at full health, up to 4 extra hearts can be stored in the jar.0
Ventricle Razor Ventricle Razor Icon.pngCan be used to place an orange trapdoor and a blue trapdoor. Upon entering a trapdoor, Isaac is teleported to the other trapdoor.0
Wooden Nickel Wooden Nickel Icon.pngWhen used, has a 50% chance to drop one random type of coin (penny, nickel or dime)1

Passive Collectibles

Name Icon Description
9 Volt 9 Volt Icon.pngReduces the charge of any Activated Items by 1. Any 1 charge items instead have timed recharges.
BFFS! BFFS! Icon.pngIncreases the size and damage of familiars.
Bogo Bombs Bogo Bombs Icon.pngAll standard bomb pickups become 1+1 bomb pickups.
Black Candle Black Candle Icon.pngPrevents Curses. Grants one black heart. If obtained on a floor with a Curse, it will remove the Curse.
Blue Map Blue Map Icon.pngShows secret and super secret room locations on the map.
Broken Watch Broken Watch Icon.pngChance upon entering a room to slow down or speed up every enemy and their attacks. The chance to slow enemies is quite higher than the chance to speed them up.
Car Battery Car Battery Icon.pngCauses Isaac's activated item to activate twice on each use.
Champion Belt Champion Belt Icon.pngIncreases damage, but also increases the chance of Champion enemies appearing.
Chaos Chaos Icon.pngChaos causes items to be chosen from random item pools. When picked up, drops between 1-6 random pickups on the floor.
Charged Baby Charged Baby Icon.pngA familiar baby that drops a battery every 4 rooms. Has a small chance to freeze all enemies in the room when hit.
Deep Pockets Deep Pockets Icon.pngAllows Isaac to carry two cards or pills (or a combination of both) at the same time.
Fanny Pack Fanny Pack Icon.pngHas a chance to drop a random pickup when Isaac takes damage.
Habit Habit Icon.pngWhen Isaac is hit, 1 point of an item's charge is filled.
Hive Mind Hive Mind Icon.pngIncreases the size of Blue Spiders and Blue Flies and doubles the amount of damage they deal.
Humbling Bundle Humbling Bundle Icon.pngGives one extra pickup (1+1 Free version) of Red Hearts, pennies, bombs and Keys. Does not work with blue, black and half red hearts, nickels and dimes.
Little Baggy Little Baggy Icon.pngIsaac can hold 2 pills at once and all cards are replaced by pills.
Mom's Coin Purse Mom's Coin Purse Icon.pngSpawns 4 random Pills around Isaac.
Mom's Key Mom's Key Icon.pngSpawns 2 keys. Generates additional pickups from chests.
Mom's Purse Mom's Purse Icon.pngAllows Isaac to hold 1 additional trinket.
More Options More Options Icon.pngTwo items spawn in every Treasure Room. Only one can be taken; the other will disappear.
Night Light Night Light Icon.pngA cone of light shines in the direction Isaac is moving that slows enemies and enemy shots.
PHD PHD Icon.pngConverts all bad pills into good pills, spawns one pill pickup and restores health. Identifies all pills upon pickup.
Pay To Play Pay To Play Icon.pngThis item turns all doors that require a key into doors which need a coin to enter instead. This affects shops, item rooms, libraries and other key doors.
Piggy Bank Piggy Bank Icon.pngGives 3 pennies on pick-up. Every time Isaac is damaged, he will drop one additional penny.
Restock Restock Icon.pngCauses shops to instantly restock their items when they are bought. Granted by default for every character in Greed Mode.
Sack Head Sack Head Icon.pngGreatly increases the chance to find sacks.
Sharp Plug Sharp Plug Icon.pngUsing an activated item while it's not charged will charge it and Sharp Plug does 2 full heart damage to Isaac
Spider Mod Spider Mod Icon.pngDisplays Isaac's tear damage and enemy health bars. Spawns a gray spider familiar that wanders around and inflicts a random status effect on any enemies it comes into contact with. Occasionally spawns a blue spider upon clearing a room.
Starter Deck Starter Deck Icon.pngIsaac can hold 2 cards at once and all pills are replaced by cards.
Steam Sale Steam Sale Icon.pngReduces all Shop prices by 50%, rounded down to 7 coins for an item, rounded up to 2-3 coins for a pickup.
Stop Watch Stop Watch Icon.pngNoDLC Indicator.png Automatically inflicts slow to all enemies in every room.
DLC Indicator.png Upon taking damage, inflicts slow to all enemies for the current room.
The Battery The Battery Icon.pngActivated Items can be "overcharged" to allow for an additional use.
The Compass The Compass Icon.pngReveals all special rooms (except secret rooms of any kind).
The Ladder The Ladder Icon.pngAllows Isaac to walk across gaps one square across by automatically placing a ladder between the two walkable sections.
There's Options There's Options Icon.pngThere will be 2 items available to choose from after defeating a boss. Choosing 1 item causes the other to disappear.
Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.pngReveals all rooms for every floor. However, it does not reveal icons or secret rooms.