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| St. Patrick's day  
| St. Patrick's day  
| [[Cain]] to [[Mega Satan]] via [[The Chest]], starts with high luck
| [[Cain]] to [[Mega Satan]] via [[The Chest]], starts with high luck
|March 20th
|[[Isaac]], starts with [[Cone Head]], [[The Parasite]] and [[Tractor Beam]]
| Easter  
| Easter  

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Date Event, if any Peculiarities
January 1st New Years Bomb pool, starting with Pyro, no tears
January 14th Starting as Guppy, no item rooms
January 16th National Nothing Day No item rooms, no shops
January 27th No item rooms, no shops, Poop pool
February 2nd Groundhog day Same seed as the day before
February 9th National Toothache Day 51 luck, Tooth items, no item rooms
February 11th National "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk" Day Starting with Soy Milk and Milk!
February 14th Valentine's day High luck, Mom's items
February 18th National Battery Day Starting with battery-related items
March 2nd Edmund's birthday Isaac to Mega Satan, Undroppable The Left Hand
March 4th Holy Experiment Day Maggie to Mom. No Item Rooms, starting with Immaculate Conception, Eucharist and Seraphim
March 17th St. Patrick's day Cain to Mega Satan via The Chest, starts with high luck
March 20th Isaac, starts with Cone Head, The Parasite and Tractor Beam
Easter Easter Lazarus, Blood Of The Martyr, Stigmata, no item rooms
April 1st April fools Old Keeper, random trinkets and items upon pickups
May 8th Mothers' day Isaac, Mom transformation, no item rooms
May 30th Memorial day The Lost, no tears, 3 familiars and Conjoined
June 19th Fathers' day Cain, Daddy Longlegs, Dad's Key
June 25th Pride day The Lost, rainbow items
July 4th Independence day Samson, Dr. Fetus, bomb pool
October 31st Halloween Eve, Sack Head
November 1st Day of the dead The Lost w/o Holy Mantle, Dead Cat
November 11th Veterans' day The Lost, no item rooms
November XXth Thanksgiving Cupid's Arrow, Rotten Meat
December 5th
December 6th Satoru Iwata's birthday Iwata's sprite, The Gamekid
December 25th Christmas A Quarter, A Lump of Coal, Xmas hat

The full list of the remaining undisclosed dailies isn't published to avoid spoiling content.