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Items in this pool can be found in the Angel Room.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
The Bible 5.100.33
The Bible
6 rooms
Temporary Flight Upon activation, Isaac gains flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan.
Breath of Life 5.100.326
Breath of Life
6 seconds
Invincibility at a cost Grants a brief moment of invincibility when the charge bar hits zero. If the spacebar is held for an additional second after hitting zero, Isaac will take damage.
Dead Sea Scrolls 5.100.124
Dead Sea Scrolls
2 rooms
It's a mystery Triggers the effect of a random activated item from a list of possible options (not every activated item is included).
Prayer Card 5.100.146
Prayer Card
6 rooms
Reusable eternity Grants an eternal heart per use.
Added in Afterbirth † Delirious 5.100.510
12 rooms
Unleash the power! Spawns Delirium as a random friendly boss that fights for Isaac.
Added in Afterbirth † Eden's Soul 5.100.490
Eden's Soul
12 rooms
... Spawns two item pedestals then is consumed. Begins with no charges.
Added in Afterbirth † Void 5.100.477
6 rooms
Consume Consumes all pedestal items in the room. Active items will have their effects added to Void, and passive items will grant stat upgrades.

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
The Body 5.100.334 The Body I feel all Adds 3 Red Heart containers.
Celtic Cross 5.100.162 Celtic Cross You feel blessed Grants a chance to trigger the Book of Shadows Book of Shadows effect upon taking damage, creating a shield that nullifies all types of damage for 7 seconds.
Dead Dove 5.100.185 Dead Dove Flight + spectral tears Grants spectral tears and flight.
Godhead 5.100.331 Godhead God tears Increases damage and range while reducing tears and shot speed. Grants homing tears and tears gain a damaging halo.
Guardian Angel 5.100.112 Guardian Angel Extra protection Spawns an orbital familiar that blocks enemy projectiles, deals contact damage to enemies, and increases the speed of all orbital familiars.
Habit 5.100.156 Habit Item Martyr When Isaac is hit, his active item gains 1 room's worth of charge.
The Halo 5.100.101 The Halo All stats up Grants one Red Heart container, +0.3 damage, +0.2 tears, +0.25 range, +0.3 speed, and +0.5 tear height.
Holy Grail 5.100.184 Holy Grail Flight + HP up Grants flight and one Red Heart container.
Holy Mantle 5.100.313 Holy Mantle Holy shield Upon entering a room, grants a shield that negates the first damage taken.
Holy Water 5.100.178 Holy Water Splash! Spawns a bottle familiar that breaks when Isaac takes damage, leaving a puddle of blue creep. The bottle is reformed upon entering a different room.
Lazarus' Rags 5.100.332 Lazarus' Rags Eternal Life? Upon dying, resurrect as Lazarus Risen with one heart container and Anemic.
The Mind 5.100.333 The Mind I know all Grants the combined effects of the Blue Map Blue Map, Treasure Map Treasure Map, and The Compass The Compass, revealing the floor layout and all special rooms, including Secret Rooms and Super Secret Rooms.
Mitre 5.100.173 Mitre You Feel Blessed Grants a chance of converting any Red Heart pickups into Soul Hearts instead.
The Relic 5.100.98 The Relic Soul generator Isaac is followed by a small blue cross that will drop a Soul Heart every 5-6 rooms.
Rosary 5.100.72 Rosary Faith up Adds 3 Soul Hearts. The Bible will appear in any item pool.
Sacred Heart 5.100.182 Sacred Heart Homing shots + DMG up Increases damage and range while reducing shot speed and grants homing tears. Grants a Heart Container and replenishes all Red Hearts.
Scapular 5.100.142 Scapular You have been blessed Once per room, when Isaac is reduced to his last half heart, the aura around his head temporarily vanishes and he is granted one Soul Heart.
The Soul 5.100.335 The Soul I am all Grants two Soul Hearts. Isaac gains a pulsing aura that repels enemies and projectiles.
Trinity Shield 5.100.243 Trinity Shield You feel guarded Isaac gains a shield that protects him from enemy shots. It aims in the direction Isaac fires from.
The Wafer 5.100.108 The Wafer Damage resistance All sources of damage that would cause more than one-half heart of damage are reduced to one-half heart instead.
Added in Afterbirth Censer 5.100.387 Censer Peace be with you Gives Isaac a golden censer familiar which creates a huge aura of light that slows down any enemies and enemy shots inside it.
Added in Afterbirth Circle of Protection 5.100.423 Circle of Protection Protect me from myself Surrounds Isaac with a large white halo that occasionally deals Isaac's tear damage to enemies inside it, and can convert enemy shots into friendly homing tears.
Added in Afterbirth Crown of Light 5.100.415 Crown of Light The untainted gain power +2 soul hearts. While Isaac has no damaged red heart containers, grants diamond tears that deal double damage and have increased range and reduced shot speed. Regardless of health, the crown will deactivate for the current room when Isaac takes damage.
Added in Afterbirth Holy Light 5.100.374 Holy Light Holy shot! Adds a chance to fire holy tears, which will create a damaging light beam in the area if they hit an enemy.
Added in Afterbirth Immaculate Conception 5.100.413 Immaculate Conception Feed them love Upon picking up a certain amount of health, spawn a permanent angelic familiar.
Added in Afterbirth Seraphim 5.100.390 Seraphim Sworn friend An angel familiar which follows Isaac and fires homing tears which deal 10 damage and have -25% shot speed.
Added in Afterbirth Spear of Destiny 5.100.400 Spear of Destiny Your destiny In addition to tears, Isaac now holds a spear in front of him which deals damage equal to 2 times his tear damage, and occasionally inflicts fear. The spear cannot be thrown but deals damage while it is in contact with an enemy.
Added in Afterbirth Sworn Protector 5.100.363 Sworn Protector Protective friend An orbital angel which does 7 contact damage per tick and attracts and blocks enemy shots. Upon blocking 10 shots in a room it drops an Eternal Heart.
Added in Afterbirth † 7 Seals 5.100.526 7 Seals Lil harbingers! Grants a random Harbinger familiar that changes every 10 seconds. Harbingers have different behaviors and spawn themed Locusts.
Added in Afterbirth † Angelic Prism 5.100.528 Angelic Prism Eclipsed by the moon Grants a prism orbital with a large orbital radius. Tears that pass through the prism split into four multi-colored tears.
Added in Afterbirth † Duality 5.100.498 Duality You feel very balanced Whenever a Devil or Angel Room would spawn after defeating a boss, both rooms spawn. Only one can be entered.
Added in Afterbirth † Eucharist 5.100.499 Eucharist Peace be with you An Angel Room door will always spawn after every boss fight, excluding the first floor and floors after The Womb The Womb II/Utero Utero II.
Added in Afterbirth † Glyph of Balance 5.100.464 Glyph of Balance A gift from above Grants 2 Soul Hearts and modifies drops from Champion monsters based on certain conditions.
Added in Afterbirth † Lil Delirium 5.100.519 Lil Delirium Delirious friend Grants a familiar that transforms into another random familiar every 10 seconds.
Added in Afterbirth † Trisagion 5.100.533 Trisagion Smite thy enemy Damage down. Tears are replaced with piercing white blasts of light that can damage the same enemy multiple times.

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