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Pickups are minor items that can be found around the game.

Pickups can be found from any of the following sources:

  • Semi-randomly being placed in rooms.
  • Found inside of chests.
  • Dropped by any kind of beggar.


Red heart.png

Hearts are the standard HP for most characters and can be found in various varieties. The player cannot have more red hearts than heart containers, but certain heart pickups can circumvent that limit.



Coins serve as the currency for shops, the payment for the Donation Machine in shops, and payment for the slot machines, fortune telling machines, shell game, beggars, and Added in Afterbirth Restock Boxes. They are also consumed to use a few activated items (most notably Magic Fingers and Portable Slot). They will naturally drop as a Penny, a Nickel, and rarely a Dime.



Bombs are used to damage enemies, destroy rocks, and open up regular doors and secret rooms. When spawned, there is a possibility for it to be a Troll Bomb instead.



Keys are used to gain entry to many of the game's rooms, as well as unlocking golden chests and key blocks.


Lil Battery.png

Batteries will fully charge your activated item upon pickup.



See Pills.



See Cards and Runes.


Brown Chest.png

See Chests.

Sacks Added in Afterbirth


Sacks will spawn 1-4 pickups upon touching them.


  • Most of the pickups that a player gets on a run will be from clearing rooms. For the logic involved in this, see Room Clear Awards.
  • When the "KEEP AWAY" seed is enabled, all pickups will mimic Isaac's movements.
  • Added in Afterbirth When the "GONE SOON" seed is enabled, all pickups will quickly fade.
  • When the "CAMO DROP" seed is enabled, all pickups (and items) will blend into the ground.

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