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Items in this pool can be found in the silver Treasure Room or for sale in the Shop in Greed mode.

Name ID Icon Quote Description
<3 15 <3 HP up Grants Isaac one red heart container and fully restores Isaac's health.
1up! 11 1up! Extra life Gives Isaac an extra life. Upon death, he will respawn in the previous room with full health and lose the 1up!.
The Belt 28 The Belt Speed up Increases speed by 0.3.
Binky 438 Binky Memories... Tears up, adds 1 Soul Heart, and decreases Isaac's size.
Blood Clot 254 Blood Clot DMG + range up Increases damage by 1 and range by 5 for tears fired from the left eye.
Blue Cap 342 Blue Cap HP + tears up + shot speed down Grants 1 Red Heart container and increases tears, but decreases shot speed.
Box 198 Box Stuff Spawns 1 of each (non-collectible) item: 1 Penny, 1 Key, 1 Bomb, 1 Red Heart, 1 card, 1 pill, 1 trinket.
Breakfast 25 Breakfast HP up Grants Isaac one full Red Heart container.
Caffeine Pill 340 Caffeine Pill Speed up + size down Increases speed and reduces character size. Also gives a random pill.
Crack Jacks 354 Crack Jacks Don't swallow the prize! Adds one Red Heart container and drops a random trinket.
Cube of Meat 73 Cube of Meat Gotta meat 'em all! Orbiting familiar that blocks enemy shots and deals damage to enemies. If collected while already having one, it makes the familiar evolve. Only drops from Horsemen. Similar to Ball of Bandages.
Dessert 24 Dessert HP Up Grants Isaac one full Red Heart container.
Dinner 23 Dinner HP Up Adds 1 Red Heart container.
Experimental Treatment 240 Experimental Treatment All stats up, then shuffled Randomly increases and decreases some of the character's stats.
Growth Hormones 70 Growth Hormones Speed + DMG up Increases damage by 1 and speed by 0.4.
The Halo 101 The Halo All stats up Grants one Heart Container, +0.3 Damage, +0.2 Tears, +0.25 Range, +0.3 Speed, and +0.5 Tear Height.
Jesus Juice 197 Jesus Juice Damage + range up Increases Damage and Range.
Latch Key 343 Latch Key Luck up Increases Luck by 1, grants 1 Soul Heart and spawns 2 Keys.
A Lump of Coal 132 A Lump of Coal My Xmas Present The more distance tears travel, the more damage they will do.
Lunch 22 Lunch HP Up Adds 1 heart container.
MEAT! 193 MEAT! DMG + HP up Adds a heart container and increases damage.
Magic 8 Ball 194 Magic 8 Ball Shot speed up Increases Shot Speed, and drops a tarot card when picked up.
Magic Scab 253 Magic Scab HP + Luck up Increases luck and HP by 1.
Match Book 344 Match Book Evil up Grants Isaac 1 Black Heart and 3 bombs. Can also give troll bombs.
Mini Mush 71 Mini Mush Speed + range up Increases Speed and Shot Height and decreases Isaac's size, but lowers Range.
Mom's Coin Purse 195 Mom's Coin Purse What's all this...? Spawns 4 random pills around Isaac.
Mom's Heels 30 Mom's Heels Range up Increases range.
Mom's Key 199 Mom's Key Less is now more +2 keys Spawns 2 keys. Generates additional pickups from chests.
Mom's Lipstick 31 Mom's Lipstick Range up Increases range and shot height.
Mom's Pearls 355 Mom's Pearls Range + luck up +1.25 Range Up. +0.5 Tear Height. +1 Luck Up.
Mom's Underwear 29 Mom's Underwear Range up Increases range.
Mr. Dolly 370 Mr. Dolly Range + tears up Tears and Range up. Spawns 3 random types of hearts on the floor when picked up.
Odd Mushroom 121 Odd Mushroom DMG up Grants an empty heart container. Increases damage, range and shot height while reducing speed.
Odd Mushroom 120 Odd Mushroom Fire rate up +1.7 tears, +0.3 speed, reduces damage.
PJs 428 PJs You feel cozy Grants four soul hearts and fully restores Isaac's red health.
Raw Liver 16 Raw Liver HP up Grants 2 Heart Containers and completely restores health.
Roid Rage 14 Roid Rage Speed and range up Increases speed by 0.6, range by 5.25, and tear height by 0.5.
Rotten Meat 26 Rotten Meat HP up Adds one heart container.
Safety Pin 339 Safety Pin Evil + range + shot speed up Increases range and shot speed, while adding 1 Black Heart.
Screw 255 Screw Tears and shot speed up. +0.5 tears up, +0.2 shot speed up.
A Snack 346 A Snack HP up Grants one full red heart container.
Speed Ball 143 Speed Ball Speed + shot speed up Increases speed by 0.3 and shot speed by 20%.
Squeezy 196 Squeezy Tears up Increases tears by 0.4, and spawns 2 Soul Hearts pickups.
Stem Cells 176 Stem Cells HP up Adds one filled heart container and increases Shot Speed.
Synthoil 345 Synthoil DMG up + range Increases damage by 1, range by 5.25, and tear height by 0.5.
Thunder Thighs 314 Thunder Thighs HP up + speed down + you feel stompy Destroys rocks upon contact with Isaac. Adds one heart container and lowers Speed.
Toothpicks 183 Toothpicks Tears + shot speed up +0.7 tears, +16% shot speed.
Torn Photo 341 Torn Photo Tears + shot speed up Tears + Shot speed up.
Wire Coat Hanger 32 Wire Coat Hanger Tears up Increases Tears by 0.7.
Wooden Spoon 27 Wooden Spoon Speed up Increases speed by 0.3.
Added in Afterbirth † Belly Button 458 Belly Button What's in there? Drops a random trinket. Grants a second trinket slot.
Added in Afterbirth † Dad's Lost Coin 455 Dad's Lost Coin I remember this... Increases range by 1.5. Drops a Lucky Penny.
Added in Afterbirth † Moldy Bread 456 Moldy Bread Midnight snack! Grants one full red heart container.
Added in Afterbirth † Polydactyly 454 Polydactyly Hold me! Allows Isaac to carry two cards, pills, or any combination of both at the same time. Drops a random card or pill.

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