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A breaking run is a community term referring to a scenario where Isaac can create an infinite number of items to get whatever combination of items he wants, making the rest of the run trivial to beat.

Elements of Breaking Runs[edit | edit source]

Breaking runs work by manipulating items to appear from regular pickups in a renewable way, whether they be rerolling pickups, duplicating chests, or endlessly restocking items. Many of the items that enable this can be found in Arcades, Shops, and Super Secret Rooms; anything that lets Isaac make better use of these items and rooms makes it easier for the circumstances required for a breaking run to come together.

  • Shops contain hearts, Lil' Batteries, and items, notably Blank Card Blank Card, Piggy Bank Piggy Bank, Added in AfterbirthMom's Box Mom's Box, Added in AfterbirthRestock Restock, and many other items that give extra active item charges. They can also have a Restock Machine, making rerolling through the shop item pool very easy.
  • Arcades almost always have Blood Donation Machine, which can give IV Bag IV Bag if it hasn’t already been obtained that run. They also occasionally have Fortune Telling Machines and Devil Beggars, which can give Added in AfterbirthCracked Dice Cracked Dice. They can only spawn if Isaac has at least 5 coins entering the second floor of a chapter.
  • Of the ~20 Super Secret Room variants, some of them contain chests, Fortune Telling Machines/Devil Beggars/trinkets, or runes.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Locked Chests can give Rune Bag Rune Bag, Sack of Sacks Sack of Sacks, and IV Bag.
  • Ways to reroll items (The D6 The D6, Perthro, Restock Machines, etc.) make it easier to find the items necessary for a breaking run.
    • Anything that gives Isaac extra coins or bombs (or gives him explosive tears) lets him use Restock Machines more frequently.

Method 1: Blank Card + Jera + Infinite Charges[edit | edit source]

This can endlessly duplicate Locked Chests with items in them to create an endless amount of items.

With Blank Card + Jera, Lil' Batteries can be duplicated endlessly, and if a chest on the floor has an item in it, all chests duplicated from it will also have items. From this, chests can be duplicated endlessly, creating infinite items. Note that keys will also have to be duplicated to open the chests if they're Locked/Eternal Chests, or bombs if they're Bomb Chests.

Method 2: IV Bag + Restock[edit | edit source]

One of the simplest methods of breaking a run, it allows Isaac to buy as many items as he wants from the Shop. This is not possible in Greed mode because Blood Donation Machines cannot spawn in Greed mode, and The Lost cannot use this because IV Bag ignores Holy Mantle Holy Mantle and will kill him.

  • Elements
    • IV Bag, obtained from Blood Donation Machines Added in Afterbirth † or Locked Chests
    • Restock, bought from the Shop

On average, IV Bag makes more cash from Red Hearts than it costs to purchase them, and with Restock he can buy endless Red Hearts to make an infinite amount of money. Restock also makes the items in the Shop restock when purchased, meaning he can also buy out every item from the shop until Added in AfterbirthChaos Chaos shows up, at which point he can empty every item pool in the game.

Method 3: Pickup Generation on Hit + Damage Source + Cracked Dice[edit | edit source]

This allows Isaac to generate endless pickups, which can then be rerolled into hearts to continue generating more pickups and chests to generate endless items. This method is unavailable to The Lost, as it requires taking damage to work.

  • Elements
    • Pickup generation on hit (Piggy Bank, Fanny Pack, IV Bag, etc.), most likely obtained from Shops or Blood Donation Machines
    • A damage source, such as a self-damage active item or Curse Room
    • Cracked Dice, to reroll the pickups generated

Cracked Dice has a 25% chance to reroll every pickup in the room, and can be fueled by items like Piggy Bank or IV Bag that generate pickups on hit. Once enough pickups are accumulated, the room can completely refill Isaac’s health on each reroll as well as spawn many chests, creating a renewable cycle of item and health generation.

Method 4: D20 + Infinite Charges[edit | edit source]

Similar to the previous method, this can create an endless amount of chests, but relies on having active item charges to reroll pickups instead of taking damage. This was the original breaking method back in The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb.

  • Elements
    • D20 D20, obtainable only in Treasure Rooms
    • Habit/Sharp Plug and Scapular, or Restock and a Lil' Battery in the Shop

After opening a chest, the D20 can reroll all the pickups created by the chest as well as the empty chest itself (unless it had an item) for the chance at more chests. With a way to endlessly recharge the D20, these pickups can be continually rerolled into chests and opened to eventually create an endless supply of coins to buy Lil' Batteries (if using Restock) and chests for items.

Unique Advantages[edit | edit source]

Breaking runs are able to reroll through entire item pools, allowing them to get combinations of any items they want. Aside from making runs easy, this carries with it some unique advantages.

  • Added in Afterbirth †Mama Mega! Mama Mega! lets Isaac open the doors to Boss Rush or ??? without having to meet their time limits. It can be obtained from Shops or Bomb Bums (which can be spawned by using XX - Judgement continuously), meaning breaking runs can complete Boss Rush, Hush, and/or Delirium with a run that’s as powerful as they want it to be.
  • Picking up multiple copies of Added in AfterbirthEden's Blessing Eden's Blessing makes it so Isaac starts with that many random items at the start of the next run, up to a maximum of ten; if ten or more Eden’s Blessings were picked up, all leftover items to be given will instead go to the next run, and so on and so forth until there are no more random items to be given. With the use of Added in AfterbirthGlowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass, Added in Afterbirth †Crooked Penny Crooked Penny, Added in Afterbirth †Schoolbag Schoolbag, and an endless supply of Little Batteries, an indefinite amount of Eden’s Blessings can be picked up, and Isaac can start every run thereon with ten more items.
  • Added in Afterbirth †Clicker Clicker transforms Isaac into another unlocked character, and completion marks earned will be for the character transformed into. This means once a breaking run has Clicker, it can earn completion marks for any character.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • All breaking runs will eventually lead into the Treasure Room item pool when their original item pools are emptied, then eventually create only Breakfast Breakfast once the Treasure Room is emptied of items. Breakfast is a sign that a breaking run has become as powerful as it can be (unless Chaos is involved).
  • 9 Volt should be avoided if Sharp Plug is being used to endlessly recharge an active item; 9 Volt prevents an active item from reaching 0 charges, which is required for Sharp Plug to be used.

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