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Added in Afterbirth †Butter! Complete 2 Victory Laps and start a 3rdButter!Butter!
Added in Afterbirth †

Butter! is a trinket added in Booster Pack #1.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Using an active item will drop it onto a pedestal on the ground.
  • When Isaac takes damage, there is a 2% chance one of Isaac's passive items will drop on the ground.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Butter will immediately cancel the effects of many active items, wasting their charge. This includes:
    • Anarchist Cookbook Anarchist CookbookAnarchist Cookbook Icon.png3 roomsSpawns six troll bombs around the room.
    • The Book of Belial The Book of BelialThe Book of Belial Icon.png3 roomsUpon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
      Removed in Afterbirth Guarantees a Devil Room or Angel Room will be open after beating a boss while holding it, or Added in Afterbirth increases the chance by 12.5%.
    • The Candle The CandleThe Candle Icon.png4 secondsThrows out a blue flame that can pass over gaps (but not through rocks). The flame damages anything in its path.
    • The Gamekid The GamekidThe Gamekid Icon.png6 roomsUpon use, turns the character into a into a Pac-Man-like creature for 5 seconds, granting invulnerability, inflicting fear on all enemies, and replenishing half a red heart container for every two enemies killed.
    • The Hourglass The HourglassThe Hourglass Icon.png2 roomsUpon activation, enemies and their projectiles are slowed down for a short duration.
    • My Little Unicorn My Little UnicornMy Little Unicorn Icon.png6 roomsUpon use, grants invulnerability and increased speed for five seconds, removing the ability to shoot tears and replacing it with the ability to deal contact damage to enemies.
  • Diplopia DiplopiaDiplopia Icon.pngOne time useDuplicates all pickups and item pedestals in the room.: Diplopia does not drop, and is consumed as normal.
  • Metronome MetronomeMetronome Icon.png2 roomsGrants a random item effect for the current room.: Effect from the Metronome is immediately cancelled beyond the gain of hearts, coins, bombs, or keys. Visual effect may persist until leaving the room.
  • Pause PausePause Icon.png2 roomsFreezes all enemies until a fire button is pressed.: Still pauses the room but makes you drop the item which allows you to fire tears.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If used outside a 1 pip Dice Room, Isaac's items can be rerolled without losing his active item.
  • If used in a 4 pip dice room, the active item can be dropped and rerolled.
  • Butter! can remove starter items from challenges.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Butter! was made by Florian Himsl (developer and programer of the original The Binding of Isaac game).
  • Butter! has a new sprite since Booster Pack #4.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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