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Chapters are sets of floors which contain similar enemies, themes, bosses, and difficulties. Earlier chapters are divided into two floors, while later chapters contain one floor. Each chapter has different environments which, while retaining the same feel, have slightly different themes, enemies, bosses, and difficulties. Each environment also has its own music.

Chapter 1

Basement.png Cellar.png Burning Basement.png
The Basement The Cellar DLC Indicator.png Burning Basement

Chapter 2

Caves.png Catacombs.png Flooded Caves.png
The Caves The Catacombs DLC Indicator.png Flooded Caves

Chapter 3

Depths.png Necropolis.png Dank Depths.png
The Depths Necropolis DLC Indicator.png Dank Depths

Chapter 4

Womb.png Utero.png Scarred Womb.png
The Womb Utero DLC Indicator.png Scarred Womb

Chapter 4.5 (Optional)

Blue Womb.png
DLC Indicator.png ??? (Blue Womb)

Chapter 5

Cathedral.png Sheol.png
Cathedral Sheol

Chapter 6

The Chest.png Dark Room.png
The Chest Dark Room

Endgame (Optional)

The Void.png
Afterbirth† Indicator.png The Void
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Optional Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Endgame
Normal Mode
Hard mode
Stage basement.png Stage caves.png Stage depths.png Stage womb.png Stage sheol.png

Stage cathedral.png
Stage dark room.png
Dark Room

Stage chest.png
The Chest
The Basement The Caves The Depths The Womb
DLC Indicator.png Afterbirth† Indicator.png
Stage cellar.png Stage catacombs.png Stage necropolis.png Stage utero.png ??? Stage the void.png
The Cellar The Catacombs Necropolis Utero ??? The Void
DLC Indicator.png DLC Indicator.png DLC Indicator.png DLC Indicator.png
Stage burning basement.png Stage flooded caves.png Stage dank depths.png Stage scarred womb.png
Burning Basement Flooded Caves Dank Depths Scarred Womb
DLC Indicator.png
Greed Mode
Afterbirth† Indicator.png
Greedier Mode
DLC Indicator.png DLC Indicator.png
Stage basement.png Stage caves.png Stage depths.png Stage womb.png Stage sheol.png The Shop Ultra Greed
The Basement The Caves The Depths The Womb Sheol The Shop Ultra Greed

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