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Disambig.png This article is about the main player character. For the additional multiplayer characters, see Babies. For non-player characters, see NPCs.

There are eleven playable characters in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth with four extra characters in the DLCs. Five of these characters (Isaac, Magdalene, Cain, Judas, and ???/Blue Baby) came with the original Binding of Isaac, while two additional characters (Eve and Samson) were added later. Eve was added in the Binding of Isaac's Halloween Update, while Samson was added in The Wrath of the Lamb expansion. Rebirth contains four new characters (Azazel, Lazarus, Eden, and The Lost). In the Afterbirth expansion for Rebirth, one new character (Lilith) was added, plus one more character via an update (Keeper). In the Afterbirth † expansion for Rebirth one character (Apollyon) was added, plus one more secret character (The Forgotten) added via a Booster Pack. Each character starts with different stats and abilities that give them their own unique play style.

Each character's progress can be gauged by checking their completion marks.

Rebirth Afterbirth Afterbirth †
Character Isaac App.png
Magdalene App.png
Cain App.png
Judas App.png
Blue Baby App.png
Eve App.png
Samson App.png
Azazel App.png
Lazarus App.png
Eden App.png
The Lost App.png
The Lost
Lilith App.png
Keeper App.png
Apollyon App.png
The Forgotten App.png
The Forgotten
Judas Dark Judas Lazarus Lazarus Risen The Forgotten The Soul
Health Stat Icon.png Health Red HeartRed HeartRed Heart Red HeartRed HeartRed HeartRed Heart Red HeartRed Heart Red Heart Black HeartBlack Heart Soul HeartSoul HeartSoul Heart Red HeartRed Heart Red HeartRed HeartRed Heart Black HeartBlack HeartBlack Heart Red HeartRed HeartRed Heart Red Heart Random No health Red HeartBlack HeartBlack Heart Coin HeartCoin Heart Red HeartRed Heart Bone HeartBone Heart Soul Heart
Damage Stat Icon.png Damage 3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.20) 3.5 (*1.35) 3.5 (*2.00) 3.5 (*1.05) 3.5 (*0.75)
(*1.00 at Red Heart)
3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.50) 3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.20) 3.5
3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.20) 3.5 (*1.00) 3.5 (*1.50) 3.5 (*1.00)
Tears Stat Icon.png Tears +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 -0.05 +0.5, *1/3 +0 +0 ±0.75 +0 +0 +18 +0 +0 +0
Shot Speed Stat Icon.png Shot Speed 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.31 1 1 1 1 ± 0.25 1 1 1 1 1 1
Range Stat Icon.png Range 23.75 23.75 17.75 23.75 23.75 23.75 23.75 18.75 17.75 17.75 23.75 23.75 ± 5.00 23.75 23.75 23.75 23.75 23.75 23.75
Speed Stat Icon.png Speed 1.0 0.85 1.3 1.0 1.1 1.1 1.23 1.1 1.25 1.0 1.25 1.0 ± 0.15 1.0 1.0 0.85 1.0 1.0 1.3
Luck Stat Icon.png Luck 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 ± 1 0 0 -2 0 0 0
Starting Item Icon.png Starting Pickup(s) x1 bombs Added in Afterbirth † Needs to be unlocked x1 Speed Up pill x1 keys,
Added in Afterbirth Needs to be unlocked Paper Clip Paper ClipPaper Clip Icon.pngGolden Chests can be opened without using a key.
x3 coins None None None Added in Afterbirth † Needs to be unlocked Child's Heart Child's HeartChild's Heart Icon.pngIncreases the chance of a Heart dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding a Heart when opening a Chest. 0 - The Fool 0 - The Fool0 - The Fool Icon.pngTeleports you back to the starting room of a floor. x1 pills None x0-2 bombs
x0-1 keys
x0-5 coins
x0-1 trinket, pill, or card
x1 coins None x1 bombs
Needs to be unlocked x1 coins
Needs to be unlocked Store Key Store KeyStore Key Icon.pngAutomatically opens all Shops.
None None
Starting Item Icon.png Starting Item(s) Needs to be unlocked The D6 The D6The D6 Icon.png6 roomsAllows Isaac to re-roll collectible items in the current room into other items, depending on the current room's Item Pool. Yum Heart Yum HeartYum Heart Icon.png4 roomsRestores 1 whole red heart. Lucky Foot Lucky FootLucky Foot Icon.png+1 Luck. Increases chance of winning Shell Game Beggar. (Independent of luck stat) The Book of Belial The Book of BelialThe Book of Belial Icon.png3 roomsUpon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
Removed in Afterbirth Guarantees a Devil Room or Angel Room will be open after beating a boss while holding it, or Added in Afterbirth increases the chance by 12.5%.
None The Poop The PoopThe Poop Icon.png1 roomsSpawns a pile of poop where the character is standing and knocks nearby monsters back. May yield pickups like regular poop. Whore of Babylon Whore of BabylonWhore of Babylon Icon.pngIncreases damage and speed whenever Isaac has half a red heart or less (one red heart for Eve), ignoring any soul or black hearts.

Dead Bird Dead BirdDead Bird Icon.pngSpawns a flying familiar for the current room that chases enemies whenever Isaac takes damage.

Added in Afterbirth Needs to be unlocked Razor Blade Razor BladeRazor Blade Icon.pngUnlimitedUpon use, deals one heart of damage to Isaac and grants +1.2 damage for the current room.
Bloody Lust Bloody LustBloody Lust Icon.pngIncreases damage as Isaac receives damage. Damage increase stays for the whole floor. Short range Brimstone BrimstoneBrimstone Icon.pngTears are replaced by a laser beam that pierces through all enemies and obstacles in its path and deals high damage. Can only be fired after a short charge-up period.

Added in Afterbirth † Needs to be unlocked Anemic AnemicAnemic Icon.png+5 range. After Isaac is damaged, a trail of red creep will be left behind Isaac until he leaves the current room. Anemic AnemicAnemic Icon.png+5 range. After Isaac is damaged, a trail of red creep will be left behind Isaac until he leaves the current room. Random active item

Random passive item

Spectral tears

D4 D4D4 Icon.png6 roomsRerolls all of Isaac's items.

Added in Afterbirth Needs to be unlocked Holy Mantle Holy MantleHoly Mantle Icon.pngAutomatically negates first taken damage in every room.
Blindfolded App.png Blindfolded

Incubus IncubusIncubus Icon.pngA demonic familiar that follows Isaac and shoots tears identical to Isaac's in terms of damage, range, fire rate, and effects.

Cambion Conception Cambion ConceptionCambion Conception Icon.pngAfter taking damage a certain amount of times, a permanent demonic familiar spawns.

Box of Friends Box of FriendsBox of Friends Icon.png4 roomsUpon use, duplicates all of Isaac's familiars for the current room.
Triple shot

Needs to be unlocked Wooden Nickel Wooden NickelWooden Nickel Icon.png1 roomsWhen used, has a 50% chance to drop one random type of coin (penny, nickel, or dime).
Void VoidVoid Icon.png6 roomsConsumes all pedestal items in the room. Active items will have their effects added to Void, and passive items will grant stat upgrades. None
Boss Rush Isaac's HeadIsaac's HeadComplete the Boss Rush as Isaac Maggy's BowMaggy's BowComplete the Boss Rush as Magdalene Cain's Other EyeCain's Other EyeComplete the Boss Rush as Cain Judas' ShadowJudas' ShadowComplete the Boss Rush as Judas ???'s Only Friend???'s Only FriendComplete the Boss Rush as ??? Eve's MascaraEve's MascaraComplete the Boss Rush as Eve Samson's ChainsSamson's ChainsComplete the Boss Rush as Samson The NailThe NailComplete the Boss Rush as Azazel Missing No.Missing No.Complete the Boss Rush as Lazarus UndefinedUndefinedComplete the Boss Rush as Eden The D100The D100Complete the Boss Rush as The Lost Immaculate ConceptionImmaculate ConceptionComplete the Boss Rush as Lilith Sticky NickelsSticky NickelsComplete the Boss Rush as Keeper Locust of ConquestLocust of ConquestComplete the Boss Rush as Apollyon Divorce PapersDivorce PapersComplete the Boss Rush as The Forgotten
Hard mode only Mom's Heart Lost BabyLost BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Isaac Cute BabyCute BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Magdalene Glass BabyGlass BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Cain Shadow BabyShadow BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Judas Dead BabyDead BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as ??? Crow BabyCrow BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Eve Fighting BabyFighting BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Samson Begotten BabyBegotten BabyRemoved in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Lazarus
Added in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Azazel
Wrapped BabyWrapped BabyRemoved in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Azazel
Added in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Lazarus
Glitch BabyGlitch BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Eden -0- Baby-0- BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as The Lost Goat Head BabyGoat Head BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Lilith Super Greed BabySuper Greed BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Keeper SmelterSmelterDefeat Mom's Heart or It Lives! on hard mode as Apollyon MarrowMarrowDefeat Mom's Heart or It Lives! on hard mode as The Forgotten
Satan Mom's KnifeMom's KnifeDefeat Satan as Isaac Guardian AngelGuardian AngelDefeat Satan as Magdalene A Bag of BombsA Bag of BombsDefeat Satan as Cain Judas' TongueJudas' TongueDefeat Satan as Judas Forget Me NowForget Me NowDefeat Satan as ??? The RazorThe RazorDefeat Satan as Eve Blood RightsBlood RightsDefeat Satan as Samson Daemon's TailDaemon's TailDefeat Satan as Azazel Broken AnkhBroken AnkhDefeat Satan as Lazarus Book of SecretsBook of SecretsDefeat Satan as Eden The MindThe MindDefeat Satan as The Lost Serpent's KissSerpent's KissDefeat Satan as Lilith Keeper holds Store KeyKeeper holds Store KeyDefeat Satan as Keeper Locust of PestilenceLocust of PestilenceDefeat Satan as Apollyon Pointy RibPointy RibDefeat Satan as The Forgotten
Isaac Isaac's TearsIsaac's TearsDefeat Isaac as Isaac A CrossA CrossDefeat Isaac as Magdalene A Bag of PenniesA Bag of PenniesDefeat Isaac as Cain GuillotineGuillotineDefeat Isaac as Judas The D6The D6Defeat Isaac as ??? Eve's Bird FootEve's Bird FootDefeat Isaac as Eve Bloody LustBloody LustDefeat Isaac as Samson Satanic BibleSatanic BibleDefeat Isaac as Azazel Lazarus' RagsLazarus' RagsDefeat Isaac as Lazarus Blank CardBlank CardDefeat Isaac as Eden Isaac's HeartIsaac's HeartDefeat Isaac as The Lost Rune BagRune BagDefeat Isaac as Lilith Keeper holds Wooden NickelKeeper holds Wooden NickelDefeat Isaac as Keeper Locust of WrathLocust of WrathDefeat Isaac as Apollyon Slipped RibSlipped RibDefeat Isaac as The Forgotten
The Lamb Missing PosterMissing PosterDefeat The Lamb as Isaac Maggy's FaithMaggy's FaithDefeat The Lamb as Magdalene AbelAbelDefeat The Lamb as Cain Curved HornCurved HornDefeat The Lamb as Judas ???'s Soul???'s SoulDefeat The Lamb as ??? Black LipstickBlack LipstickDefeat The Lamb as Eve Samson's LockSamson's LockDefeat The Lamb as Samson Demon BabyDemon BabyDefeat The Lamb as Azazel Pandora's BoxPandora's BoxDefeat The Lamb as Lazarus Mystery SackMystery SackDefeat The Lamb as Eden The SoulThe SoulDefeat The Lamb as The Lost SuccubusSuccubusDefeat The Lamb as Lilith KarmaKarmaDefeat The Lamb as Keeper Locust of DeathLocust of DeathDefeat The Lamb as Apollyon Brittle BonesBrittle BonesDefeat The Lamb as The Forgotten
??? The D20The D20Defeat ??? as Isaac Celtic CrossCeltic CrossDefeat ??? as Magdalene Cain's EyeCain's EyeDefeat ??? as Cain The Left HandThe Left HandDefeat Ultra Pride or ??? as Judas FateFateDefeat ??? as ??? Sacrificial DaggerSacrificial DaggerDefeat ??? as Eve Blood PennyBlood PennyDefeat ??? as Samson AbaddonAbaddonDefeat ??? as Azazel Store CreditStore CreditDefeat ??? as Lazarus Mysterious PaperMysterious PaperBeat ??? as Eden The BodyThe BodyDefeat ??? as The Lost Cambion ConceptionCambion ConceptionDefeat ??? as Lilith Deep PocketsDeep PocketsDefeat ??? as Keeper Locust of FamineLocust of FamineDefeat ??? as Apollyon Jaw BoneJaw BoneDefeat ??? as The Forgotten
Greed mode only Ultra Greed Added in Afterbirth Lil' ChestLil' ChestDefeat Ultra Greed as Isaac CenserCenserDefeat Ultra Greed as Magdalene Evil EyeEvil EyeDefeat Ultra Greed as Cain My ShadowMy ShadowDefeat Ultra Greed as Judas Cracked DiceCracked DiceDefeat Ultra Greed as ??? Black FeatherBlack FeatherDefeat Ultra Greed as Eve Lusty BloodLusty BloodDefeat Ultra Greed as Samson LilithLilithDefeat Ultra Greed as Azazel Key BumKey BumDefeat Ultra Greed as Lazarus GB BugGB BugDefeat Ultra Greed as Eden ZodiacZodiacDefeat Ultra Greed as The Lost Box of FriendsBox of FriendsDefeat Ultra Greed as Lilith Rib of GreedRib of GreedDefeat Ultra Greed as Keeper Brown NuggetBrown NuggetDefeat Ultra Greed as Apollyon Finger BoneFinger BoneDefeat Ultra Greed as The Forgotten
Greedier mode only Ultra Greedier Added in Afterbirth † D1D1Defeat Ultra Greedier as Isaac Glyph of BalanceGlyph of BalanceDefeat Ultra Greedier as Magdalene Sack of SacksSack of SacksDefeat Ultra Greedier as Cain Eye of BelialEye of BelialDefeat Ultra Greedier as Judas MeconiumMeconiumDefeat Ultra Greedier as ??? Crow HeartCrow HeartDefeat Ultra Greedier as Eve Stem CellStem CellDefeat Ultra Greedier as Samson Bat WingBat WingDefeat Ultra Greedier as Azazel Plan CPlan CDefeat Ultra Greedier as Lazarus MetronomeMetronomeDefeat Ultra Greedier as Eden Dad's Lost CoinDad's Lost CoinDefeat Ultra Greedier as The Lost DualityDualityDefeat Ultra Greedier as Lilith Eye of GreedEye of GreedDefeat Ultra Greedier as Keeper Black RuneBlack RuneDefeat Ultra Greedier as Apollyon Dad's RingDad's RingDefeat Ultra Greedier as The Forgotten
Hush Added in Afterbirth Fart BabyFart BabyDefeat Hush as Isaac PurityPurityDefeat Hush as Magdalene D12D12Defeat Hush as Cain BetrayalBetrayalDefeat Hush as Judas Fate's RewardFate's RewardDefeat Hush as ??? AthameAthameDefeat Hush as Eve Blind RageBlind RageDefeat Hush as Samson Maw of the VoidMaw of the VoidDefeat Hush as Azazel Empty VesselEmpty VesselDefeat Hush as Lazarus Eden's BlessingEden's BlessingDefeat Hush as Eden Sworn ProtectorSworn ProtectorDefeat Hush as The Lost IncubusIncubusDefeat Hush as Lilith Keeper now holds... A Penny!Keeper now holds... A Penny!Defeat Hush as Keeper HushyHushyDefeat Hush as Apollyon Hallowed GroundHallowed GroundDefeat Hush as The Forgotten
Delirium Added in Afterbirth † D InfinityD InfinityDefeat Delirium as Isaac EucharistEucharistDefeat Delirium as Magdalene Silver DollarSilver DollarDefeat Delirium as Cain ShadeShadeDefeat Delirium as Judas King BabyKing BabyDefeat Delirium as ??? Dull RazorDull RazorDefeat Delirium as Eve Bloody CrownBloody CrownDefeat Delirium as Samson Dark Prince's CrownDark Prince's CrownDefeat Delirium as Azazel Compound FractureCompound FractureDefeat Delirium as Lazarus Eden's SoulEden's SoulDefeat Delirium as Eden Holy CardHoly CardDefeat Delirium as The Lost EuthanasiaEuthanasiaDefeat Delirium as Lilith Crooked PennyCrooked PennyDefeat Delirium as Keeper VoidVoidDefeat Delirium as Apollyon Book of the DeadBook of the DeadDefeat Delirium as The Forgotten
Mega Satan Added in Afterbirth Cry BabyCry BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Isaac Red BabyRed BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Magdalene Green BabyGreen BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Cain Brown BabyBrown BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Judas Blue BabyBlue BabyDefeat Mega Satan as ??? Lil' BabyLil' BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Eve Rage BabyRage BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Samson Black BabyBlack BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Azazel Long BabyLong BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Lazarus Yellow BabyYellow BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Eden White BabyWhite BabyDefeat Mega Satan as The Lost Big BabyBig BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Lilith Noose BabyNoose BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Keeper Mort BabyMort BabyDefeat Mega Satan as Apollyon Bound BabyBound BabyDefeat Mega Satan as The Forgotten
Hard mode only All Marks completed Added in Afterbirth Buddy BabyBuddy BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Isaac Colorful BabyColorful BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Magdalene Picky BabyPicky BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Cain Belial BabyBelial BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Judas Hive BabyHive BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as ??? Whore BabyWhore BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Eve Revenge BabyRevenge BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Samson Sucky BabySucky BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Azazel Dripping BabyDripping BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Lazarus Cracked BabyCracked BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Eden GodheadGodheadRemoved in Afterbirth Beat Mom's Heart, Isaac, Satan, ???, and The Lamb and complete the Boss Rush on hard mode as The Lost
Added in Afterbirth Earn all 9 Completion Marks on hard mode as The Lost
Dark BabyDark BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Lilith Sale BabySale BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as Keeper Apollyon BabyApollyon BabyEarn all Hard Mode Completion Marks as Apollyon Bone BabyBone BabyEarn all Hard Mode Completion Marks as The Forgotten


Each character is unlocked by accomplishing a certain task in the game. The unlock requirements are as follows:

Character Unlock requirement
Isaac None; unlocked by default
Magdalene Magdalene Have 7 or more heart containers at one timeMagdaleneMagdalene
Cain Cain Hold 55 coins at one timeCainCain
Judas Judas Defeat Satan for the 1st timeJudasJudas
??? ??? Defeat Mom's Heart 10 times??????
Eve Eve Don't pick up any hearts for 2 floors in a rowEveEve
Samson Samson Complete 2 floors in a row without taking damageSamsonSamson
Azazel Azazel Make 3 deals with the devil in one runAzazelAzazel
Lazarus Lazarus Have 4 or more soul hearts at one timeLazarusLazarus
Eden Eden Complete chapter 4 for the 1st timeEdenEden
The Lost The Lost Removed in Afterbirth It's complicated
Added in Afterbirth Die in a Sacrifice Room while holding Missing PosterThe LostThe Lost
Added in Afterbirth Lilith Added in AfterbirthLilith Defeat Ultra Greed as AzazelLilithLilith
Added in Afterbirth Keeper Added in AfterbirthKeeper Donate 1000 coins to the Greed MachineKeeperKeeper
Added in Afterbirth † Apollyon Added in Afterbirth †Apollyon Defeat Mega Satan for the 1st timeApollyonApollyon
Added in Afterbirth † The Forgotten Added in Afterbirth †The Forgotten It's complicatedThe ForgottenThe Forgotten


  • One common theory (which was confirmed by Edmund) is that all characters are different forms of Isaac himself. This theory suggests that every character is a creation of Isaac's imagination which he assumes the personality and appearance of when playing as them. Most characters represent different issues that Isaac believes he has, while ??? is Isaac after dying by suffocation inside The Chest, Azazel is who Isaac sees himself as, and The Lost is Isaac's wandering soul (which can be seen upon dying).
    • Added in Afterbirth Additionally, Keeper is Isaac's desiccated corpse, as evidenced by Ending 18.
    • Added in Afterbirth † The Forgotten could be Isaac's skeleton shown in Ending 17 and the Final Ending.

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