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Disambig.png This article is about the objects called chests. For the floor, see The Chest.

Chests are objects that contain other objects, items, trinkets, pickups, enemies, and more. There are six types of chests.

Chest[edit | edit source]


Regular Chests have no requirements to open and can only contain 1-3 pickups excluding coins. Chest contents can include hearts, coins, keys, or bombs. Alternatively, it may contain a trinket, a pill, or another (smaller) normal/Locked Chest.

Locked Chest[edit | edit source]

Locked Chest.png

Locked Chests require a key to open and may contain 2-5 pickups that can include hearts, coins, keys, other chests, or bombs. Alternatively, it may contain a trinket, a card, an item, or another normal/Locked Chest. It can contain more than 5 coin pickups. If Isaac has Paper Clip Paper Clip, Locked Chests require no key to open.

See the following item pools for a list of items Locked Chests can contain: Golden Chest (Item Pool) and Golden Chest (Greed Mode Item Pool)

Red Chest[edit | edit source]

Red Chest.png

Red Chests are most commonly found in Curse Rooms, but can also be found in Devil Rooms. Holding The Left Hand trinket will turn all chests into Red Chests. They can contain the following:

Bomb Chest[edit | edit source]

Bomb Chest.png

Bomb Chests are grey chests that can only be opened by explosions close to them. Bomb Chests are most commonly found in Challenge Rooms, Curse Rooms, Vaults, and Devil Rooms. The loot they contain is similar to Locked Chests.

Added in Afterbirth Eternal Chest[edit | edit source]

Eternal Chest.png

Eternal Chests are similar in appearance to Locked Chests, except they glow bright blue instead of gold, like a Soul Heart. They require one key to unlock but can be reopened a random amount of times, each time requiring another key. They can be found in Angel Rooms, in I AM ERROR rooms and rarely in a normal room. Their loot is similar to Locked Chests, but there is a 25% chance they will drop nothing upon opening. If they contain nothing or an item, they will no longer be able to be reopened.

Added in Afterbirth Spiked Chest[edit | edit source]

Spiked Chest.png

Spiked Chests are purple colored chests with spikes protruding from them that will deal damage to Isaac upon opening unless he has Holy Mantle Holy Mantle active, which nullifies the damage, or if found in The Chest The Chest/Dark Room Dark Room, where they are free to open (Added in Afterbirth † Spiked Chests will deal damage normally even in these levels). Added in Afterbirth † The Forgotten can open the chest using the melee weapon without taking damage. They can be rarely found upon completing a room or in Greed mode Shops. Their loot is similar to normal Chests. Unlike other chests, they do not appear on the minimap.

Added in Afterbirth † Mimic Chest[edit | edit source]

Mimic Chest.png

Mimic Chests appear similar to normal Chests until Isaac moves near, at which point they sprout spikes that damage the player as a Spiked Chest would. They can be distinguished from normal Chests by their darker, purplish-brown coloring, the grayish spot on each side of the latch where the spikes will sprout from and the bloodstain.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Consider opening adjacent Red Chests before Bomb Chests; Red Chests often contain Troll Bombs, which can blast Bomb Chests open.
    • Bomb Chests can also be pushed to any position in the room, which can be used to save bombs by hitting multiple targets with one blast.
  • Opening any chest (except for red chests) while on The Chest The Chest or Dark Room Dark Room will spawn an item.
  • Chests of all types are considered pickups and will be doubled by Jera Jera.
  • Empty opened chests may be rerolled into other pickups by using items such as the D20 D20, but this must be done immediately, as opened chests will disappear upon leaving the room.
    • A Dice Room set to 2, 3, or 6 will also reroll empty chests in the room.
  • Whenever a chest contains another chest, the smaller chest may also contain another chest.
    • If these smaller chests contain an item, they will appear as tiny items.
  • All of the icons for the items in the Locked Chest pool are heads or, as is the case for Bob's Brain Bob's Brain and Infamy Infamy, head-related.
  • For unknown reasons, chests can rarely transform into other types of chests upon re-entering a room.
  • If a chest contains an item, the opened chest will be considered an empty item pedestal to duplicate using Added in AfterbirthDiplopia Diplopia.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Prior to update v1.06.0182, Mimic Chests looked identical to normal Chests.

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mimic Chests share the same name with a recurring Chest enemy that has appeared in Dungeons and Dragons and eventually in various video games. Mimic Chests in the games act as a chest but attempt to catch players off guard and attack them. The Mimic Chests in The Binding of Isaac, although not a living entity, may have mostly been inspired by the Mimic Chest's ability to act like chests and catch players off guard, which explains its nature.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If a smaller chest is present in a room, re-entering the room will make the chest appear in a regular size.

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