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Coins serve as the currency for shops, the payment for the Donation Machine in shops, and payment for the slot machines, fortune telling machines, shell game, beggars, and DLC Indicator.png Restock Boxes. They are also consumed to use a few activated items (most notably Magic Fingers and Portable Slot). They will naturally drop as a Penny, a Nickel, and rarely a Dime.

Penny[edit | edit source]


The basic currency of the game.

1+1 Free Penny[edit | edit source]

1-1 Free Coin.png

A 1+1 Free Penny is worth 2 pennies.

Nickel[edit | edit source]


A Nickel is worth 5 pennies.

Dime[edit | edit source]


A Dime is worth 10 pennies.

DLC Indicator.png Lucky Penny[edit | edit source]


A Lucky Penny increases luck by 1 when picked up.

Unlocked by donating 2 coins to the Greed Machine.

Humbling Bundle does not double lucky pennies.

DLC Indicator.png Sticky Nickel[edit | edit source]


A Nickel that will flip upside-down when Isaac tries to collect it. Afterwards, it will get stuck on the ground, unable to be picked up unless blasted off the ground with an explosion.

Bumbo and Bum Friend are unable to pick up Sticky Nickels; they instead hover over them attempting to pick them up.

Unlocked by completing Boss Rush with Keeper. It won't reduce the spawn rate of regular Nickels: rather, Pennies have an additional chance to become Sticky Nickels.

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

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