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Cut Content referes to mechanics, objects, graphics etc that didn't make it into the final game but are still present within the game's data.

Pressure Plates


Pressure plates can be found in the game files and could have served as another type of obstacle. They are fully functional and can do the following things: - Nothing - Spawn a random chest - Spawn 6 Attack Flies - Spawn 6 Troll Bombs - Activate Curse of Darkness for the rest of the floor - Spawn a random pickup - Spawn 15 random coins

Added in Afterbirth Buttons appear in rooms.

Various half hearts


Half Soul Heart and Black Heart pickups are in the game files, but they cannot be found in-game.

Added in Afterbirth † Half Soul Hearts are an unlockable pickup.

Colored Destructibles


There are several colored versions of certain destructibles, which could have served a purpose similar to tinted rocks.

Sisters Vis


A boss version of the Vis enemy that could have appeared in Sheol. The Sisters Vis were also a boss in Gish, one of Edmund McMillen's previous games.

  • Added in Afterbirth † This boss can be encountered, but can appear as early as The Depths and isn't unlockable.

Unused 12 Room Charge


By editing the game's "items.xml" file and setting an item to maxcharges=12, it's possible to see the charge bar in-game.

  • Added in Afterbirth The bar is used for the Mega Blast Mega Blast item, which has a 12-room charge.
  • Added in Afterbirth † The bar is also used for the Delirious Delirious and Eden's Soul Eden's Soul items, which have 12-room charges.

Breath of Life Animation


Unused Jar Charges


Unused Floors

By disabling the invalid seed check, and using an invalid seed, you can continue the game after The Chest and Dark Room, up to an additional 14 floors. They use pre-existing graphics and the same layout.

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