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Added in AfterbirthGreed mode onlyItem Pool Shop.png Shop
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Added in Afterbirth (page 3, column 19, line 2)
Removed in Afterbirth (page 3, column 9, line 8)
The D4 Blow up 30 arcade machinesThe D4The D4

The D4 is an unlockable activated item.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Upon use, re-rolls each of Isaac's passive items into new ones.
    • Removed in Afterbirth † The new items will be drawn from the Treasure Room item pool.
    • Added in Afterbirth † Each new item will be drawn from the specific item pool where the item it replaces was acquired.
      • When an item has more than one item pool, its replacement will be drawn from the most common item pool (for example, rerolling Holy Mantle will give an item from the Treasure Room, not the Angel Room)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The D4 does not re-roll Dead Cat Dead CatDead Cat Icon.pngSets the amount of red heart containers to 1, but gives Isaac 9 extra lives. After dying, Isaac is teleported to the last safe room. New heart containers can be obtained after picking up this item, but after each death, the number of heart containers is set to 1 again., Halo of Flies Halo of FliesHalo of Flies Icon.pngSpawns two pretty fly familiars that block enemy shots and deal contact damage to enemies., Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1Key Piece 1 Icon.pngCombined with Key Piece 2, unlocks the golden gate in the starting room of The Chest and Dark Room to fight Mega Satan., Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2Key Piece 2 Icon.pngCombined with Key Piece 1, unlocks the golden gate in the starting room of The Chest and Dark Room to fight Mega Satan., Missing No. Missing No.Missing No. Icon.pngRandomizes all passive items upon pickup and at the start of each succeeding floor., The Polaroid The PolaroidThe Polaroid Icon.pngIf the character has half a red heart or no red hearts after taking damage, it triggers the Book Of Shadows effect, creating a shield that nullifies all types of damage for 5 seconds. Also allows entrance into The Chest., The Negative The NegativeThe Negative Icon.pngIf the character has half a red heart or no red hearts after taking damage, it triggers The Necronomicon effect, damaging all enemies in the room. Also allows entrance into the Dark Room., or Added in Afterbirth †Tonsil TonsilTonsil Icon.pngWhen hit, there is a small chance a removed tonsil familiar starts following Isaac, blocking enemy shots..
  • The D4 does not remove Azazel's Brimstone laser.
  • Added in Afterbirth The D4 does not remove Lilith's starting Incubus IncubusIncubus Icon.pngA demonic familiar that follows Isaac and shoots tears identical to Isaac's in terms of damage, range, fire rate, and effects..
  • Items that grant pickups (like Pyro PyroPyro Icon.pngAdds 99 bombs. or A Dollar A DollarA Dollar Icon.pngGives Isaac 99 coins. Can be found multiple times in a single playthrough.) do not remove their bonuses when rerolled.
  • Sometimes using the D4 will grant several items from the Devil/Angel pool, despite the fact that the player didn't have any Devil/Angel items previously.
  • The D4 does not remove gained hearts from health up items.
  • If Isaac has a transformation, its effects will not be lost upon re-rolling.
  • The D4 can grant items that have not yet been unlocked.
  • The items gained by the D4 count towards the Collection Page.
  • Added in Afterbirth If it is unlocked, The Lost starts with this item along with Spectral Tears. Using it will reroll Holy Mantle Holy MantleHoly Mantle Icon.pngAutomatically negates first taken damage in every room. but will not reroll the Spectral Tears.
  • Multiple copies of the same item (as generated by Added in AfterbirthDiplopia DiplopiaDiplopia Icon.pngOne time useDuplicates all pickups and item pedestals in the room., cheating, or gathering them from multiple item pools (e.g. Steam Sale Steam SaleSteam Sale Icon.pngReduces all Shop prices by 50%, rounded down to 7 coins for an item, rounded up to 2-3 coins for a pickup. from both the Shop and Greed), while not present in duplicate on the pause screen, will each be rerolled into a different item.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The image of the D4 that appears on activation is incorrect; it shows the numbers 9, 7, and 8 on the right face of the dice, when it should depict numbers consistent with the left face (i.e. 1 at the top, 3 at the front, and 4 at the right).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Previously held passive items are not removed, just disabled. As such, using the D4 too often will exhaust every single passive item in the Treasure Room item pool, causing items rerolled by D4 to become Breakfast. Treasure Rooms themselves may still contain active items, however.
  • Previously held items are not removed from the pause menu, which makes it difficult to determine which items Isaac currently has.
    • Added in Afterbirth This bug was fixed in Afterbirth.
  • When D4 is used with a co-op baby present, the baby's sprite will turn into a glitched sprite of Isaac.
  • When the D4 has rerolled through all items it will eventually remove all of them upon use.
  • If Tech.5 is fired while D4 is used, the laser will appear to continue firing for the rest of the room.
  • If you reroll Schoolbag you will keep both active items but if you pick up a new active item it will swap with the one currently selected and the other will disappear.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PC  N64W DZPF (Treasure room adjacent to spawn) (Normal mode only)

 PC  F4BR 0P86 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn) (Hard mode only)

 PS4  89EX S9KG (Treasure room south of spawn)

 Vita  7VC9 TRMS (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)


D1 D1D1 Icon.png4 roomsDuplicates a random pickup in the room.
Added in Afterbirth †
D4 D4D4 Icon.png6 roomsRerolls all of Isaac's items. The D6 The D6The D6 Icon.png6 roomsAllows Isaac to re-roll collectible items in the current room into other items, depending on the current room's Item Pool. D7 D7D7 Icon.png3 roomsRestarts the current room and brings back all enemies, allowing more rewards to be acquired by completing the room.
Added in Afterbirth
D8 D8D8 Icon.png4 roomsRe-rolls Isaac's speed, range, tears, and damage.
Added in Afterbirth
D10 D10D10 Icon.png1 roomsRerolls the enemies in a room. Only rerolls enemies that are still alive (does not spawn new enemies). D12 D12D12 Icon.png3 roomsRe-rolls all rocks in the current room into other random objects, such as bomb rocks, metal blocks, TNT, or poops.
Added in Afterbirth
D20 D20D20 Icon.png6 roomsRerolls all pickups in the current room. D100 D100D100 Icon.png6 roomsUpon use, rerolls all passive items on Isaac like the D4, every pedestal item in the room like The D6, and every pickup like the D20. D Infinity D InfinityD Infinity Icon.png2 roomsGrants a random dice item that changes each use.
Added in Afterbirth †
Pickups (Duplicates) Isaac's
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