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Damage Stat Icon.png Damage refers to the amount of damage each tear deals to enemies, and is represented by a sword. As damage increases, the size of the tears increases as well. However, tear size is not always a valid indication of how much damage your tears will do. Tears will grow and shrink when your damage changes, but tears of a certain size do not have a specific damage value, and two tears of the same size (in two different runs) are likely to have different damage values.

  • Polyphemus is an example of an item which provides a very high Damage stat.

Effective Damage[edit | edit source]

The formula for damage is: Effective Damage Formula.png


  • CharBaseDmg = 3.5 multiplied by a particular Character Modifier,
  • TotalDmgUps = the total of all regular damage ups collected (not including special exceptions or damage multipliers),
  • FlatDmgUps = the total of all damage ups that are excluded from the above (for example, Curved Horn or Ipecac), and
  • EffectiveDmg = the approximate damage that can be expected per tear, or per 'tick' when using Brimstone or Technology 2.

This formula makes most damage upgrades less potent the more that Isaac has. For example, a Pentagram on Isaac would make his total damage (1 * 1.2 + 1)^0.5 = 1.48 * 3.5 = 5.19. Another Pentagram increases this to 6.45 (a 1.26 increase instead of a 1.69 increase). The higher a character's base damage, the more effective Damage Ups will be for that character. Flat damage modifiers and special adjustments like Polyphemus or Sacred Heart happen after the main formula.

Character Modifier[edit | edit source]

The character base damage of each tear is calculated multiplying the base damage of 3.50 with each character's damage modifier. These character modifiers are:

: Whore of Babylon has the unique effect of increasing Eve's damage modifier from 0.75 to 1.00 when active. This does not apply to other characters, however.

Damage Multipliers[edit | edit source]

Some items multiply damage rather than simply adding to it. Damage multipliers do not simply multiply the character's damage once; the damage stat is constantly recalculated and the damage multipliers are multiplied with the end result. This means that if a character starts with 3.50 damage and gets a 2x multiplier, their effective damage will be 3.5*2 = 7.00. If an item that grants +1 damage is picked up, the character's effective damage will be 3.5*(1*1.2+1)^0.5*2 = 3.5*(2.2)^0.5*2 = 3.5*1.48*2 = 10.38, and not 7.00 + 1.

Most damage multipliers stack; for example, Proptosis and Eve's Mascara both provide a 2x multiplier, and picking up both will give a total multiplier of 4x. The exception to this is the 1.5x damage multipliers provided by Cricket's Head, Magic Mushroom, and the combination of Blood of the Martyr and The Book of Belial. These multipliers do not stack; for example, picking up both Cricket's Head and Magic Mushroom will result in an overall 1.5x multiplier rather than the expected 2.25x.

Items that affect damage[edit | edit source]

Activated Items[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Recharge
The Book of Belial 34 The Book of Belial Icon.png Temporary DMG up Upon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
Removed in Afterbirth Guarantees a Devil Room or Angel Room will be open after beating a boss while holding it.
Added in Afterbirth Increases the chance for a Devil or Angel Room to appear by 12.5%.
D8 Added in Afterbirth 406 D8 Icon.png Reroll stats Re-rolls Isaac's speed, range, tears, and damage. 4
The Nail 83 The Nail Icon.png Temporary demon form Adds one soul heart and allows the breaking of rocks and damaging enemies by simply walking over them. Increases damage and decreases speed. All effects except for the Soul Heart wear off upon leaving the room. 6
Potato Peeler Added in Afterbirth † 487 Potato Peeler Icon.png A pound of flesh Removes a heart container, increases damage and range, and grants a Cube of Meat. 0
Razor Blade 126 Razor Blade Icon.png Feel my pain Upon use, deals one heart of damage to Isaac and grants +1.2 damage for the current room. 0

Passive Items[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
8 Inch Nails Added in Afterbirth 359 8 Inch Nails Icon.png Stick it to 'em! +1.5 Damage Up. Replaces Isaac's tears with nails, which have increased knockback.
Abaddon 230 Abaddon Icon.png Evil + DMG up + fear shot Increases damage and speed, removes all red heart containers, grants six black hearts, and adds a chance to shoot fear tears.
Adrenaline Added in Afterbirth † 493 Adrenaline Icon.png Panic - power Increases damage based on how many empty heart containers Isaac has.
Blood Clot 254 Blood Clot Icon.png DMG + range up Increases damage by 1 and range by 5 for tears fired from the left eye.
Blood of the Martyr 7 Blood of the Martyr Icon.png DMG up Increases Damage by 1, and turns Isaac's tears into blood tears.
Bloody Lust 157 Bloody Lust Icon.png RAGE! Increases damage as Isaac receives damage. Damage increase stays for the whole floor.
Bozo Added in Afterbirth † 513 Bozo Icon.png Party time! Increases damage by a flat 0.1 and grants a soul heart. Enemies can randomly become briefly charmed or feared. Taking damage has a chance to spawn a rainbow poop.
Capricorn 307 Capricorn Icon.png All stats up All stats up.
Cat-O-Nine-Tails 165 Cat-O-Nine-Tails Icon.png Shot speed + damage up Increases Shot Speed and damage.
Ceremonial Robes 216 Ceremonial Robes Icon.png Sin up Adds 3 black hearts and increases Damage by 1.
Champion Belt 208 Champion Belt Icon.png DMG + Challenge Up Increases damage, but also increases the chance of champion enemies appearing.
Chemical Peel 154 Chemical Peel Icon.png DMG up Tears fired from left eye do increased damage.
Cricket's Head 4 Cricket's Head Icon.png DMG up Increases damage by 0.5, and multiplies it by 1.5x.
Crown of Light Added in Afterbirth 415 Crown of Light Icon.png The untainted gain power Gives Isaac a crown that glows blue when active, and turns gray when inactive. While Isaac has no empty red heart containers, Isaac's tears are replaced with blue diamond tears that deal double damage. Regardless of health, the crown will deactivate for the current room when Isaac takes damage.
Dark Matter 259 Dark Matter Icon.png Fear shot Increases Damage by 1 and adds a chance to shoot fear tears.
Dead Eye Added in Afterbirth 373 Dead Eye Icon.png Accuracy brings power! Isaac's damage increases each time an enemy is hit. Damage is reset upon missing a shot.
Death's Touch 237 Death's Touch Icon.png Penetrative shot + damage up Increases Damage by 1.5, reduces Tears by 0.3 and increases tear size. Grants piercing tears. Tears are replaced by Death's scythes, which is a cosmetic effect only.
Dog Tooth Added in Afterbirth † 445 Dog Tooth Icon.png Bark at the moon! Increases damage and speed. Upon entering a room adjacent to a secret room, a howl sound effect will play.
Eve's Mascara 310 Eve's Mascara Icon.png Shot speed down + DMG up Doubles damage, halves tears stat, and greatly reduces shot speed.
Experimental Treatment 240 Experimental Treatment Icon.png All stats up, then shuffled Randomly increases and decreases some of the character's stats. There will always be at least one stat increase and one decrease and the same stats can be increased/decreased multiple times.
Godhead 331 Godhead Icon.png God tears Increases damage and range while reducing tears and shot speed. Grants homing tears and tears gain a damaging halo.
Growth Hormones 70 Growth Hormones Icon.png Speed + DMG up Increases damage by 1 and speed by 0.4.
Guillotine 206 Guillotine Icon.png An out-of-body experience Isaac's head is removed from his body and floats around him. Increases Damage by 1 and grants -1 Tear Delay.
The Halo 101 The Halo Icon.png All stats up Grants one Heart Container, +0.3 Damage, +0.2 Tears, +0.25 Range, +0.3 Speed, and +0.5 Tear Height.
Iron Bar 201 Iron Bar Icon.png Concussive tears Increases damage by 0.3 and adds a chance to shoot concussive tears, causing enemies to walk around randomly.
Jesus Juice 197 Jesus Juice Icon.png Damage + range up Increases Damage and Range.
Libra 304 Libra Icon.png You Feel Balanced Gives 6 coins, 6 bombs, and 6 keys and balances out all attributes.
A Lump of Coal 132 A Lump of Coal Icon.png My Xmas Present The more distance tears travel, the more damage they will do.
Lusty Blood Added in Afterbirth 411 Lusty Blood Icon.png Their blood brings rage! Each time Isaac kills an enemy, Isaac's damage increases for the current room.
Magic Mushroom 12 Magic Mushroom Icon.png All Stats Up! Increases all stats and enlargens Isaac.
The Mark 79 The Mark Icon.png DMG up Increases Damage and Speed, plus adds one Soul Heart.
Maw of the Void Added in Afterbirth 399 Maw of the Void Icon.png Consume thy enemy! +1.0 Damage Up. After continuously firing tears for 2.5 seconds, a red cross appears on Isaac's head that, upon releasing the fire button, creates a black ring that rapidly deals damage equal to Isaac's tear damage to any enemies in contact with it.
MEAT! 193 MEAT! Icon.png DMG + HP up Adds a heart container and increases damage.
Money = Power 109 Money = Power Icon.png $$$ = DMG Increases damage by 0.04 for every coin Isaac has, up to +3.96 damage at 99 coins.
Odd Mushroom 121 Odd Mushroom (Large) Icon.png DMG up Grants an empty heart container. Increases damage, range and shot height while reducing speed.
Odd Mushroom 120 Odd Mushroom (Thin) Icon.png Fire rate up Increases Tears and Speed while reducing Damage.
The Pact 80 The Pact Icon.png DMG + Tears UP Increases damage by 0.5, tears by 0.7 and grants two soul hearts upon pickup.
Pentagram 51 Pentagram Icon.png DMG up Increases damage and increases the chance for a Devil or Angel Room to appear.
Polyphemus 169 Polyphemus Icon.png Mega Tears Makes Isaac shoot one huge tear. Also reduces Tears to minimum. Damage increased . If tear does more damage than an enemy's life, the tear continues to travel with the extra remaining damage.
Proptosis 261 Proptosis Icon.png Short range mega tears Tears start out massive with high damage, and then shrink down and become weaker over a short range.
Purity Added in Afterbirth 407 Purity Icon.png Aura stat boost This item will boost one of Isaac's stats depending on the color of the aura around him. The aura will disappear upon taking damage and will reappear with a random color upon entering a new room. A red aura boosts damage, a blue aura boosts rate of fire, a yellow aura boosts speed, and an orange aura boosts range.
Sacred Heart 182 Sacred Heart Icon.png Homing shots + DMG up Increases damage and range while reducing shot speed and grants homing tears. Grants a Heart Container and replenishes all Red Hearts.
The Small Rock 90 The Small Rock Icon.png DMG up Increases damage by 1, increases tears by 0.2, and decreases speed by 0.1.
Soy Milk 330 Soy Milk Icon.png DMG Down + Tears Way Up Tears shrink and do much less damage, but fire in very rapid succession.
Steven 50 Steven (Item) Icon.png DMG up Increases Damage by 1.
Stigmata 138 Stigmata Icon.png DMG + HP up Increases damage, and adds 1 heart container.
Sulfuric Acid Added in Afterbirth † 463 Sulfuric Acid Icon.png Acid tears! Increases damage. Adds a chance to fire acidic tears which can destroy obstacles.
Synthoil 345 Synthoil Icon.png DMG up + range Increases damage by 1, range by 5.25, and tear height by 0.5.
Technology 2 152 Technology 2 Icon.png Laser Decreases damage and replaces right eye tears with a unlimited range, piercing laser which fires continuously.

Trinkets[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
Black Feather Added in Afterbirth 80 BlackFeather.png With darkness comes power Increases Isaac's damage for possessing certain evil items.
Curved Horn 35 Curved Horn Icon.png DMG up Increases damage by 2.
Red Patch 40 Red Patch Icon.png Your rage grows Grants a chance of increasing damage by 1.8 for the current room upon taking damage.
Samson's Lock 58 Samson's Lock Icon.png Your rage grows 1/15 chance to increase damage by 0.5 for the current room each time an enemy dies.

Other[edit | edit source]

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