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Debug Console

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The debug console is accessible in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †. It is an extremely useful way to verify a particular game mechanic, explore a seed, or test various things about the game. If you are a mod developer, you can use it to quickly test various things in your mods.

The debug console is only accessible if one or more mods are enabled. If you don't have any mods to enable, download one from Steam Workshop, or simply create an empty folder in your mods directory. (By default, the mods directory is located at "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods".)

While many "enable debug console" mods exist on Steam Workshop, these do not explicitly enable the console or are required to enable it. ANY mod will enable the console, regardless of what the mod is named.

Using the Debug Console[edit | edit source]

To open the console, press the grave/tilde (~) key while in a run, or one of the keys matching key keyboard below.

Language Keyboard Key
English QWERTY ` or ~
French AZERTY ù
German QWERTZ ö
Spanish QWERTY ñ
Italian QWERTY >
Danish QWERTY æ
Portuguese QWERTY ç

To hide the console, hit Enter without typing anything or Esc.

Pressing the up arrow key will bring up the last command used.

Listed Commands[edit | edit source]

Commands are listed below in the order that they appear ingame.

Name Syntax Description
spawn mega maw
spawn 20
spawn 10.1
Spawns an entity at the center of the room.

The decimal format's syntax is as follows:


WARNING: Spawning invalid entities can lead to unexpected results and can crash the game!

goto s.boss.1010
goto s.error.21
goto d.10
Teleports Isaac to room layouts which are possible to generate in the current floor.

"s" indicates special room types and "d" indicates normal room types.

Attempting to enter a room that does not exist will print the message "Error changing room." to the console.

stage 1
stage 10a
stage 3b
Teleports Isaac to another floor.

To enter the WOTL alt version of a floor, the letter a is appended after the id. For Afterbirth alts, b is appended. Other letters will be ignored and result in the base game alt.

WARNING: Entering non-existent floors can lead to unexpected results and can crash the game!

gridspawn 1000
gridspawn 1494
gridspawn 9000
gridspawn 9100
Spawns a grid entity with the given ID at a random place in the room.
debug 8
Enables various cheats.
  • debug 1: "Entity Positions" - Draws a marker on the screen at the position of each entity.
  • debug 2: "Grid" - Shows the ID of grid entities on screen. (Seems to be bugged, as most grid entities appear as 1000 or simply don't match their true id.)
  • debug 3: "Infinite HP" - Taking damage does not decrease the player's health.
  • debug 4: "High Damage" - +40 damage
  • debug 5: "Show Room Info" - Displays text at the bottom of the screen about the current room.
  • debug 6: "Textual Map" - Unknown, no visible effect.
  • debug 7: "Show Damage Values" - Displays how much damage is taken by entities. (Similar to Spider Mod Spider ModSpider Mod Icon.pngDisplays Isaac's tear damage and enemy health bars. Spawns a gray spider familiar that wanders around and inflicts a random status effect on any enemies it comes into contact with. Occasionally spawns a blue spider upon clearing a room., but leaves the damage as their raw values and also includes player damage.)
  • debug 8: "Infinite Item Charges" - Isaac's active item is always fully charged.
  • debug 9: "High Luck" - +50 luck
  • debug 10: "Quick Kill" - All enemies take constant and rapid damage.
  • debug 11: "Grid Info" - Displays the coordinates for each square on the grid.
giveitem dr. fetus
giveitem c15
giveitem Petrified Poop
giveitem t15
giveitem ipec
givetim mutant sp
g soy milk
giveitem p0
g p22
giveitem k1
iveitem c6
g k45
Gives items, trinkets, cards, and pills.

Ids are prefixed with c for items, t for trinkets, p for pill effects, and k for cards. Runes and other pocket items use card ids.

remove t53
remove soy milk
remove cursed eye
r bob's brain
r experi
remove *
Removes items.

An asterisk (*) can be inputted to remove all items from Isaac.

costumetest 33
Gives Isaac a random amount of random costumes, without having the associated items.

A number can be provided to gain a specific amount of random costumes.

achievement 300
achievement meconium
achievement *
Unlocks the achievement of the specified id.

WARNING: This CANNOT be undone, and will unlock steam achievements!

Prints the total amount of time passed on the run (based on "game" frames / the in-game timer).
restart 6
Resets the game back to the beginning of a new run.

A number can be provided to start a new run as a specific character.

WARNING: Starting a run as an invalid character can lead to unexpected results and can crash the game!

Prints to the console a list of all items in Isaac's possession, and how many of each.
spawn 10
repeat 50
giveitem meat!
repeat 100
repeat 100
Repeats the last given command a number of times. Caps at 10000 repeats.
Removes all easter egg effects from the current run.
seed T1MM AY48
Starts a new run with the inputted seed.
challenge 20
Starts a new run on a random seed on the given challenge id.

0 will start a run without any challenge active.

WARNING: Starting a run in an invalid challenge will crash the game!

combo 0.69
Gives you an amount of random items from a specified item pool.

The decimal format's syntax is as follows:

[itempool #].[number of random items]
cutscene 1
Plays the specified cutscene.
Unknown. Possibly related to player cache flags.
macro mom
macro momh
macro hush
macro bigchest
macro hud
Triggers a set of commands:
  • mom: Sets the stage to the Depths, gives Isaac The Bible The BibleThe Bible Icon.png6 roomsUpon activation, Isaac gains flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan., IV - The Emperor IV - The EmperorIV - The Emperor Icon.pngTeleports Isaac into the Boss Room of a floor., damage immunity, and +40 damage.
stage 6
g Bible
g k5
debug 3
debug 4
  • momh: Sets the stage to the Womb, gives Isaac The Bible The BibleThe Bible Icon.png6 roomsUpon activation, Isaac gains flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan., IV - The Emperor IV - The EmperorIV - The Emperor Icon.pngTeleports Isaac into the Boss Room of a floor., damage immunity, and +40 damage.
stage 8
g Bible
g k5
debug 3
debug 4
stage 9
g k5
combo 0.8
combo 2.8
combo 1.3
combo 4.3
stage 10a
g Polaroid
g Negative
debug 3
debug 4
g Mutant
g Soy
giveitem Belt
repeat 5
giveitem Lord of the Pit
debug 10
g k5
giveitem Dead Cat
repeat 2
giveitem Guppy's Collar
giveitem MEAT!
repeat 12
giveitem Compass
giveitem Blue Map
giveitem Treasure Map
giveitem Baggy
giveitem p2
giveitem p3
giveitem Purse
giveitem Paper Clip
giveitem Petrified
giveitem My Little Unicorn
playsfx 1
Plays the specified sound effect id.
curse 2
curse 16
curse 127
Sets a value corresponding to the sum of the desired curses. Doesn't work.
Generates a new layout for the current floor with a new floor seed.
Unlocks all Easter Eggs in the menu.

WARNING: This CANNOT be undone!

copy 3
Copies a specified amount of previous console commands to your clipboard.

The commands can be pasted into a text editor and/or into the game again, triggering the commands which have been copied.

luarun /full_path/hello.lua
luarun relative_path/hello.lua
Takes a path to a lua file and runs it immediately. Paths are relative to the folder where the game is installed.
Reports memory usage for Lua.
luamod mygreatmod
Takes a mod folder name and runs the main.lua for it. This can be used to reload a mod without relaunching the game.
Reloads the graphical shaders. (Has no discernible in-game effect.)
lua print("Hello World!")
l for _,v in pairs(Isaac.GetRoomEntities()) do if v:IsVulnerableEnemy() then print(v.HitPoints.."/"..v.MaxHitPoints) end end
Directly runs a line of Lua code.

The first example simply prints "Hello World!" to the console, while the second prints the current HP and max HP of every vulnerable enemy in the room.

Clears the console. Useful for video recording purposes or if you want to dispose of incriminating evidence.

Unlisted Commands[edit | edit source]

These commands do not appear in the console but can still be used.

Name Syntax Description
Restocks all shops.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Stage 13 is the only non-standard stage that does not crash. It consists of 2x1 vertical rooms that have doors that only sometimes close, minimal enemies (usually 2 of the same type), and uses the Caves background. The music is a single layer of either the Blue Womb, the Cellar, or the Burning Basement music, and only plays when enemies are in the room. The boss is always The Duke of Flies, and no trapdoor or items spawn when the boss is defeated.
    • Stage 13a is the same, but with the Depths background. The boss is always Monstro II.
    • Stage 13b is the same, but with the Womb background. The boss is always The Duke of Flies.
    • Any variant beyond 13b is the same as stage 13.
    • The enemy spawn patterns are the same as the waves in Greed mode, suggesting that this stage is used to store the waves in the game.
  • Entering "stage 8" in Greed or Greedier mode will grant access to The Void. The rooms have random backdrops and the music is the same as The Void in regular mode, but the boss is Ultra Greed and will drop the Final Boss Chest. Entering the chest will play the final ending instead of End 18 or 19.
  • Attempting to give yourself all the items using "giveitem *" will print the message "What are you trying to do?" to the console.

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