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Delirious Defeat Delirium for the first time as any character
Added in Afterbirth †

Delirious is an active item added in Afterbirth †.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Upon use, spawns a Delirium form of a charmed boss.
  • Changes the appearance of the current room so it looks like a different chapter.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • The Battery The Battery - 2 Charmed Deliriums can be spawned, but it takes 24 rooms or 2 Little Batteries to fully recharge.
  • Added in Afterbirth Charged Baby Charged Baby - The familiar will spawn Little Batteries to recharge the item easily.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If multiple bosses are spawned in one room with Added in Afterbirth Car Battery Car Battery or battery pickups, the bosses can try to kill each other.
  • If the spawned boss can leave creep, the creep can damage Isaac.
  • In 1x2 rooms, Ultra Greed can spawn. He'll lock all doors and target Isaac. He can't damage Isaac by himself, but his summons can.
  • Unlike Added in Afterbirth Mega Blast Mega Blast, this item can be charged with a single Little Battery.
  • If used in a 2x2 room (such as Boss Rush), it is possible for Hush to spawn.
  • If a boss summons monsters, the monsters will be charmed and will follow Isaac out of the room.
  • Enabling "debug 8" in the Debug Console (which grants infinite item charges) and continually spawning bosses can crash the game.
  • If a boss is spawned in an angel room and dies in it, It will drop a key piece.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If Delirious is used during the Delirium fight and the charmed boss is killed, it will act as if Delirium was killed, but no chest will spawn.
Bug Bug! If Delirious is used in the Mega Satan Room before stepping on the pentagram, the room will change and Mega Satan will be unable to spawn. Exiting and continuing the run fixes this.
Bug Bug! If a Pink Champion Polycephalus is spawned by the item, one will have the Delirium skin and the other will have the normal Polycephalus skin.
Bug Bug! If Lokii is spawned by the item, one will have the Delirium skin and the other will have the normal Lokii skin.
Bug Bug! If a Pink Champion The Cage is spawned by the item, one will have the Delirium skin and the other will have the normal The Cage skin.
Bug Bug! If a boss is summoned by Delirious in a boss room and it dies before the enemy boss, "The Calm" (the "boss defeated" music) will begin to play.
Bug Bug! If Scolex is spawned by this item (only in Hard Mode or Greedier Mode), sometimes, it will spawn a gray tinted Scolex with the appearance of The Frail in its second phase.
Bug Bug! If you hold Filigree Feather and kill a boss summoned by Delirious in an Angel Room, it will drop an Angel Room Item.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PC  AWPL FXQY (Starting item as Eden)

 PC  1D6W 0EAM (Starting item as Eden)

 PC  09LQ 48XG (Starting item as Eden)

 PC  7QVW Q8ZN (Starting item as Eden)

 PC  GKQE 74PP (Starting item as Eden)

 PC  TCZV NGSG (Starting item as Eden)

 PC JPWR 2WYB (Starting item as Eden)

 PC  D7K0 JW7K (Starting item as Eden)

 PS4  T71G R34M (Starting item as Eden)

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