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Delirious Defeat Delirium for the first time as any characterDeliriousDelirious
Added in Afterbirth †

Delirious is an unlockable active item added in Afterbirth †.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Upon use, spawns a Delirium in a form of a charmed boss.
  • Changes the appearance of the current room so it looks like a different chapter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If multiple bosses are spawned in one room with Car Battery Car Battery or battery pickups, the bosses can try to kill each other.
  • Sometimes bosses don't spawn because of grid entities getting in the way. When this happens the upper door appears to have friendly particles.
  • Unlike Mega Blast Mega Blast, this item can be charged with a single Little Battery.
  • It is possible for Hush to spawn, despite Delirium not transforming into Hush during its boss battle.
  • If a boss summons monsters, the monsters will be charmed and will follow Isaac out of the room.
  • Delirious has a 60% decreased item pool weight, making it less likely to appear than other collectibles.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PS4  T71G R34M (Starting item as Eden)

 PS4  LBQ4 V4NT (Starting item as Eden) Player will also start with Tech X

 PS4  8HAL 4MLF (Starting item as Eden)

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If Delirious is used during the Delirium fight and the charmed boss is killed, it will act as if Delirium was killed, but no chest will spawn.
Bug Bug! If a Pink Champion Polycephalus is spawned by the item, one will have the Delirium skin and the other will have the normal Polycephalus skin.
Bug Bug! If Lokii is spawned by the item, one will have the Delirium skin and the other will have the normal Lokii skin.
Bug Bug! If a Pink Champion The Cage is spawned by the item, one will have the Delirium skin and the other will have the normal The Cage skin.
Bug Bug! Using Delirious multiple times rapidly in the same room can crash the game.

Delirium Unlocks Delirium Unlocks Delirium Unlocks
D InfinityD InfinityDefeat Delirium as IsaacEucharistEucharistDefeat Delirium as MagdaleneSilver DollarSilver DollarDefeat Delirium as CainShadeShadeDefeat Delirium as JudasKing BabyKing BabyDefeat Delirium as ???Bloody CrownBloody CrownDefeat Delirium as SamsonDull RazorDull RazorDefeat Delirium as EveEden's SoulEden's SoulDefeat Delirium as EdenDark Prince's CrownDark Prince's CrownDefeat Delirium as AzazelCompound FractureCompound FractureDefeat Delirium as LazarusEuthanasiaEuthanasiaDefeat Delirium as LilithHoly CardHoly CardDefeat Delirium as The LostCrooked PennyCrooked PennyDefeat Delirium as KeeperVoidVoidDefeat Delirium as ApollyonDeliriousDeliriousDefeat Delirium for the first time as any characterLil DeliriumLil DeliriumDefeat Delirium for the 1st timeBook of the DeadBook of the DeadDefeat Delirium as The Forgotten
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