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Fire Place.png

  • Deals a half-heart of damage when touched.
  • Can be extinguished by tears, bombs, or explosions.
  • Chance to drop coins or hearts when extinguished.
  • Piercing tears can pierce through fire places and all of their variants. Spectral tears, however, are blocked.

Red Fire Place[edit | edit source]

Red Fire Place.png

  • Can shoot red projectiles at medium speed at Isaac.
    • They do not telegraph before firing shots.
  • Shots fired from a Red Fire Place will not spawn directly on the Red Fire Place, but rather near the fire.
    • If Isaac stands too close when a Red Fire Place shoots, the bullet will spawn on Isaac, thus the bullet can't be dodged.
    • Pyromaniac Pyromaniac makes Isaac immune to these bullets.
  • Can be extinguished like normal Fire Places.
  • Chance to drop coins or hearts when extinguished.
  • Can rarely replace normal Fire Places.
  • Added in Afterbirth If all silver buttons are pressed, the Red Fire Places will turn into normal Fire Places.

Blue Fire Place[edit | edit source]

Blue Fire Place.png

Purple Fire Place[edit | edit source]

Purple Fire Place.png

  • Fires purple homing tears at Isaac that deal a full heart of damage.
  • Chance to drop a Soul Heart when extinguished.
  • Can only be put out the same way as Blue Fire Places.
  • Can rarely replace Blue Fire Places.
  • Added in Afterbirth Rarely, they'll appear in a room that needs to be cleared by pressing Silver Buttons. When all are pressed, the Purple Fire Places will turn blue.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • All types of fire places deal 16 damage to enemies that come in contact with them.

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