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Red Hearts[edit | edit source]

Red heart.png

Red Hearts are the standard HP for most characters and can be found in half-heart, full-heart, or double-heart varieties. The player cannot have more red hearts than heart containers.

Half Red Heart[edit | edit source]

Half Red Heart.png

Replenishes half a red heart of Isaac's health.

1+1 Free Heart[edit | edit source]

1-1 Free Heart.png

Replenishes two red hearts of Isaac's health.

Added in Afterbirth † Scared Hearts[edit | edit source]

Red heart.png

Identical to the standard Red Heart, but will run away as the player moves towards it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Isaac can't take red hearts if all of his heart containers are full.
  • If Isaac takes a heart that would heal him for more than his current maximum health (for example, taking a red heart when he is only missing half a red heart worth of health), the excessive health will be wasted.
  • Unless an item effect specifically states it, a red heart always has the chance to be replaced by a Soul, Black, or Eternal heart.
  • Red heart pickups created by item, card, or pill effects can be forced to be spawned as Black or Eternal hearts instead by using the item, card, or pill in a relevant Super Secret Room.

Soul Hearts[edit | edit source]

Soul heart.png

Soul Hearts are blue hearts that are added to the end of the health bar. Soul Hearts are not permanent; once lost, they cannot be replenished, although new ones may be added.

Black Hearts[edit | edit source]

Black heart.png

Black Hearts are mostly identical to Soul Hearts, with one key difference; a black heart, when fully lost, will damage all enemies in the room for 40 damage, similar to The Necronomicon's effect.

Added in Afterbirth † Half Soul Hearts[edit | edit source]

Half soul heart.png

Half soul hearts are a variant of normal soul hearts added in Afterbirth+ that only add half a heart to the end of the normal bar. They are unlocked after getting the "Mr. Resetter!" achievement, which is granted after the player resets seven runs in quick succession.

 Switch   PS4  Half soul hearts are unlocked after the player loses 10 runs in a row.

Half soul hearts are fairly uncommon compared to their whole counterpart.

Added in Afterbirth † Blended Hearts[edit | edit source]

Red soul heart.png

A heart variant added in Afterbirth+ which will fill up a full red Heart Container, but will act as a Soul Heart when no Containers are free.

if you are only missing half a heart, it will fill that half, and give you half a soul heart.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Isaac has red hearts and half a soul heart, taking a full heart of damage will not remove any red hearts.
  • If Isaac's health bar is filled with soul hearts, picking up a black heart will replace the topmost soul heart.
  • If Isaac's topmost heart is a half Soul Heart, collecting a Black Heart will complete it into a whole soul heart, and add half a Black heart.
    • Likewise, collecting a Soul Heart with half a Black Heart left will complete the Black Heart, and add half a Soul Heart.
  • If Isaac's health bar is filled up to 11 1/2 (Soul/Black) hearts with the last one being half a Black Heart, picking up a Black Heart will fill that one and convert a full Soul Heart to a Black Heart (therefore adding half a Black Heart and converting a Soul Heart).
  • Losing Soul Hearts does not count as Red Heart damage for the purposes of determining Devil or Angel Room spawn chances.
  • Standard Soul Heart pickups have a chance to be replaced by Black Hearts.
  • Dark Bum will not collect Blended Hearts.

Eternal Hearts[edit | edit source]

Eternal heart.png

Eternal Hearts are the second-rarest variation of a heart. They always appear as half-hearts and, once picked up, can transform into a new heart container in two ways: either by collecting a second Eternal Heart, or by traveling to a new floor.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • An Eternal Heart appears at the end of the health bar. This will usually be the rightmost heart container, but can also be the leftmost Soul Heart (or Black Heart) if there are no containers.
    • This means that an Eternal Heart will not be counted against the regular cap of 12 hearts.
      • If Isaac has 12 red heart containers and travels to a new floor with an eternal heart, Isaac will heal one red heart but will not gain another heart container. If Isaac is at full health, the eternal heart will simply disappear.
    • Like Soul Hearts, an Eternal Heart cannot be replenished when lost (without picking up a new one).
    • An Eternal Heart will be used up the first time Isaac takes red heart damage. This means that using a Blood Donation Machine or activated items like the Razor Blade will drain the Eternal Heart, even if Isaac has full health and/or Soul Hearts.
      • Eternal Hearts are not lost by taking red heart damage if Isaac has no red heart containers.
    • Health removal from taking Devil Room items will not drain an Eternal Heart. Rather, the Eternal Heart is moved to the end of the next red heart. However, if, after a Deal with the Devil, Isaac will have no red hearts, Soul Hearts, or Black Hearts, Isaac will die; half an Eternal Heart cannot keep Isaac alive by itself.
    • Using a 5 pip room or Forget Me Now to reroll the floor will also trigger the eternal heart.

Added in Afterbirth Gold Hearts[edit | edit source]


Gold Hearts are the rarest variation of a heart. They are unlocked by completing the challenge Added in AfterbirthXXXXXXXXL. They always appear as full hearts and, once picked up, drop money the next time Isaac loses a Heart. A Golden Heart surrounds the last heart on the health bar with a golden glow.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Gold Hearts are depleted when Isaac takes damage and loses the rightmost heart, but do not prevent the heart they surround from being depleted.
  • Gold Hearts can be found in Greed Mode without unlocking them; it is unknown if this is a bug or intentional, as Greed Mode is heavily focused on money.
  • A Gold Heart will not be counted against the regular cap of 12 hearts.
  • Like Soul Hearts and Eternal Hearts, a Gold Heart cannot be replenished when lost (without picking up a new one).
  • Gold Hearts are not lost by taking red heart damage by using a Blood Donation Machine or activated items like the Razor Blade.
  • If Isaac has a Gold Heart and gains a heart container while at 12 soul or black hearts, the Gold Heart will disappear, although its effect will still activate.
  • Losing many hearts at once — for example, by picking up a Dead Cat or using a Hematemesis pill — will correspondingly trigger the Gold Heart effect many times at once and shower you with coins.
  • Collecting a Gold Heart while you already have a Gold Heart will cause a large number of coins to drop on the ground.

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Eve Eve - Don't pick up any hearts for 2 floors in a row.

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