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Gurdy Jr.
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Double Trouble
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Gurdy Jr. is one of the bosses that can appear in The Cellar. She is one of the most common bosses to fight, particularly because she can appear in later chapters as a regular enemy.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Gurdy Jr. can spawn a few Pooters.
  • She can shoot tears in eight directions.
  • She will charge the player at high speeds, bouncing off obstacles and walls, and thus losing speed.
    • Being as far away as possible from Gurdy Jr. is advised.
    • The charge will destroy any Pooters between Jr. and the player.
    • If the player has enough knockback, or fires rapid enough, they can veer her off the intended course.
    • If the player drops a bomb in front of Gurdy Jr., she will be slowed down tremendously.
  • When she has less than 50% health, she will use her charge attack continuously.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Slowing Gurdy Jr. will, for the most part, render her charge attack useless.
  • Piercing tears lack knockback and cannot be used to divert or stop Gurdy Jr.'s charge attack.
  • If Gurdy Jr. is feared/stunned during her charge attack, after the effect wears off, she will immediately charge at Isaac.

Champion Versions[edit | edit source]

Blue: Instead of one Gurdy Jr., there will be two smaller ones. This version has decreased health and only charges at the player, and drops a Soul Heart upon death.
Orange: Is slightly larger than the regular. She spawns Super Pooters and charges at the player, but does not shoot bullets of any sort.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gurdy Jr. was added in the Wrath of The Lamb DLC for the original Binding of Isaac.
    • Gurdy Jr. from Wrath of the Lamb is larger than Gurdy Jr. in Rebirth.
  • There are three other bosses in the Gurdy series, which includes: Gurglings, Gurdy, and Mama Gurdy.
  • Gurdy Jr. is female. [1]
  • Edmund McMillen has referred to the double Gurdy Jr. champion room in an interview as "double Gurditration".

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