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Disambig.png This article is about the pickup. For other uses, see Heart (Disambiguation).

Hearts are the standard HP for most characters and can be found in various varieties. The player cannot have more Red Hearts than Red Heart containers, but certain heart pickups can circumvent that limit.

Heart ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Red Heart 1 Red Heart.png Full red heart Heals Full red heartFull red heart with Maggy's Bow Maggy's Bow.
Humbling Bundle Humbling Bundle and Added in Afterbirth †Equality! Equality! can replace this with a Double Heart.
Half Red Heart 2 Half Red Heart.png Half red heart Heals Full red heart with Maggy's Bow Maggy's Bow.
Double Heart 5 Double Heart.png Full red heartFull red heart Doesn't spawn naturally. Can only be found by using certain items or encountering certain rooms.
Heals Full red heartFull red heartFull red heartFull red heart with Maggy's Bow Maggy's Bow.
Added in Afterbirth † Scared Heart 9 Red Heart.png Full red heart Identical to the standard Red Heart but pulses faster. It will run away as the player moves towards it.
Heals Full red heartFull red heart with Maggy's Bow Maggy's Bow.
Humbling Bundle Humbling Bundle and Equality! Equality! will not double this.
Soul Heart 3 Soul Heart.png Full soul heart Soul Hearts are blue hearts that are added to the end of the health bar. Soul Hearts are not permanent; once lost, they cannot be replenished, although new ones may be added.

Soul Hearts will be depleted before Red Hearts in most cases. However, donating to a Blood Donation Machine or a Devil Beggar will deplete Red Hearts first as long as you have more than half a Red Heart (a full heart in The Womb The Womb and beyond). Holding the Added in Afterbirth †Crow Heart Crow Heart trinket will also deplete Red Hearts before Soul Hearts.

Added in Afterbirth † Half Soul Heart 8 Half Soul Heart.png Half soul heart Added in Afterbirth †Mr. Resetter! Reset 7 times in a row

 Switch   PS4  Get a minus 10-win streak

Added in Afterbirth † Blended Heart 10 Blended Heart.png Full red heart/Full soul heart/Half red heartHalf soul heart Fills up a full Red Heart container, but will act as a Soul Heart when no containers are free. If Isaac is only missing half a Red Heart, it will fill that half, and give him half a Soul Heart as well.
Dark Bum Dark Bum and The Jar The Jar will not collect this.
Black Heart 6 Black Heart.png Full black heart When fully lost, it will damage all enemies in the room for 40 damage, similar to The Necronomicon The Necronomicon's effect. Acts like a Soul Heart otherwise.
Eternal Heart 4 Eternal Heart.png Empty red heart When held until the next floor, Eternal Hearts will grant Isaac a Red Heart container. They will also give a Red Heart container if two are collected on the same floor. Eternal Hearts are placed in the second half of the last Red Heart container, even when it is full (the Eternal Heart will overlap with the Red Heart in this case).
Added in Afterbirth Gold Heart 7 Gold Heart.png Empty red heart Gold Hearts do not actually add more health, instead forming an outline around the last heart in Isaac's health bar. When that heart is depleted, the Gold Heart will break and a few coins will be dropped around Isaac.
Added in Afterbirth † Gold Hearts flash when depleted and will temporarily turn enemies golden like Midas' Touch.
Gold Heart Complete XXXXXXXXL (challenge #21)
Added in Afterbirth † Bone Heart 11 Bone heart.png Empty bone heart Takes three hits to deplete and can be refilled with Red Hearts, but disappears permanently upon depleting.
Cannot be refilled as Blue Baby and only protects against one hit as this character.
Bone Heart It's complicated

Notes[edit | edit source]

More details on these pickups and how they work can be found here.

  • Eternal Hearts take half a heart of damage without counting as a hit for the Devil/Angel Room to spawn.
  • Unless an item effect specifically states it, a Red Heart always has the chance to be replaced by a Soul, Black, or Eternal Heart.
  • Red Heart pickups created by item, card, or pill effects can be forced to be spawned as Black or Eternal Hearts instead by using the item, card, or pill in a relevant Super Secret Room.
  • If Isaac's health bar is filled with Soul Hearts, picking up a Black Heart will replace the topmost Soul Heart.
    • If Isaac's health bar is filled up to 11 1/2 (Soul/Black) Hearts with the last one being half a Black Heart, picking up a Black Heart will fill that one and convert a full Soul Heart to a Black Heart (therefore adding half a Black Heart and converting a Soul Heart).
    • If Isaac's topmost heart is a Half Soul Heart, collecting a Black Heart will complete it into a whole Soul Heart, and add half a Black Heart.
    • Collecting a Soul Heart with half a Black Heart left will complete the Black Heart, and add half a Soul Heart. The reverse is also true.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are unused graphics for Half Soul Hearts and Half Black Hearts that are never seen ingame.
    • Added in Afterbirth † Half Soul Hearts were eventually added to the game as an unlockable.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Booster Pack #5 made Scared Hearts beat faster, making them slightly easier to spot. This was from this Steam Workshop mod by piber20.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Gold Hearts' appearance was changed in Booster Pack #5.
  • Most items that grant Black Hearts upon being picked up say "evil up" in their description.

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Eve
    Eve - Don't pick up any hearts for 2 floors in a row.
  • Living on the edge
    Added in Afterbirth † Living on the edge - Complete a floor after The Basement I, start-to-finish, with only half a heart of health (can use The Lost).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! Gold Hearts actually simply compare Isaac's current heart count to what he had on previous frame, leading to two bugs. Firstly, it's possible for a Gold Heart to burst when health other than the rightmost heart is lost, such as using up Red Hearts with a Blood Donation Machine. Secondly, the "previous frame hearts" value is updated incorrectly; a Gold Heart bursts immediately upon pickup if Isaac had and lost a Gold Heart earlier, and his current heart count is lower than after losing the previous one.

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