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General Guidelines

  • All speculation belongs on the discussion (talk) page for any particular article.
  • Avoid using the second person point of view in articles, as this is unprofessional. When referring to the player character, use "Isaac" and "his" instead of "you" and "your".
    • "You can get the item Dinner as a boss drop" is incorrect, while "The item Dinner is a boss drop" is correct.
    • "You can only enter a Challenge Room if you have full health" is incorrect, while "Isaac can only enter a Challenge Room if he has full health" is correct.
  • Personal opinion (e.g: Bob's Brain is a terrible item) should not be added to articles, no matter how popular said opinion is.
  • Shots fired by enemies should be referred to as "shots" or "projectiles" for the sake of consistency. The shots fired by Isaac should always be called "tears" unless Isaac has tear-changing items such as Brimstone or Technology.
  • Do not use personality (Northernlion, Bisnap, Cobalt, etc.) terminology in articles. (i.e.: calling Beggars "judgements").
  • Avoid making up names for enemies and objects.
  • When adding information that applies only to an expansion of The Binding of Isaac in an article that isn't exclusive to that expansion, or when referencing content that was removed in an expansion, or any combination thereof, precede it with the appropriate DLC indicator.
    • {{dlc|na}} yields Removed in Afterbirth. This applies to any content that can only be found in Rebirth.
    • {{dlc|a}} yields Added in Afterbirth. This applies to any content that can be found in Afterbirth, but not Rebirth (and it remains in Afterbirth+).
    • {{dlc|a+}} yields Added in Afterbirth †. This applies to any content that can only be found in Afterbirth+.
    • {{dlc|na+}} yields Removed in Afterbirth †. This applies to any content that can be found in Rebirth (which remained in Afterbirth), but was removed in Afterbirth+.
    • {{dlc|ana+}} yields Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Afterbirth †. This applies to any content that did not exist in Rebirth, was added in Afterbirth, but was then removed in Afterbirth+.
    • {{dlc|naa+}} yields Removed in Afterbirth / Re-added in Afterbirth †. This applies to any content that existed in Rebirth, was removed in Afterbirth, and then reintroduced to the game with Afterbirth+.
    • The following DLC indicators apply to The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, and should not be used until Repentance's official release: {{dlc|r}}, {{dlc|nr}}, {{dlc|anr}}, {{dlc|a+nr}}, {{dlc|nar}}, {{dlc|na+r}}, {{dlc|ana+r}}, {{dlc|naa+nr}}
  • Avoid preceding a statement with "it is worth noting" or similar phrases. If it wasn't worth noting, it wouldn't belong on the page in the first place.



  • Do NOT add any new seeds, unless you have a 100% complete save file.
    • This doesn't necessarily mean 100% completion across the entire game. If you're posting a seed using Rebirth without any DLCs, then you must have completed all the Rebirth content 100%. Same goes for Afterbirth and Afterbirth+.
  • To determine whether your seed is a valid submission, please follow this flowchart.
    • If the item in question can be found in the first floor Treasure Room, and that Treasure Room is adjacent to the starting room, and none of the other seeds follow this rule, then post your seed.
    • Otherwise, if your seed works on both Normal and Hard mode, and none of the other seeds on that page for your platform do, post your seed (same for Greed/Greedier mode).
    • Otherwise: if there are NO other seeds for your platform on the page, then post your seed.
    • If none of the above criteria are met, DO NOT post your seed.


Please follow this EXACT template when adding seeds (Omitting the platform tag, the location of the item, or the DLC used for that seed may result in your seed being removed before any testing is done):

Rebirth Seeds:

[Platform] {{dlc|na}} [SEED] ([Location]) ([Mode])

Afterbirth Seed:

[Platform] {{dlc|ana+}} [SEED] ([Location]) ([Mode])

Afterbirth+ Seed:

[Platform] {{dlc|a+}} [SEED] ([Location]) ([Mode])


Choose one of the following to specify the platform:

  • {{plat|PC}} yields  PC 
  • {{plat|PS4}} yields  PS4 
  • {{plat|Vita}} yields  Vita 
  • {{plat|WiiU}} yields  WiiU 
  • {{plat|3DS}} yields  3DS 
  • {{plat|Xbox}} yields  XboxOne 


Choose one of the following:

  • [Room type] adjacent to spawn
  • First floor [Room type]
  • [Floor name] [Room type]

For secret rooms, additional information on the room's location is allowed.


Choose one of the following to specify the game mode:

  • Normal mode only
  • Hard mode only
  • Both modes
  • Greed mode
  • Greedier mode
  • Both Greed modes

Alternatively, the following templates can be used:

  • {{mode|normal}} yields Normal mode only
  • {{mode|hard}} yields Hard mode only
  • {{mode|normal|hard}} yields Normal and hard modes only
  • {{mode|greed}} yields Greed mode only
  • {{mode|greedier}} yields Greedier mode only
  • {{mode|greed|greedier}} yields Greed mode onlyGreedier mode only


{{plat|PC}} {{mode|normal}} 1234 5678 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)
{{plat|PS4}} {{mode|hard}} 1234 5678 (First floor treasure room)
{{plat|Vita}} {{mode|normal|hard}} 1234 5678 (Caves I angel room)
{{plat|3DS}} {{mode|normal|hard}} 1234 5678 (Cellar II boss)


  • Admins will personally check every single seed added to this wiki to filter out all of the seeds that don't work.
  • If there are already better seeds on a page please do not add yours.


If you have any questions, concerns, or objections about this policy, please leave me a message on my talk page, or strike up a conversation on our Discord channel, found here.
Thanks! DoomZero [Admin] (talk)



Do NOT add any hard numbers to articles unless they fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have solid evidence of them

Example Case

A Lump of Coal has a chance of dropping after defeating Krampus.

This is a valid edit. The specific chance is not known yet, so no numbers are given.

A Lump of Coal has a 50% chance of dropping after defeating Krampus.

50% is a hard number and therefore needs solid evidence to be accepted.

Valid Evidence

The following things are examples of valid evidence:

  • The game's code
  • Full statistics
  • A link to a page which discusses the data in detail

The following things are examples of invalid evidence:

  • Data from the original The Binding of Isaac game


  • Do not add chances for item triggers, item drops, etc if you cannot provide any kind of evidence for them.
  • Make use of the talk/discussion page if you are in doubt.


If you are not sure whether or not your info is accepted or need a conformation for your info, feel free to leave a message on my Talk Page, leave a message on the discussion page of the article in question or simply join on our Discord channel, found here.
Thank you for your cooperation! Dooomspeaker [Admin] (talk)

Item Pages

  • Each item page should start with a short sentence that states the item name and type (passive item, active item, trinket, card) along with any other significant descriptors (special, familiar).
  • Avoid describing the item's appearance, the way that it changes Isaac's appearance or tears, or the method that it is unlocked, as that information will already be displayed in the infobox on the right side of the page.
  • The Effects section of an item page should only contain the item's main effects. Other information such as item effects that only pertain to certain characters, whether a character starts with the item, ways to effectively use the item, and the item's quirks should be in the notes section.
  • All synergies and interactions should be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Avoid listing "obvious" synergies or interactions that behave exactly as one would expect.
  • Death's Touch is not overridden by any items, as it is a damage up and tears down.