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This help page should be used as a reference to know who the staff members of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki and how to contact them. Any rules created by a staff member are final unless overruled by a Bureaucrat.


RoshanLynch (talk) RoshanLynch on IRC - Wiki Guardian and Lead Administrator

Graemenoodle (talk) - g_noodle on IRC

Nickoladze (talk) - Nickoladze on IRC

Elucidater (talk) - eluc on IRC - Administrator of Platinum God and BoI Subreddit Moderator


Dooomspeaker (talk) - doomspeaker on IRC

EdgyVenison (talk) - EdgyVension on IRC

Juchem69z (talk) - Juchem69z on IRC

Kaktus021 (talk) - Kaktus021 on IRC

Dexap (talk) - paxed on IRC

DoomZero (talk) - DoomZero on IRC

GryphusR (talk)

Curse Administrator

Z3ther (talk) - Curse administrator of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki