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I RULE! Defeat ??? or The Lamb, and defeat Satan as Isaac
Added in Afterbirth

I RULE! is challenge #26. Isaac starts off with Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1, Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2, Trinity Shield Trinity Shield, Mom's Knife Mom's Knife, The Ladder The Ladder, and The Boomerang The Boomerang. The goal is to defeat Mega Satan. The Boss Room containing ??? or The Lamb does not appear.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

With a powerful set of items to start with, this is a rather easy challenge after getting used to Mom's Knife. The most difficult challenge here is defeating Mega Satan.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Since Isaac will likely be stuck with Mom's Knife as his primary method of attacking, finding powerful items and synergies will prove challenging.
  • As a result of beginning the challenge with both Key Pieces, Angel Rooms are much more likely to appear than normal. Due to Angel Room items being generally more useful, it is advised to avoid Devil Rooms altogether.
  • Removed in Afterbirth † It is somewhat easier to beat this challenge with The Polaroid The Polaroid (which doesn't appear after the Mom fight in Afterbirth †) than it is with The Negative The Negative, as Isaac is an easier fight than Satan in this challenge. Furthermore, The Chest can provide many chances at useful items that the Dark Room does not.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Aside from beating ??? or The Lamb for the first time, the player must also unlock all starter items in the challenge. (Access to Key Pieces, Mom's Knife, etc.)
  • Despite being forced to take The Negative, the Cathedral can still be accessed; however, once Isaac is defeated and the chest is entered, the run will simply end and will not count as a completion of the challenge.
  • If the player starts the challenge before The Polaroid and The Negative have been unlocked (using I AM ERROR, a sacrifice room, We Need To Go Deeper!, etc.) then the player will need to repeat said method or use another method to advance to Mega Satan.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This challenge is a homage to the original The Legend of Zelda, which this game is inspired by.
    • The items given in this challenge are meant to replicate Link's equipment from said game.
    • The title of the challenge is a play on the word "Hyrule", the kingdom in which most Zelda games take place.

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