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Item penalty is the amount of points lost for collecting items throughout the run. As far as the game is concerned, an item can be both a collectible (actives, passives) or a pickup (anything making up Schwag bonus).

The formula is as follows:


where Ending is a "game ending status":

Ending Value
0 None
1 Game Over
2 Mom
3 The Womb
4 Sheol
5 Cathedral
6 Dark Room
7 The Chest
8 Mega Satan
9 Greed mode
10 ???
11 The Void

In short, the game rewards you for going further with as little as possible.

Curiously, quitting in the Void (Pause menu → Exit → Yes) grants a slightly higher Item penalty, for Ending will be set to "Game Over" (1), meaning the Item penalty will only be divided by 2.5.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Swapping actives don't add to the item penalty! The score goes down because of the time spent swapping pedestals.
  • Item penalty has an upper bound to ~80% of the Schwag bonus.
  • Schwag bonus has a higher impact on the Item penalty.

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