Keys (Pickup)

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Keys are used to gain entry to many of the game's rooms, as well as open golden chests and key blocks.

Key Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Key Key.png 1
Key Ring Key Ring.png 2
DLC Indicator.png Golden Key GoldenKey.png

Will not add to the player's key count, but when picked up, it will allow the player to open any locked door, key block, or chest without spending any keys for the duration of the floor, even if the current number of keys is 0. There is a 1/50 chance for any given key pickup to be a golden key.

Afterbirth† Indicator.png Charged Key ChargedKey.gif 1

Fully charges your currently held active item upon pickup. Can be differentiated from regular keys by having a pulsating white glow while on the ground.

Completing the Pokey Mans challenge.