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Kidney Stone Beat challenge #29 (Removed in Afterbirth † The unlock is bugged and actually unlocks Blank Rune)
Added in Afterbirth

Kidney Stone is an unlockable passive item added in Afterbirth.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • -0.2 Speed
  • -15 Range
  • +2.0 Tear height.
    • The increased tear height and decreased range results in overall slightly less firing distance.
  • Occasionally, firing tears will cause Isaac to charge an attack with his head pulsating with a red color. After the attack has charged up, the fire button can be released to fire a kidney stone that deals extra damage while piercing enemies and walls, and to fire a barrage of tears afterwards.
    • This effect occurs approximately every 25 seconds.
    • Permanently grants -1 tear delay after firing the barrage for the first time.
    • Isaac won't be able to fire tears normally until the kidney stone has been fired.
    • The kidney stone has approximately twice the range of normal tears.
    • The tears fired afterwards are a bit inaccurate and can be fired slightly to either side.
    • The barrage will continue for its full length between Rooms, as will the state of charging the attack instead of firing tears.
  • When Isaac has half a heart left, the urine that appears underneath Isaac upon entering rooms will be changed to red.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Activating this item before entering a difficult room, like a boss room, can allow you to deal a lot of damage right away. To do this, simply hold the attack button until you stop shooting tears.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tints tears red. This is only a cosmetic change.
  • Added in Afterbirth Incubus Incubus will still fire tears normally while retaining the barrage effect, making this a good item for Lilith.
    • The barrage from the Incubus will be in a straight line instead of an inaccurate burst.
    • The kidney stone itself will come out of Lilith, not the Incubus follower, even though she cannot fire tears. The barrage of tears will still only come from the Incubus.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Brimstone Brimstone: No effect. Speed down still applies. Range down applies to Azazel's Brimstone, making it difficult to use at base range.
  • Added in Afterbirth Explosivo Explosivo: The Kidney Stone has a chance to be an exploding tear.
  • Ipecac Ipecac: Charges and fires a barrage of Ipecac shots.
  • The Ludovico Technique The Ludovico Technique: Overrides Kidney Stone. Tear becomes red (cosmetic change).
  • Added in Afterbirth Marked Marked: Occasionally, Isaac will stop automatically firing, and an attack key must be held to release the kidney stone and continue firing.
  • Mom's Knife Mom's Knife: Overrides Kidney Stone.
  • Monstro's Lung Monstro's Lung: Overrides Kidney Stone

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PC  ZX84 DLBX (First floor treasure room) (Both modes)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This item is a reference to the kidney stone Matt Kap had removed in 2015, hence "Matt's kidney stone"

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