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King Baby Defeat Delirium as ???King BabyKing Baby
Added in Afterbirth †

King Baby is an unlockable passive item added in Afterbirth †.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Grants a familiar that follows Isaac and always appears first in the familiar chain.
    • While firing tears, King Baby stops moving and glows white.
    • While King Baby is stationary, other familiars remain stationary as well. Shooting familiars will fire tears in the direction the player is firing.
    • When Isaac stops firing tears, King Baby moves rapidly back towards Isaac.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • King Baby will move back towards Isaac during Isaac's hurt animation, even if a fire button is still being held.
  • Abel AbelCollectible Abel icon.pngA familiar that mirrors the player's movements and shoots in the opposite direction. will still reflect Isaac's movements, and not King Baby ones.
  • Lil Delirium Lil DeliriumCollectible Lil Delirium icon.pngGrants a familiar that transforms into another random familiar every 10 seconds. depends on which familiar form it takes.
  • Familiars unaffected by King Baby include:
    • ???'s Only Friend ???'s Only FriendCollectible Blue Baby's Only Friend icon.pngSummons a big attack fly that can be controlled with the shooting direction-keys.
    • ???'s Soul ???'s SoulCollectible Blue Baby's Soul icon.pngSpawns a familiar that floats slowly around the room on a pattern similar to The Peeper and fires spectral and homing tears.
    • 7 Seals 7 Seals7 Seals icon.pngGrants a random Harbinger familiar that changes every 10 seconds.
    • Angelic Prism Angelic PrismCollectible Angelic Prism icon.pngGrants a prism orbital with a large orbital radius. Tears that pass through the prism split into four multi-colored tears.
    • Angry Fly Angry FlyCollectible Angry Fly icon.pngSpawns a fly familiar that orbits around a random enemy and deals 5 damage per tick to enemies it comes in contact with.
    • BBF BBFCollectible BBF icon.pngSpawns a familiar that flies around the room in a manner similar to the Boom Fly and explodes on contact with an enemy. Respawns after ten seconds.
    • Big Chubby Big ChubbyCollectible Big Chubby icon.pngSpawns a familiar that slowly charges forward and damages enemies in its path.
    • Bob's Brain Bob's BrainCollectible Bob's Brain icon.pngSpawns a familiar that charges forward when shooting tears and explodes upon contact with an enemy, damaging and poisoning them. The familiar respawns after a few seconds.
    • Bum Friend Bum FriendCollectible Bum Friend Rebirth icon.pngA portable beggar who follows Isaac, picks up coins for himself, and occasionally drops a pickup after collecting a coin. Does not spawn collectibles.
    • Bumbo BumboCollectible Bumbo icon.pngSpawns a beggar familiar which floats around the room and picks up any nearby coins, leveling up after collecting several coins. At level 2, Bumbo gains a body. At level 3, it begins to fire tears. At level 4, Bumbo chases enemies slowly, dealing contact damage.
    • Cain's Other Eye Cain's Other EyeCollectible Cain's Other Eye icon.pngSpawns a familiar that floats slowly around the room on a zig-zag pattern similar to The Peeper and shoots normal tears in the same direction as Isaac.
    • Daddy Longlegs Daddy LonglegsCollectible Daddy Longlegs Rebirth icon.pngDaddy Long Legs' shadow follows Isaac and stomps on enemies.
    • Dark Bum Dark BumCollectible Dark Bum Rebirth icon.pngSpawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and collects red hearts. For every one-and-a-half red hearts collected, Dark Bum will generate one soul heart, one hostile Spider or one friendly blue spider.
    • Dead Bird Dead BirdCollectible Dead Bird icon.pngSpawns a flying familiar for the current room that chases enemies whenever Isaac takes damage.
    • Finger! Finger!Collectible Finger! icon.pngSpawns a finger familiar that points at enemies, dealing constant damage.
    • GB Bug GB BugCollectible GB Bug icon.pngA glitch familiar that bounces around the room and applies a random status effect to any enemies it comes into contact with and has a chance to re-roll pickups that it passes over.
    • Gemini GeminiCollectible Gemini Rebirth icon.pngSuture becomes attached to Isaac, and does touch damage to enemies within its attacking range.
    • Guppy's Hair Ball Guppy's Hair BallCollectible Guppy's Hair Ball Rebirth icon.pngLoosely follows behind Isaac. Can be swung like a flail by rapidly spinning Isaac in a circle. Grows bigger by killing enemies.
    • Jaw Bone Jaw BoneCollectible Jaw Bone icon.pngSpawns a familiar that flies the room while firing, dealing a flat 7 damage to enemies that come in contact and retrieving pickups.
    • Key Bum Key BumCollectible Key Bum Afterbirth icon.pngSpawns a portable key master that follows Isaac and collects keys, giving random chests in return.
    • Leech LeechLeech Icon.pngSpawns a friendly familiar leech on the ground that hunts down enemies and heals you for half a heart each time it eats one.
    • Lil Gurdy Lil GurdyCollectible Lil Gurdy icon.pngGives Isaac a Gurdy familiar that will charge around the room dealing contact damage to enemies. Lil Gurdy is charged by holding down a fire button and letting go. The longer the button is held, the faster Lil Gurdy will fling itself across the screen. Lil Gurdy can pass over objects and obstacles in the room.
    • Lil Haunt Lil HauntCollectible Lil Haunt icon.pngA familiar that damages enemies by chasing them as well as inducing the fear effect.
    • Little Chubby Little ChubbyCollectible Little Chubby icon.pngA familiar that charges forward and deals touch damage to any enemies in its path.
    • Multidimensional Baby Multidimensional BabyCollectible Multidimensional Baby Afterbirth icon.pngSpawns a familiar that will follow Isaac's movements on a 2.5 second delay. Tears that pass through the baby will be doubled and increase in speed.
    • Obsessed Fan Obsessed FanCollectible Obsessed Fan icon.pngA purple fly familiar that follows Isaac's movements on a 3 second delay and deals contact damage to enemies.
    • Orbital familiars
    • Papa Fly Papa FlyCollectible Papa Fly icon.pngA blue fly familiar follows Isaac's movements on a 3 second delay. Papa Fly will fire tears at nearby enemies.
    • The Peeper The PeeperCollectible The Peeper Rebirth icon.pngSpawns a familiar that floats slowly around the room on a zig-zag pattern similar to Boom Flies damaging enemies it passes through.
    • Pointy Rib Pointy RibCollectible Pointy Rib icon.pngSpawns a bone familiar that can be aimed with the fire buttons and does contact damage.
    • Samson's Chains Samson's ChainsCollectible Samson's Chains icon.pngPull a chain and ball behind you that will damage enemies on contact and is able to break stones.
    • Shade ShadeShade Icon.pngSpawns a shadow familiar that follows Isaac's movements on a 1 second delay and deals contact damage to enemies.
    • Sissy Longlegs Sissy LonglegsSissy Longlegs Icon.pngWanders about the room, occasionally spawning blue spiders.
    • Smart Fly Smart FlySmart Fly Icon.pngAfter Isaac takes damage, this fly will deal continuous touch damage to whatever enemy caused the damage until it is dead. The fly will then systematically attack 1 enemy at a time until the room is cleared.
    • Spider Mod Spider ModSpider Mod Icon.pngDisplays Isaac's tear damage and enemy health bars. Spawns a gray spider familiar that wanders around and inflicts a random status effect on any enemies it comes into contact with. Occasionally spawns a blue spider upon clearing a room.
    • Succubus SuccubusSuccubus Icon.pngSpawns a flying familiar that bounces around the room with a black aura, dealing rapid damage to any enemies inside it. While standing in the aura, Isaac gains a 1.5x tear damage multiplier.
    • Super Bum
    • Temporary familiars
    • YO LISTEN! YO LISTEN!YO LISTEN! Icon.png+1 luck. Spawns a fairy familiar that points out secret room entrances and tinted rocks.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Isaac's Heart Isaac's HeartCollectible Isaac's Heart icon.pngIsaac himself is now immune to all damage, and a heart familiar appears and follows Isaac. If the heart is hurt, Isaac is hurt.: Isaac can fire tears and leave King Baby and the heart behind, and run into a group of enemies without being damaged.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • BFFS! BFFS!Collectible BFFS! icon.pngIncreases the size and damage of familiars.: Increases King Baby's size. No other effect.
  • Duct Tape Duct TapeTrinket Duct Tape icon.pngStops Isaac's familiars from moving.: King Baby will stay in place relative to Isaac until Isaac starts firing tears. Then King Baby will remain stationary until Isaac has stopped firing and will rapidly move back to him.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Steam achievement description for unlocking King Baby says "Unlocked a new co-player baby," despite it being an item.

??? (Character) Unlocks ??? (Character) Unlocks ??? (Character) Unlocks
The D6The D6Defeat Isaac as ???Forget Me NowForget Me NowDefeat Satan as ??????'s Soul???'s SoulDefeat The Lamb as ???FateFateDefeat ??? as ??????'s Only Friend???'s Only FriendComplete the Boss Rush as ???Dead BabyDead BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as ??? Fate's RewardFate's RewardDefeat Hush as ???Cracked DiceCracked DiceDefeat Ultra Greed as ???Blue BabyBlue BabyDefeat Mega Satan as ???Hive BabyHive BabyEarn all hard mode completion marks as ??? King BabyKing BabyDefeat Delirium as ???MeconiumMeconiumDefeat Ultra Greedier as ???
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