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Questionmarkisaac.png For another monster with a similar name, see Mr. Maw. For the boss with a similar name, see Mega Maw.

A Maw is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It attacks by slowly drifting towards Isaac while spitting a blood shot at him each time it's near him, the latter behavior being similar to that of Horfs.



Red MawEdit



Chance To Replace Maws

The Red Maw has a mouth that is sewn shut so that it's implied to be unable to fire blood-shots, therefore simply chasing the player. However, the Red Maw floats considerably faster than the Maw. Upon death, it will fire 4 blood shots in cardinal directions.

Psychic MawEdit



Chance to replace Maws and Red Maws

The Psychic Maw is instantly recognized by the purple flame on its third eye. It fires purple homing shots and has an Eternal Fly circling it.


  Bug! If you slow, stun or fear a Maw at the same time that it tries to shoot Isaac, its sound effect will loop infinitely until the Maw is killed.

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