Maw of the Void

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Added in Afterbirth †(page 4, column 14, row 2)
Removed in Afterbirth †(page 4, column 14, row 2)

Maw of the Void Defeat Hush as Azazel
Added in Afterbirth

Maw of the Void is an unlockable passive item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • +1.0 Damage up.
  • After firing tears for 2.5 seconds, releasing the fire button unleashes a black Brimstone Brimstone ring around Isaac that expands and contracts, dealing damage at a rapid rate to all enemies touching it.
    • The charge is completed when a red upside-down cross appears on Isaac's forehead.
    • Added in Afterbirth † With charge bars enabled, there is also an indicator that displays the charge.
    • The black ring deals damage equal to Isaac's current damage per tick, and ticks a total of 30 times.
    • Enemies killed by the black ring have a 5% chance to drop Black Hearts.
    • Black Hearts will drop as soon as the enemy is killed. (In other words, the heart will drop at the beginning of the death animation rather than at the end of the death animation.)
  • This item belongs to the Leviathan set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into Leviathan.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This item does not work while playing a blindfolded character, as it requires tears to charge.
  • The ring will apply any tear status effects such as poison if Isaac has them.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Guppy: Damaging enemies with Maw of the Void allows flies to spawn from the Guppy transformation. Flies are spawned at a rate of approximately one fly per tick of damage for each enemy it hits. This causes a lot of flies to spawn very quickly. The spawned flies will also move to attack the nearest enemy immediately.
  • Homing tears: The ring curves towards enemies.
  • Ipecac Ipecac: Massively increases ring damage and poisons enemies.
  • Lost Contact Lost Contact: Ring can destroy projectiles.
  • Proptosis Proptosis: The ring is much larger and deals 1.5x damage per tick.
    • Added in Afterbirth † The ring deals normal damage.
  • Strange Attractor Strange Attractor: Ring attracts pickups and enemies towards it.
  • Wiggle Worm Wiggle Worm: The ring has wavy edges.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • The Ludovico Technique The Ludovico Technique: Tear must be moved before the ring activates.
  • A Lump of Coal A Lump of Coal: The ring damage is halved.
    • Added in Afterbirth † The ring deals normal damage.
  • Marked Marked: Crosshair must be moved for 4 seconds before the ring activates.
  • Soy Milk Soy Milk: No effect on charge time but massively reduces damage.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Maw of the Void has a unique charge bar, filling with red instead of the usual green, as well as having a small swirl reminiscent of its shape in the middle of it.

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