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Do NOT add any new seeds, unless... (details)

Do NOT add any hard numbers, unless... (details)

All speculation belongs on discussion (talk) pages.

When adding a platform specific entry (like seeds or bugs) please use our platform tags:

{{plat|PC}}  PC     {{plat|PS4}}  PS4     {{plat|Vita}}  Vita     {{plat|3DS}}  3DS     {{plat|Xbox}}  XboxOne     {{plat|iOS}}  iOS     {{plat|Switch}}  Switch     {{plat|WiiU}}  WiiU 

When adding any changes introduced in Afterbirth or Afterbirth † (like synergies between new items, newly added synergies, or new monsters added to original floors) please use the corresponding tag:

{{dlc|a}}Added in Afterbirth    {{dlc|a+}}Added in Afterbirth †    {{dlc|r}}Added in Repentance

or the parameter in any related template:

| dlc = a    | dlc = a+    | dlc = r

Failure to obey the editing guidelines may result in a ban.