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This page is for tutorials for Modding. If a page for a subject already exists, try improving that one instead of making a new one.

General Tutorials[edit | edit source]

A series of video tutorials by Lytebringr exploring various modding topics such as XML and PNG modifications and Lua scripting.
A collection of video tutorials by Eufuu that provides some basic knowledge on how to get started with modding.

Lua Tutorials[edit | edit source]

No tutorials right now. But maybe you could add your own?

Graphics Tutorials[edit | edit source]

The Antibirth developer LeatherIceCream teaches you how to create sprites in the style of The Binding of Isaac.
A video tutorial by OnyxDarkKnight that shows how to use the Animation Editor that comes with The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

Modding resources[edit | edit source]