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Mom's Heart

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In-game appearance
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Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Afterbirth †Stage scarred womb.png
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End Chest
The Womb Defeat Mom for the 1st timeThe WombThe Womb

Mom's Heart is the final boss in the second floor of the fourth chapter. Until It Lives is unlocked, Mom's Heart cannot be continued past unless a Devil Room or an Angel Room appears, which allow you to go to Sheol or The Cathedral, respectively. After being killed 11 times, Mom's Heart will be permanently replaced by It Lives.

Mom's Heart doesn't drop any items or pickups upon death besides hearts.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Mom's Heart acts very differently from the original Binding of Isaac.

At the beginning of the fight, Mom's Heart will always be accompanied by two Eyes.

It has many different types of attacks, seeming to vary depending on the amount of remaining health. Many of the attacks are varying flurries of orbs that scatter across the room, which can be difficult to dodge. These orbs range from several orbs released in every direction while slowly rotating, to a fast moving line of projectiles released in four directions rotating moderately fast.

Mom's Heart also has an attack that shoots blood tears rapidly when it's ~40% lower on HP. Mom's Heart will also retreat upwards and launch blood shots diagonally forward in a spread, at which point it cannot be harmed and it will spawn various enemies. During Mom's Heart's first retreat upwards, Eyes will always be the first wave spawned, after the 2 Eyes that spawn with Mom's Heart are killed. All of its attacks can hurt its own minions.

Enemies spawned by Mom's Heart are:

After losing a significant amount of health (about 90%), Mom's Heart will stop spawning enemies and will begin to shoot four Brimstone BrimstoneBrimstone Icon.pngTears are replaced by a laser beam that pierces through all enemies and obstacles in its path and deals high damage. Can only be fired after a short charge-up period. lasers that rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise. At the very top of the boss room is a small area where walking into it counts as though Isaac walked into the heart.

Upon defeat Mom's Heart fires a single ring of tears.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Everything Is Terrible!!!
    Everything Is Terrible!!! - Defeat Mom's Heart 5 times.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Every time Mom's Heart is defeated changes the current savefile's image until It Lives is unlocked.
  • Using The Bible The BibleThe Bible Icon.png6 roomsUpon activation, Isaac gains flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan. against Mom's Heart will kill it instantly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mom's Heart appeared in the original The Binding of Isaac.
  • The music that plays during this fight is titled Ventricide. Ventricide is a made-up word formed from the word ventricle (one of the two larger chambers of the heart) and the suffix -cide, which denotes an act of killing. This theme is used in other tracks, such as Matricide, Hericide, and Infanticide.
  • If Isaac gets hit by Mom's Heart's Brimstone attack, Mom's laugh can be heard.
  • Mom's Heart can appear as a random boss in The Void, even after being replaced by It Lives in its regular chapter.
  • In the original Binding Of Isaac, all Mom's Heart did was spawn 2-4 monsters before disappearing and repeating the same move each time the wave of monsters were killed off.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! Removed in Afterbirth † Sometimes, if the boss intro is skipped, the game will not teleport Isaac into the center of the bottom of the room, resulting in immediate contact damage with one of the Eyes or Mom's Heart, depending on the direction of the room's entrance.

Mom's Heart  Unlocks Mom's Heart Unlocks Mom's Heart  Unlocks
Added in Afterbirth Added in Afterbirth †
A NooseA NooseDefeat Mom's Heart 3 timesA QuarterA QuarterDefeat Mom's Heart 8 timesA Fetus in a JarA Fetus in a JarDefeat Mom's Heart 9 times??????Defeat Mom's Heart 10 timesEverything Is Terrible!!!Everything Is Terrible!!!Defeat Mom's Heart 5 timesIt Lives!It Lives!Defeat Mom's Heart 11 timesWire Coat HangerWire Coat HangerDefeat Mom's Heart 4 timesIpecacIpecacDefeat Mom's Heart 6 timesExperimental TreatmentExperimental TreatmentDefeat Mom's Heart 7 timesRubber CementRubber CementDefeat Mom's Heart 2 timesGodheadGodheadRemoved in Afterbirth Beat Mom's Heart, Isaac, Satan, ???, and The Lamb and complete the Boss Rush on hard mode as The Lost
Added in Afterbirth Earn all 9 Completion Marks on hard mode as The Lost
Darkness FallsDarkness FallsDefeat Mom's Heart 11 timesSolar SystemSolar SystemDefeat Mom's Heart 3 timesSuicide KingSuicide KingDefeat Mom's Heart 11 timesDemo ManDemo ManDefeat Mom's Heart 9 timesLost BabyLost BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as IsaacCute BabyCute BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as MagdaleneCrow BabyCrow BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as EveShadow BabyShadow BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as JudasGlass BabyGlass BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as CainWrapped BabyWrapped BabyRemoved in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Azazel
Added in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Lazarus
Begotten BabyBegotten BabyRemoved in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Lazarus
Added in Afterbirth † Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Azazel
Dead BabyDead BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as ???-0- Baby-0- BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as The LostGlitch BabyGlitch BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as EdenFighting BabyFighting BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Samson
Goat Head BabyGoat Head BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as LilithBlue WombBlue WombDefeat Mom's Heart 10 timesSuper Greed BabySuper Greed BabyDefeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as KeeperBlue BomberBlue BomberDestroy 10 tinted rocks and defeat Mom's Heart 11 times Pokey MansPokey MansDefeat Mom's Heart 11 timesSmelterSmelterDefeat Mom's Heart or It Lives! on hard mode as ApollyonBurning BasementBurning BasementDefeat Mom's Heart 11 timesFlooded CavesFlooded CavesDefeat It Lives 16 timesDank DepthsDank DepthsDefeat It Lives 21 timesScarred WombScarred WombDefeat It Lives 30 timesMarrowMarrowDefeat Mom's Heart or It Lives! on hard mode as The Forgotten
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