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Added in  Afterbirth

Mom's Locket is a trinket added in the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth expansion.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Grants half a red heart each time a key is used.
  • Turns half red hearts on the ground into full red hearts.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Having a Golden Key will render the trinket unable to grant half hearts from keys until the next floor.
  • Having Mom's Locket while playing Keeper will restore a full health coin when a key is used.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Bum Dark BumDark Bum Rebirth Icon.pngSpawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and collects red hearts. For every one-and-a-half red hearts collected, Dark Bum will generate one soul heart, one hostile Spider or one friendly blue spider. - Gives the bum more hearts to turn into soul hearts, which is very useful for a ??? run.
  • Gimpy GimpyGimpy Icon.pngHas a chance of spawning a soul heart or black heart when taking damage. Enemies have a chance to drop a Half Red Heart after being killed. - Half hearts dropped occasionally from killing enemies will become full hearts.
  • Guppy's Tail Guppy's TailGuppy's Tail Icon.pngIncreases chance of finding gold chests and normal chests, but reduces chance of finding pickups. - Increases chance of getting golden chests, giving Isaac more locks to open.
  • Humbling Bundle Humbling BundleHumbling Bundle Icon.pngGives one extra pickup (1+1 Free version) of Red Hearts, pennies, bombs, and keys. Does not work with blue, black, and half red hearts, nickels, and dimes. - Turns half Hearts into 1+1 Hearts.
  • Little C.H.A.D. Little C.H.A.D.Little C.H.A.D. Icon.pngA familiar who will drop a half red heart every 2 rooms. - Changes Little C.H.A.D.'s half hearts into full hearts.
  • Skeleton Key Skeleton KeySkeleton Key Rebirth Icon.pngSets your key count to the maximum of 99. - Gives Isaac a lot of keys to spend.

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