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Full red heart
Table dividing line 1.png
The Book of Belial The Book of BelialThe Book of Belial Icon.png3 roomsUpon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
Removed in Afterbirth Guarantees a Devil Room or Angel Room will be open after beating a boss while holding it, or Added in Afterbirth increases the chance by 12.5%.

Chocolate Milk Chocolate MilkCollectible Chocolate Milk icon.pngGrants charged tears that deal greater damage when fully charged.
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: yes          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Kidney Stone Kidney StoneKidney StoneComplete challenge #29 (Removed in Afterbirth † The unlock is bugged and actually unlocks Blank Rune)
Onan's Streak Defeat Mom for the 1st timeOnan's StreakOnan's Streak
Added in Afterbirth

Onan's Streak is Challenge #29. Start as Judas with The Book of Belial The Book of BelialThe Book of Belial Icon.png3 roomsUpon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
Removed in Afterbirth Guarantees a Devil Room or Angel Room will be open after beating a boss while holding it, or Added in Afterbirth increases the chance by 12.5%.
and Chocolate Milk Chocolate MilkCollectible Chocolate Milk icon.pngGrants charged tears that deal greater damage when fully charged. and a damage bonus of +2 giving him a starting damage of 8.71. Missing any shots causes Judas to take damage. Treasure rooms are present in this challenge. The goal is to defeat Isaac.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Not hitting anything with tears makes Judas take damage. This makes accuracy very important because missing a few shots can deplete his health very quickly. Because of that, fast-moving enemies or enemies with erratic movement patterns can prove to be very difficult in this challenge.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Hitting any type of poop, fire, bomb, eternal fly, white champion enemy, spike block, or Stone Grimace (stone heads) does not count as a miss.
    • Hitting Red Poop with a spectral tear counts as a miss.
  • If firing a tear and leave the room before it touches the wall or floor, Judas will not take any damage. This is only useful if he shoots accidentally.
  • For enemies that move erratically, try and get close enough so they'll close in. Once they approach, move out of the way and shoot them once they stop.

Good Items[edit | edit source]

  • Isaac's Heart Isaac's HeartCollectible Isaac's Heart icon.pngIsaac himself is now immune to all damage, and a heart familiar appears and follows Isaac. If the heart is hurt, Isaac is hurt. completely nullifies any damage caused by missing, lowering the difficulty tremendously and turning this challenge into a standard Judas run.
  • Holy Mantle Holy MantleCollectible Holy Mantle icon.pngAutomatically negates first taken damage in every room. nullifies 1 hit of damage per room, allowing more room for errors.
  • Taking Technology 2 Technology 2Technology 2 Icon.pngDecreases damage and replaces right eye tears with a unlimited range, piercing laser which fires continuously. and never releasing the fire keys, even across floors, allows Judas to engage enemies without firing any tears.
    • Tech.5 Tech.5Tech.5 Rebirth Icon.pngGrants a unlimited range piercing laser with random rate of fire that does not replace tears. The laser might occasionally fire with the effect of a random item or trinket, such as Hook Worm, Spoon Bender or Tiny Planet. has the same effect.
  • Taking Rubber Cement Rubber CementCollectible Rubber Cement icon.pngTears bounce off walls, enemies, and environmental objects. is recommended, as hitting a wall won't deal damage to him, and hitting the ground won't either if an enemy is hit first.
    • Enemies include stone grimaces, unkillable enemies, fireplaces, poop, and bombs.

 XboxOne  Poop is not considered an enemy if it is the first object hit.

  • Proptosis ProptosisCollectible Proptosis Rebirth icon.pngTears start out massive with high damage, and then shrink down and become weaker over a short range. allows Judas' shots to miss without dealing damage as long as they don't hit a wall or object.
  • Isaac's Tears Isaac's TearsCollectible Isaac's Tears Rebirth icon.png6 roomsShoots 8 tears around Isaac, which retain the damage, shot speed, and special effects of his tears. Each tear shot by Isaac increases item charge by one. do not count as a hit/miss, and it maintains Chocolate Milk's charged damage bonus when activated, making it a safe combat alternative.
  • Shots fired by the familiar with Incubus IncubusCollectible Incubus icon.pngA demonic familiar that follows Isaac and shoots tears identical to Isaac's in terms of damage, range, fire rate, and effects. will not damage the player. When coupled with a recharging or zero cooldown item such as Magic Fingers Magic FingersCollectible Magic Fingers icon.pngUnlimitedFor 1 coin, damages all enemies in the room., it will effectively give Judas a safe auto-attack. The Incubus's safe-to-miss shot will fire when the item is used, without having to fire Judas' shot.
  • Dead Eye Dead EyeCollectible Dead Eye icon.pngIsaac's damage increases each time an enemy is hit. Damage is reset upon missing a shot. benefits from this challenge, since the player will be focused on not missing. This can allow for long streaks at high damage.
  • Tractor Beam Tractor BeamCollectible Tractor Beam icon.pngIsaac emits a beam from his face. Isaac's tears travel in the path of the beam. keeps tears in a straight line in front, which is very helpful for hitting many later enemies.
  • Ipecac IpecacCollectible Ipecac icon.pngReplaces tears with explosive and poisoning projectiles fired in an arc from the mouth. could be a nice item to have, just be careful when firing it.
  • Spectral tears effect might help, since going through a rock doesn't count as missing.
  • Pupula Duplex Pupula DuplexCollectible Pupula Duplex icon.pngTransforms Isaac's tears into a wide arc shape which gives them a much larger hitbox. Gives Isaac spectral tears which allows them to travel through objects in the environment (i.e. rocks). is helpful, since it gives Judas's tears a bigger hitbox, in addition to spectral tears. Flat Worm Flat WormTrinket Flat Worm icon.pngIsaac's tears take on an oblong appearance. They also push enemies back. also gives a bigger hitbox.
  • Similarly, Polyphemus PolyphemusCollectible Polyphemus Rebirth icon.pngMakes Isaac shoot one huge tear. It also reduces tears to a minimum. Damage increased. If the tear does more damage than an enemy's life, the tear continues to travel with the extra remaining damage. gives tears a bigger hitbox and allows him to hit many enemies with each tear. Any Polyphemus tear that continues after hitting an enemy won't damage Judas if it lands untouched afterward.
    • Continuum ContinuumCollectible Continuum Afterbirth icon.png+2.25 Range Up. +1.5 Tear Height. Isaac's tears travel through walls and appear out of the opposite wall. Isaac's tears also travel over rocks and objects. will help, giving spectral tears and going through the walls to get back on the other side.
  • Piercing shots could be useful since the shots won't damage if at least one enemy is hit, and multiple can be hit with one shot.
    • Death's Touch Death's TouchCollectible Death's Touch icon.pngIncreases Damage by 1.5, reduces Tears by 0.3 and increases tear size. Grants piercing tears. Tears are replaced by Death's scythes, which is a cosmetic effect only. is especially useful because it increases the size of tears significantly, making it harder to miss, in addition to piercing and higher damage.
    • Added in Afterbirth †Eye of Belial Eye of BelialCollectible Eye of Belial icon.pngGrants piercing tears. After piercing one enemy, tears start homing and deal double damage. does not damage Judas as long as he hits at least one enemy making the item very useful.
    • Unless Judas already has piercing tears, Lost Contact Lost ContactCollectible Lost Contact icon.pngEvery tear has a small shield which will allow it to block one enemy projectile. should generally be avoided. While blocking a shot does count as a hit, without piercing, it will also destroy the tear before it can do any damage, making bullet-heavy fights such as Mom's Heart/It Lives and Isaac extraordinarily difficult.
  • Oddly enough, Brimstone BrimstoneCollectible Brimstone Rebirth icon.pngTears are replaced by a laser beam that pierces through all enemies and obstacles in its path and deals high damage. Can only be fired after a short charge-up period. won't make Judas suffer for missing enemies, making the challenge a simple Judas brimstone run.
    • Mom's Knife Mom's KnifeCollectible Mom's Knife Rebirth icon.pngIsaac's tears are replaced by a knife that pierces enemies, can travel through obstacles and can hurt enemies while Isaac is holding it. Holding down the fire button before firing increases its range and power. has the same effect.
  • Mom's Wig Mom's WigCollectible Mom's Wig icon.pngAdds a chance to spawn blue spiders when firing tears. Restores 1 red heart. will keep spawning friendly spiders until there's 5 of them when charging the shot.
    • The same goes for the Guppy transformation or The Mulligan The MulliganCollectible The Mulligan Rebirth icon.pngTears have a 1/6 chance of spawning allied blue flies when they hit an enemy..
      • Be careful, however, because if friendly spiders/flies kill the enemy before fired tear hits it, Judas takes damage.
    • The same goes for No. 2 No. 2Collectible No. 2 icon.pngContinuously firing tears for several seconds causes Isaac to drop a Butt Bomb. Butt Bombs explode for 60 damage like normal bombs, but also deal 10 damage to all enemies in the room and daze them for a short period of time. and Bob's Brain Bob's BrainCollectible Bob's Brain icon.pngSpawns a familiar that charges forward when shooting tears and explodes upon contact with an enemy, damaging and poisoning them. The familiar respawns after a few seconds., as spawning bombs under Judas while charging and the explosions from the brain, respectively, can easily end the run.
  • Neither Gnawed Leaf Gnawed LeafCollectible Gnawed Leaf icon.pngAfter standing still and not shooting for a short time, Isaac turns invincible until he moves or shoots. nor the shields from Book of Shadows Book of ShadowsCollectible Book of Shadows icon.png3 roomsUpon use, creates a protective shield nullifying all types of damage for 10 seconds. and Virgo VirgoCollectible Virgo icon.pngGrants a chance to trigger the Book of Shadows effect upon taking damage, creating a shield that nullifies all types of damage for 10 seconds. Also converts "bad pills" into "good pills". protect Judas from missed tears.
  • Watch out when using unidentified pills, as R U a Wizard? can be disastrous to the run if not extremely careful and/or lucky. Check the shops for a PHD PHDCollectible PHD icon.pngConverts all bad pills into good pills, spawns one pill pickup and restores health. Identifies all pills upon pickup., just in case.
  • The Wafer The WaferCollectible The Wafer icon.pngAll sources of damage that would cause more than one-half heart of damage are reduced to one-half heart instead. makes the challenge much easier in The Womb The Womb and beyond, as it halves the damage dealt from missing tears.
  • Any item that helps refill red heart containers such as the Yum Heart Yum HeartCollectible Yum Heart icon.png4 roomsRestores 1 whole red heart., Maggy's Bow Maggy's BowCollectible Maggy's Bow icon.pngGives one heart container and doubles the healing provided by red hearts., and The Jar The JarCollectible The Jar Rebirth icon.pngUnlimitedWhen at full health, up to 4 extra hearts can be stored in the jar. will be helpful in case misses are frequent.
  • Items that grant homing tears, such as Spoon Bender Spoon BenderSpoon Bender Icon.pngGrants Isaac homing tears. and Sacred Heart Sacred HeartCollectible Sacred Heart icon.pngIncreases damage and range while reducing shot speed and grants homing tears. Grants a Heart Container and replenishes all Red Hearts., can make accuracy a lot easier. Although Godhead GodheadCollectible Godhead icon.pngIncreases damage and range while reducing tears and shot speed. Grants homing tears and tears gain a damaging halo. is a bad item for this challenge (see below).

Bad Items[edit | edit source]

  • Taking Tammy's Head Tammy's HeadTammy's Head Icon.png1 roomsShoots 10 tears in a circle around Isaac, which retain the damage, shot speed, and special effects (such as poison) of Isaac's tears. or Sad Bombs Sad BombsCollectible Sad Bombs Rebirth icon.png+5 Bombs. Upon exploding, bombs shoot 8 tears off in every direction, similar to Tammy's Head. The tears are affected by any tear modifiers Isaac has on his own tears. is not recommended, as they release tears which count towards hit/miss. Since they release multiple tears at a time, they will almost unavoidably cause tears to hit the ground.
    • Isaac's Tears, however, don't.
    • The Tear Detonator Tear DetonatorTear Detonator Icon.png1 roomsWhen used, will detonate any tears currently on the screen and cause each one to split into 6 more tears which will fire in a circle, similar to Tammy's Head. doesn't count either.
  • Taking any item that multiplies the number of tears (e.g. 20/20 20/2020 20 Rebirth Icon.pngGrants double shot., The Inner Eye The Inner EyeCollectible The Inner Eye icon.pngGrants triple shot but decreases tears., Mutant Spider Mutant SpiderCollectible Mutant Spider icon.pngGrants quadruple shot but decreases tears., Monstro's Lung Monstro's LungCollectible Monstro's Lung icon.pngIncreases damage and grants a charged shot that fires multiple tears in the same fashion as Monstro., or Added in Afterbirth †Haemolacria HaemolacriaCollectible Haemolacria icon.pngTears are now fired in an arc. Upon hitting the floor, an obstacle, or an enemy, they burst into many smaller tears in all directions. Increases tear delay.) is not recommended, as Judas has to hit with every tear to not take damage.
    • Similarly, taking Added in Afterbirth †Compound Fracture Compound FractureCollectible Compound Fracture icon.pngIncreases range. Tears turn into bones, which shatter into 1-3 bone shards upon hitting an enemy or obstacle., Cricket's Body Cricket's BodyCollectible Cricket's Body icon.pngGrants -1 Tear Delay and reduces Range. When tears hit an object or deplete their range, they spawn 4 smaller tears, whose Range and Damage scale with Isaac's., The Parasite The ParasiteCollectible The Parasite icon.pngIsaac's tears split in two when they hit something. is not recommended, as the split tears also have to hit enemies for the player to not take damage.
    • Added in Afterbirth † Be careful when picking up any active Book items, as picking up 3 will transform Judas into a Bookworm, periodically giving him 2 shots.
  • Godhead GodheadCollectible Godhead icon.pngIncreases damage and range while reducing tears and shot speed. Grants homing tears and tears gain a damaging halo. can be dangerous, as even if the aura kills an enemy, if the shot doesn't hit an enemy or poop, it will count as a miss.
  • When using Maw of the Void Maw of the VoidCollectible Maw of the Void icon.png+1.0 Damage Up. After continuously firing tears for 2.5 seconds, a red cross appears on Isaac's head that, upon releasing the fire button, creates a black ring that rapidly deals damage equal to Isaac's tear damage to any enemies in contact with it., keep some distance against non-boss enemies. If the ring kills an enemy before the tear hits it, it can cause Judas to miss the shot.
  • Circle of Protection Circle of ProtectionCollectible Circle of Protection icon.pngSurrounds Isaac with a large white halo. Once per second, the halo deals Isaac's tear damage to enemies inside it. It may also convert enemy shots entering the halo into friendly purple homing tears.: Judas can take damage from tears reflected by the ring.
  • Explosivo ExplosivoCollectible Explosivo icon.pngIsaac's tears have a chance to stick to enemies and explode. should be avoided. The Explosivo shot doesn't count as hitting the enemy until it blows up. If Judas kills an enemy with the Explosivo shot on them, the tear will fall to the ground and will damage. Enemies that jump or teleport will also cause Explosivo shots to fall off. If the enemy with an Explosivo shot walks near a wall, the tear will disappear and will cause damage.
  • Soy Milk Soy MilkSoy Milk Icon.pngTears shrink and do much less damage, but fire in very rapid succession. is not recommended, as it prevents charging shots (instead, firing automatically like regular tears). Judas does get a +1 damage increase after the damage reduction but the fast fire rate will make it nearly impossible to stop tears hitting anything other than an enemy.
  • Taking The Wiz The WizCollectible The Wiz icon.pngTears simultaneously fire out of both eyes diagonally, similar to the effect of the R U A Wizard? pill. Isaac's tears also travel above all obstacles. is not recommended, as firing two tears simultaneously will likely cause one tear to miss.
  • Taking My Reflection My ReflectionCollectible My Reflection icon.pngGives Isaac's tears a boomerang effect, and increases range and shot speed. is not recommended, as firing a tear from a long distance causes the tear to go the opposite direction and miss unless there is an enemy behind Judas.
  • Hitting a target while having Cursed Eye Cursed EyeCollectible Cursed Eye icon.pngGrants charged tears that can be fired in a tight burst of four. Getting hit while charging will teleport Isaac into another room. still damages and teleports out of the room.
    • Charging shots before entering a room can kill, since it will fire a big tear followed by 3 little tears, causing damage.
  • 3 Dollar Bill 3 Dollar Bill3 Dollar Bill Icon.pngGives Isaac a random tear effect every room.
    Removed in Afterbirth The effect given changes upon entering a room.
    Added in Afterbirth The effect changes every 3 seconds.
    , Fruit Cake Fruit CakeCollectible Fruit Cake icon.pngIsaac's tears gain a random effect that changes every shot., and Rainbow Worm Rainbow WormTrinket Rainbow Worm icon.pngIsaac's tears gain a worm effect that changes every 3 seconds. are not recommended because the changing effects will make it more likely for tears to miss.
  • Using Added in Afterbirth †Clicker ClickerCollectible Clicker icon.png6 roomsTransforms Isaac into another random character. may take away Chocolate Milk Chocolate MilkCollectible Chocolate Milk icon.pngGrants charged tears that deal greater damage when fully charged., making the run significantly more difficult.
  • The instant kill effect of Added in Afterbirth †Little Horn Little HornCollectible Little Horn icon.pngAdds a chance to fire a piercing tear that instantly kills any enemy that it touches. doesn't count as a hit, and will hurt Judas.
  • Added in Afterbirth †Trisagion TrisagionCollectible Trisagion icon.pngTears are replaced with piercing white blasts of light. will cause Judas to take damage on every shot.
  • Added in Afterbirth †Flat Stone Flat StoneCollectible Flat Stone icon.pngTears bounce off the floor. Tears that hit an enemy after bouncing deal splash damage to all nearby enemies for 25% of Isaac's tear damage. will cause Judas to take damage on every tear's skip unless the tear hits an enemy before the next bounce.
  • Libra LibraCollectible Libra icon.pngGives 6 coins, 6 bombs, and 6 keys and balances out all attributes. will balance stats, making Judas' damage way less effective.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The challenge's name, "Onan's Streak," and the challenge conditions are a reference to the biblical character Onan. According to Old Testament law, a man with a married, deceased brother would have the responsibility of producing an heir for his sibling. Onan knew that having this heir would prevent him from legally owning his brother's land, and so spilled his semen onto the ground. God viewed this deed as wicked and killed Onan.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If Judas misses a tear and picks up the trophy while getting hit, he will be frozen in position. Going to the main menu and continuing the run solves this.

Mom Unlocks Mom Unlocks Mom Unlocks
Added in Afterbirth †
The WombThe WombDefeat Mom for the 1st timeThe HarbingersThe HarbingersDefeat Mom for the 1st timeA Cube of MeatA Cube of MeatDefeat Mom for the 1st timeA HaloA HaloDefeat Mom using The BiblePuristPuristDefeat Mom for the first time XXXXXXXXLXXXXXXXXLDefeat Mom for the 1st timeSPEED!SPEED!Defeat Mom for the 1st timeHave a HeartHave a HeartDefeat Mom for the 1st timePRIDE DAY!PRIDE DAY!Defeat Mom for the 1st timeOnan's StreakOnan's StreakDefeat Mom for the 1st timeThe GuardianThe GuardianDefeat Mom for the 1st time Aprils foolAprils foolDefeat Mom for the 1st time

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