Pitch Black

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Curse of Darkness
Curse of the Unknown
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: yes          Item Pool Shop.png: no
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Rune of Hagalaz Rune of HagalazRune of HagalazComplete challenge #1

Pitch Black is challenge #1. This challenge inflicts Curse of Darkness and Curse of the Unknown on you on every level. Unlike other challenges, treasure rooms are available, but shops are not. Your goal is to defeat Mom. This challenge is unlocked by default.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

The curses you are inflicted with are typically not that challenging on their own, in this challenge however, they are persistently in effect. The primary difficulty of this challenge comes from having to deal with Curse of the Unknown for the entirety of the run, which will make it much more difficult to keep track of Isaac's health a couple of floors in. This also makes it especially risky when utilizing mechanics that drains Isaac's health, such as deals with the Devil or blood donation machines.

Additionally, Curse of Darkness, although mostly just themetic, will also make it harder to spot tinted rocks, which normally would aid Isaac's survival with soul hearts. On top of all this the shop is not available in this challenge, which would have been a semi-reliable way to heal Isaac.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

While Devil deals can provide power boosts, it may be best to abstain from them unless you carefully keep track of your remaining health. In fact, refraining from deals can give you access to angel rooms, which can provide items without sacrificing health.

Turning the gamma setting up in the options makes Curse of Darkness less of an issue.

Blood donation machines are generally not worth the risk as there are no shops and therefore no real use for money.

Unlockable achievements[edit | edit source]

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