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Disambig.png This article is about the explosion immunity item. For the item that grants bombs, see Pyro.

Pyromaniac is a Special passive item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • +5 bombs
  • All explosions heal Isaac for one red heart instead of damaging him. If Isaac has no red heart containers or full health, no damage is taken.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Makes the player immune to Mom's, Satan's, and other enemies' stomp attacks, making those fights substantially less difficult.
    • Due to the immunity to Mom's stomping attack, Mom's Toenail Mom's ToenailMom's Toenail Icon.pngMom's foot randomly stomps down somewhere in the room. 1 minute intervals. has improved usefulness.
  • Makes the player immune to The Cage's, The Adversary's, and Mega Satan's rock wave attack.
  • The item is unable to produce Soul Hearts, Black Hearts, or Eternal Hearts, making Pyromaniac a little less effective if used with ??? or The Lost. However, these characters still gain immunity to explosions.
  • Makes the player immune to fires left behind by enemies and their hot bombs, as well as projectiles from Red and Purple Fireplaces but not the fireplaces themselves.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Ultra Greed's second form in Greedier Mode uses explosive attacks almost exclusively. As a result, Pyromaniac makes characters nearly invulnerable against him.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Anarchist Cookbook Anarchist CookbookAnarchist Cookbook Icon.png3 roomsSpawns six troll bombs around the room.: Allows the cookbook to be used without risk of self-damage and as a reusable source of healing.
  • Bob's Brain Bob's BrainBob's Brain Icon.pngSpawns a familiar that charges forward when shooting tears and explodes upon contact with an enemy, damaging and poisoning them. The familiar respawns after a few seconds.: Negates the risk of self-damage and allows it to be used as a source of healing.
  • Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Rotten HeadBob's Rotten Head Icon.png3 roomsUpon use, Isaac holds a poison bomb which can be thrown towards any of the four cardinal points and explodes on impact.: Can be used as a reusable source of healing.
  • Bomb Bag Bomb BagBomb Bag Icon.pngIsaac is followed by a small bag that drops a Bomb, 1+1 Free, or a Troll Bomb every 3 rooms.: Provides steady supply of bombs that can be used for healing.
  • Added in AfterbirthCurse of the Tower Curse of the TowerCurse of the Tower Icon.pngCauses Isaac to spawn 6 troll bombs on the floor every time he gets hit, similar to the Anarchist Cookbook mechanic.: Each time Isaac is hit, Troll Bombs spawn, enabling him to be healed each time damaged.
  • Dr. Fetus Dr. FetusDr. Fetus Icon.pngTears are replaced by bombs that benefit from bomb-enhancing effects and slide for a fixed time after being fired./Epic Fetus Epic FetusEpic Fetus Icon.pngIsaac's tears are replaced with guided missiles, like those used by the Doctor's Remote./Ipecac IpecacIpecac Icon.pngReplaces tears with explosive and poisoning projectiles fired in an arc from the mouth.: Explosions heal Isaac, essentially making him invincible as long as he has more than one red heart container and a decent rate of fire.
  • Fire Mind Fire MindFire Mind Icon.pngGrants flaming tears that deal burning damage over time. Tears have a chance to explode on impact with an enemy, which creates a fire at the location of the explosion.: Explosions caused by tears can be used for healing
  • Kamikaze! Kamikaze!Kamikaze! Icon.pngUnlimitedCreates an explosion in the same area as Isaac, dealing half a heart of damage to him and also damaging all enemies caught in the blast radius.: Allows immortality and infinite explosions for free.
  • Mom's Toenail Mom's ToenailMom's Toenail Icon.pngMom's foot randomly stomps down somewhere in the room. 1 minute intervals.: Becomes immune to the stomp.
  • Piggy Bank Piggy BankPiggy Bank Rebirth Icon.pngGives 3 pennies on pick-up. Every time Isaac is damaged, he will drop one additional penny./Fanny Pack Fanny PackFanny Pack Icon.pngHas a chance to drop a random pickup when Isaac takes damage./Swallowed Penny Swallowed PennySwallowed Penny Icon.pngUpon taking damage, Isaac drops a penny.: When used in conjunction with explosions, can be used to very slowly gain an infinite amount of money or pickups.
  • Added in AfterbirthNo. 2 No. 2No. 2 Icon.pngContinuously firing tears for several seconds causes Isaac to drop a Butt Bomb. Butt Bombs explode for 50 damage like normal bombs, but also deal 10 damage to all enemies in the room and daze them for a short period of time.: The Butt Bombs spawned by firing tears are affected, allowing for unlimited free healing.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Added in Afterbirth This item is used in Challenge #23 (Blue Bomber).
  • Pyromania is an impulse control disorder in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PC  Normal mode only 7HQC 0YH9 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 PC Normal mode only PR2N SB6M (Treasure room adjacent to spawn, Kamikaze! synergy on first floor)

 PC Hard mode only 0DJW Y6DB (Pyro + Pyromaniac adjacent to spawn)

 PC Added in Afterbirth Hard mode only 0MMV NJKX (First floor treasure room)

 PC Added in Afterbirth Hard mode only 2CBJ S32P (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 PS4 Normal mode only 7BAK S8YD (First floor treasure room)

 3DS 4L93 XLGW (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 Switch Greedier mode only YDRY EDY0 (First Golden Treasure Room) (Curse of the Blind)

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