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Rocks[edit | edit source]


  • Blocks movement and projectiles.
  • Can be destroyed with explosions and certain items like the Notched Axe Notched AxeCollectible Notched Axe icon.png3 roomsIsaac holds the axe above his head for as long as the spacebar button is held (or until he leaves the room). While holding the axe, Isaac can break any rock he touches, but cannot attack or pick up other items., The Nail The NailCollectible The Nail icon.png6 roomsAdds one soul heart and allows the breaking of rocks and damaging enemies by simply walking over them. Increases damage and decreases speed. All effects except for the Soul Heart wear off upon leaving the room., Leo LeoCollectible Leo icon.pngAllows you to crush rocks when you walk over them., or Thunder Thighs Thunder ThighsCollectible Thunder Thighs icon.pngDestroys rocks upon contact with Isaac. Adds one heart container and lowers Speed..
  • Can fill in a 1-block wide gap when pushed in the right direction by an explosion, or with one of the abilities that allows destruction by walking onto the rock.
    • Note: With these items, it is important to walk in the direction of the gap.
  • Small chance to reveal a Crawl Space when destroyed.
  • Destroying 100 rocks will unlock the Lucky Rock Lucky RockTrinket Lucky Rock icon.pngEach obstacle destroyed drops one coin. trinket.

Tinted Rocks[edit | edit source]

Tinted Rocks.png

Sometimes referred to as "Marked Rocks", they are always marked with an "x", and in some levels slightly tinted/discolored. These rocks are much less noticeable in The Womb and Utero due to them being the same color as the surrounding rocks, but can still be distinguished by the "x" on the bottom right.

  • Destroying 10 Tinted Rocks will unlock Mr. Mega Mr. MegaCollectible Mr. Mega icon.pngGives Isaac 5 bombs, and makes all dropped bombs larger, which have an increased blast radius and increased damage..
  • Destroying 100 Tinted Rocks will unlock The Small Rock The Small RockCollectible The Small Rock icon.pngIncreases damage by 1, increases tears by 0.2, and decreases speed by 0.1..

Found in: Every Stage

Tinted Rocks have a chance to spawn 1-2 of the following when destroyed:

  • Soul hearts
  • Keys
  • Bombs
  • Golden chests (only one)
  • A combination of any of the items mentioned above
  • The Small Rock The Small RockCollectible The Small Rock icon.pngIncreases damage by 1, increases tears by 0.2, and decreases speed by 0.1. (after it is unlocked) (Sometimes spawns with additional pickups, but cannot spawn alongside chests.)

Super Special Rocks Added in Afterbirth †[edit | edit source]

Super Special Rocks.png

Super Special Rocks are Tinted Rock variants that are much harder to spot, as they have a smaller mark and are not discolored. Super Special Rocks take two bombs to blow up and drop the contents of two Tinted Rocks.

Super Special Rocks are unlocked by Added in Afterbirth †5 Nights at Mom's Get a 5-win streak, using a different character for each win5 Nights at Mom's5 Nights at Mom's

Bomb Rocks[edit | edit source]


Act like rocks.

Found in: Low chance of replacing any rock.

Bomb rocks can be found anywhere a normal rock can spawn. They can only be destroyed by explosions and "stompy" items, like normal rocks. When they are destroyed, they create an explosion. Note that destroying a bomb rock next to a hole does not create a bridge as with normal rocks.

Urns[edit | edit source]


Act like rocks.

Found in:

Urns have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]


Found in:

Mushrooms have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:

Skulls[edit | edit source]


Act like rocks.

Found in:

Skulls have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:

Notes[edit | edit source]

Polyps[edit | edit source]


Act like rocks.

Found in:

Polyps have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:

  • 6 red tears in all directions and a puddle of bloody creep
  • Blood Clot Blood ClotCollectible Blood Clot icon.pngIncreases damage by 1 and range by 5 for tears fired from the left eye.
  • Placenta PlacentaCollectible Placenta icon.pngGrants a full heart container, and a chance to regenerate a half-heart of health every minute of gameplay.
  • Umbilical Cord Umbilical CordTrinket Umbilical Cord icon.pngWhen Isaac's health is brought to half a red heart and no soul hearts, a Little Steven familiar spawns for the current room.
  • Harlequin Baby Harlequin BabyCollectible Harlequin Baby Rebirth icon.pngSpawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and fires two tears at once in a V-pattern.
  • Heart Pickups

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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