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Items in this pool can be found for sale in the Shop in Greed Mode. Take note that Greed Mode is special in that the shop may also sell items from the Boss Pool or the Treasure Pool.

Activated Collectibles

Name ID Icon Quote Description
Blank Card 286
Blank Card
4 rooms
Card Mimic Has the same effect as the card or rune currently held by Isaac.
D10 285
1 rooms
Rerolls enemies Rerolls the enemies in a room. Only rerolls enemies that are still alive (does not spawn new enemies).
D100 283
6 rooms
REEROLLLLL! Upon use, rerolls all passive items on Isaac like the D4 D4, every pedestal item in the room like The D6 The D6, and every pickup like the D20 D20.
D12 386
3 rooms
Rerolls rocks Re-rolls all rocks in the current room into other random objects, such as bomb rocks, metal blocks, TNT, or poops.
D20 166
6 rooms
Reroll the basics Rerolls all pickups in the current room.
D4 284
6 rooms
Reroll into something else Rerolls all of Isaac's items.
The D6 105
The D6
6 rooms
Reroll Your Destiny Re-rolls all items in the current room into other items, depending on the current room's Item Pool.
D8 406
4 rooms
Reroll stats Re-rolls Isaac's speed, range, tears, and damage.
Jar of Flies 434
Jar of Flies
Gotta catch 'em all? Every time Isaac kills an enemy, a fly will be added to the jar, up to a maximum of 20. Using the Jar of Flies will release all the flies that are currently in the jar as friendly blue flies that will damage enemies.
Mom's Box 439
Mom's Box
4 rooms
What's inside? When used, Mom's Box will drop a random trinket on the ground. While held, increases luck by 1 and doubles the effects of trinkets.
Pandora's Box 297
Pandora's Box
?? Upon use, spawns certain pickups or items depending on the floor it is used on. Single-use.
Placebo 348
4 rooms
Pill mimic When used, copies the effect of the pill Isaac is currently holding without consuming it. Does not copy the effects of cards or runes.
Red Candle 289
Red Candle
4 seconds
Flame on Throws a persistent flame that deals high damage and diminishes as it damages enemies or blocks shots.
We Need to Go Deeper! 84
We Need to Go Deeper!
6 rooms
Reusable level skip Creates a trapdoor to go to the next floor. If used in The Womb The Womb, it will create a trapdoor to Sheol Sheol, even if the player hasn't unlocked it.
Added in Afterbirth † Black Hole 512
Black Hole
4 rooms
Nothing can escape Throws a black hole on the ground which sucks in and damages enemies.
Added in Afterbirth † Clicker 482
6 rooms
Change Transforms Isaac into a random character and removes the last item collected.
Added in Afterbirth † Crooked Penny 485
Crooked Penny
4 rooms
50/50 Spawns a penny and has a 50% chance to double all items and pickups in the room. If the effect fails, the items and pickups disappear.
Added in Afterbirth † D1 476
4 rooms
What will it be? Duplicates a random pickup in the room.
Added in Afterbirth † Dataminer 481
4 rooms
109 Displaces enemy sprites for the current room, randomly increases one stat and decreases another.
Added in Afterbirth † D Infinity 489
D Infinity
2 rooms
Reroll forever Grants a random dice item that changes each use.
Added in Afterbirth † Dull Razor 486
Dull Razor
2 rooms
I feel numb... Hurts Isaac without depleting health, activating any items that trigger upon taking damage.
Added in Afterbirth † Mama Mega! 483
Mama Mega!
BOOOOOOOOOM! Damages all enemies and destroys all obstacles. The effect occurs every time a new room is entered for the rest of the floor. Opens doors to the floor's secret and super secret rooms.
Added in Afterbirth † Metronome 488
2 rooms
Waggles a finger Grants a random item effect for the current room.
Added in Afterbirth † Mystery Gift 515
Mystery Gift
Wrapped up nice for you! Upon use, spawns a random item from the current room's item pool, with a chance to spawn A Lump of Coal or The Poop instead.
Added in Afterbirth † Mr. ME! 527
Mr. ME!
4 rooms
Caaan do! Summons a controllable ghost that can perform various tasks depending on what it targets.
Added in Afterbirth † Pause 478
2 rooms
Stop! Freezes all enemies until a fire button is pressed.
Added in Afterbirth † Plan C 475
Plan C
Use with caution Kills all enemies in the room, then kills Isaac three seconds later.
Added in Afterbirth † Potato Peeler 487
Potato Peeler
A pound of flesh Removes a heart container, increases damage and range, and grants a Cube of Meat.
Added in Afterbirth † Sprinkler 516
4 rooms
Sprinkles. Upon use, spawns a sprinkler that rotates and fires tears.
Added in Afterbirth † Void 477
6 rooms
Consume Consumes all pedestal items in the room. Active items will have their effects added to Void, and passive items will grant stat upgrades.

Passive Collectibles

Name ID Icon Quote Description
9 Volt 116 9 Volt Quicker charge Reduces the charge of any activated item by 1. Any 1 charge items instead have timed recharges.
The Battery 63 The Battery Stores energy Activated collectibles can be "overcharged" to allow for an additional use.
BFFS! 247 BFFS! Your Friends Rule! Increases the size and effectiveness of most familiars.
Black Candle 260 Black Candle Curse immunity + evil up Prevents curses. Grants one Black Heart. Increases the chance for a Devil or Angel Room to appear.
Blue Map 246 Blue Map Secrets Shows Secret and Super Secret Room locations on the map.
Car Battery 356 Car Battery Double charge! Causes Isaac's activated item to activate twice on each use.
Champion Belt 208 Champion Belt DMG + Challenge Up Increases damage, but also increases the chance of champion enemies appearing.
Chaos 402 Chaos !!! Chaos causes items to be chosen from random item pools. When picked up, drops between 1-6 random pickups on the floor.
Charged Baby 372 Charged Baby Bbbzzzzzt! A battery familiar that occasionally drops a Lil' Battery, gives an active item charge, or freezes all enemies in the room.
Cube of Meat 73 Cube of Meat Gotta meat 'em all! Orbiting familiar that blocks enemy shots and deals damage to enemies. If collected while already having one, it makes the familiar evolve. Only drops from Horsemen. Similar to Ball of Bandages.
Deep Pockets 416 Deep Pockets More stuff to carry! Allows Isaac to carry two cards or pills (or a combination of both) at the same time.
Fanny Pack 204 Fanny Pack It's filled with goodies! Has a chance to drop a random pickup when Isaac takes damage.
GB Bug 405 GB Bug Game breaking bug, right away! A glitch familiar that bounces around the room and applies a random status effect to any enemies it comes into contact with and has a chance to re-roll pickups that it passes over.
Habit 156 Habit Item Martyr When Isaac is hit, 1 point of an item's charge is filled.
Hive Mind 248 Hive Mind Giant spiders and flies Increases the size of Blue Spiders and Blue Flies and doubles the amount of damage they deal.
Little Baggy 252 Little Baggy Extra pill room Isaac can hold 2 pills at once and all cards are replaced by pills.
Lucky Foot 46 Lucky Foot Luck up +1 Luck. Increases chance of winning Shell Game Beggar. (Independent of luck stat)
Mom's Purse 139 Mom's Purse More trinket room Allows Isaac to hold 1 additional trinket.
PHD 75 PHD Better pills Converts all bad pills into good pills, spawns one pill pickup and restores health. Identifies all pills upon pickup.
Pay to Play 380 Pay to Play Money talks +5 coins. Turns all doors that require a single key into doors which need a coin to enter instead. This affects shops, item rooms and libraries.
Spelunker Hat 91 Spelunker Hat See-through doors Reveals type of adjacent rooms, including location for secret rooms and super secret rooms.
Spider Mod 403 Spider Mod Mod buddy! Displays Isaac's tear damage and enemy health bars. Spawns a gray spider familiar that wanders around and inflicts a random status effect on any enemies it comes into contact with. Occasionally spawns a blue spider upon clearing a room.
Starter Deck 251 Starter Deck Extra card room Isaac can hold 2 cards at once and all pills are replaced by cards.
X-Ray Vision 76 X-Ray Vision I've seen everything Reveals and opens all Secret Room and Super Secret Room entrances.
Added in Afterbirth † Blanket 535 Blanket You feel Safe Grants one Soul Heart. Upon entering a boss room, grants a shield that blocks one hit, then disappears.
Added in Afterbirth † Buddy in a Box 518 Buddy in a Box What could it be?! Grants a familiar with a random tear effect. The familiar is randomized at the start of each floor.
Added in Afterbirth † King Baby 472 King Baby Lord of the dead! Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and makes other familiars follow it. While firing tears, it stops moving.
Added in Afterbirth † Poke Go 505 Poke Go Gotta catch em... Upon entering a room with enemies in it, has a chance to spawn a random friendly enemy that persists across rooms.
Added in Afterbirth † Sack of Sacks 500 Sack of Sacks Gives sacks Spawns a sack familiar that drops a sack every 5-6 rooms cleared.
Added in Afterbirth † Schoolbag 534 Schoolbag Extra active item room Allows Isaac to hold two active items.
Added in Afterbirth † Tarot Cloth 451 Tarot Cloth I see the future Drops a random card or rune. Doubles the effects of cards and runes.

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