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Sisters Vis
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Sisters Vis is one of the bosses added in the expansion The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Similar to The Cage, Sisters Vis curl up in a ball and roll towards Isaac, bouncing off the walls. One of them leaves a trail of green creep while the other leaves behind a trail of brown creep.
  • Opening their bellies, the Sisters Vis will fire a wide Brimstone Brimstone beam downwards 3 times before closing themselves up. The three Brimstone Brimstone beams will be fired in different directions, with one leaning to the left, one leaning to the right, and one going straight down.
  • The Sisters Vis may open their bellies and fire many bloody shots.
  • Spawns 2 Begottens chained to opposite walls.
  • The Sisters Vis will leap into the air and land one on each side of Isaac. They will then open their belly and fire large Brimstone Brimstone lasers towards where Isaac was when they landed. The two beams will hit each other and block each other, so that the damage field of the Brimstone only appears between the two Sisters.

When one of the two is killed, the other will become enraged, and will attack much faster.

  • When only one remains, it may leap in the air, and upon landing, fire a massive brimstone laser that will sweep in a nearly 180 degree arc towards Isaac

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A possible encounter in Greedier mode may spawn up to 8 Sisters Vis.
  • If the sister that leaves green creep dies, the other sister will leave green creep instead of brown creep.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sisters Vis are a cameo from the 2004 PC game Gish, created by Edmund McMillen.
    • In Gish, they are the bosses of the 3rd area: The 7 Planes of Hehenna.
    • As Sisters Vis are originally from Gish, the designs of the Vis enemies and The Cage itself originated from them.
  • On the Sisters Vis' bodies there is a Y-shaped mark, commonly known as an autopsy stitch. The stitch is commonly made at the start of a surgery, to get access to the insides of the cadaver. When the autopsy is complete, it's stitched back together
  • Sisters Vis was previously a cut-content boss that was planned on being added in Afterbirth.
  • Sisters Vis are the only normal boss that shoots a large Brimstone laser, similar to the one shot by Mega Satan.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! When there are four Sisters Vis (two pairs, which can be seen in Greed Mode) in the same room, there chance that three of them will act like normal, but the fourth one won't move or attack at all. However, when three are killed, the fourth one will return to normal.
Bug Bug! Sometimes, a Sisters Vis will become enraged immediately when the other one gets hit instead of getting killed.
Bug Bug! Sisters Vis can spawn in the bottom center of a Boss Room. If the entrance to the room is from the bottom, entering the room may cause Isaac to immediately take damage.

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