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Machines are objects that Isaac can interact with to gain a variety of rewards.

Slot Machine[edit | edit source]

Slot Machine.png

Walking up to the machine and bumping into it will consume one penny and spin the slots. The machine then has a chance to spawn one of its possible rewards. Slot Machines appear naturally in Arcades, Secret Rooms and other room layouts, and can be summoned using the X - Wheel of Fortune tarot card.

If the Slot Machine is caught in an explosion of any kind, it will be destroyed, yielding various rewards (see below). The Slot Machine also has a 2% chance to self-destruct after inserting a coin, in which case it drops several random pickups or A Dollar A Dollar and becomes unusable. The D4 D4 is unlocked when 30 Slot Machines are destroyed (via explosion or overloading) by the player. When blown up in the Dark Room or Chest, it will drop a collectible from the Treasure Room pool, much like brown and golden Chests.

On hard mode, the chances of winning at the Slot Machine are halved.

Possible Rewards from Coins[edit | edit source]

Possible Rewards from Destroying[edit | edit source]

When you destroy the machine, there is a:

  • 10% chance to drop a random pill
  • 10% chance to drop a random trinket
  • 1% chance to drop a Brown Chest
  • 1% chance to drop a Golden Chest
  • 78% chance to drop 2-3 random pickup groupings; for each grouping, there is a
    • 35% chance to drop 1-3 random coins
    • 20% chance to drop a random heart
      • if Daemon's Tail Daemon's TailTrinket Daemon's Tail icon.pngMost non-specific heart drops become black hearts, but heart drops are significantly less common. is held, there is an 80% chance to prevent this grouping from being chosen; if prevented, another pickup grouping will be chosen instead.
      • if chosen, there is a 50% chance that this counts as 2 pickup groupings.
    • 15% chance to drop a random key
    • 30% chance to drop a random bomb

There is a 33% chance of an extra pickup grouping spawning if you are holding Lucky Toe Lucky ToeTrinket Lucky Toe icon.pngIncreases Luck by 1..

Furthermore, if the 78% chance to drop the pickup groupings is selected, there is a 33% chance for the following conditions to occur:

  • if Ace of Spades Ace of SpadesAce of Spades Icon.pngIncreases the chance of tarot cards or playing cards dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding cards when opening a chest. is held, there is a 50% chance to spawn an extra random card.
  • if Safety Cap Safety CapCollectible Safety Cap icon.pngImproves the chance of Pills dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding a Pill when opening a Chest. is held, there is a 50% chance to spawn an extra random pill.
  • if Match Stick Match StickTrinket Match Stick icon.pngIncreases the chance of Bombs dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding Bombs when opening a Chest. is held, there is a 50% chance to spawn an extra random bomb.
  • if Child's Heart Child's HeartTrinket Child's Heart icon.pngIncreases the chance of a heart pickup dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding a heart when opening a Chest. is held, there is a 50% chance to spawn an extra random heart.
  • if Rusted Key Rusted KeyTrinket Rusted Key icon.pngImproves the chances of finding keys. is held, there is a 50% chance to spawn an extra random key.

Note that only 1 additional item can spawn from this 33% chance. In the case of having multiple matching trinkets, the conditions are checked in order.

Fortune Teller[edit | edit source]

Fortune Teller.png

The Fortune Teller is similar to the Slot Machine. Bumping into the machine costs one penny, which will either cause a random fortune or special seed to be displayed on-screen or cause the machine to spawn one of its possible drops. Fortune Tellers appear naturally in Arcades, Secret Rooms, Super Secret Rooms and other room layouts, and can be summoned using the X - Wheel of Fortune tarot card. The Fortune Teller also has a chance to self-destruct after inserting a coin, in which case it drops several random pickups or Crystal Ball Crystal Ball. Like the Slot Machine, Fortune Tellers will also drop a random collectible item when destroyed in the Dark Room or Chest.

When you insert a coin into the machine, there is a

  • 65% chance of a fortune or seed text
  • 35% chance of a reward; if it is a reward, there is a
    • 30.56% chance to drop a soul heart
    • 30.56% chance to drop a random trinket
    • 30.56% chance to drop a random card or rune
    • 5% chance to self-destruct into random pickups
    • 3.33% chance to self-destruct into a Crystal Ball Crystal Ball

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Lucky Foot Lucky Foot item increases the payout chance from 35% to 54%.
  • Unlike the Slot Machine, the chances of the Fortune Teller machine are unaffected by playing on hard mode.
  • When Fortune Teller machines are blown up, they have the same drop table as Slot Machines (see above).
  • Look to La Luna
  • Don't leave the house today
  • We will all die one day
  • You are throwing your life away
  • Go outside!
  • Give up!
  • You will die alone
  • Ask again later
  • Wake up
  • You are worshiping a sun god
  • Stay asleep
  • Marry and reproduce
  • Question authority
  • Think for yourself
  • Steven lives
  • Bring him the photo
  • Your soul is hidden deep within the darkness
  • You were born wrong
  • You are dark inside
  • You will never be forgiven
  • When life gives you lemons, reroll!
  • It is dangerous to go alone
  • Go to the next room
  • You will die
  • Why so blue?
  • Your princess is in another castle
  • You make mistakes, it is only natural
  • A hanged man brings you no luck today
  • The devil in disguise
  • Nobody knows the troubles you have seen
  • Do not look so hurt, others have problems too
  • Always your head in the clouds
  • Do not lose your head
  • Do not cry over spilled tears
  • Well that was worthless
  • Sunrays on your little face
  • Have you seen the exit?
  • Always look on the bright side
  • Get a baby pet, it will cheer you up
  • Meet strangers without prejudice
  • Only a sinner
  • See what he sees, do what he does
  • Lies
  • Lucky numbers: 16 31 64 70 74
  • Go directly to jail
  • Rebirth got canceled
  • Follow the cat
  • You look fat, you should exercise more
  • Take your medicine
  • Come to a fork in the road, take it
  • Believe in yourself
  • Trust no one
  • Trust good people
  • Follow the dog
  • Follow the zebra
  • What do you want to do today
  • Use bombs wisely
  • Live to die
  • You are playing it wrong, give me the controller
  • Choose your own path
  • Your old life lies in ruin
  • I feel asleep!!!
  • May your troubles be many
  • Blame nobody but yourself

Blood Donation Machine[edit | edit source]

Blood Donation Machine.png

Bumping into the machine will damage Isaac. The machine will then pay with one to three of any type of coin or rarely, Child's Heart Child's HeartTrinket Child's Heart icon.pngIncreases the chance of a heart pickup dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding a heart when opening a Chest.. Every donation has a chance of causing the Blood Donation Machine to explode, giving either a Blood Bag Blood Bag or an IV Bag IV Bag. Alternatively, it can be destroyed with a bomb, which will cause it to drop several pickups.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • On the floors before The Womb, the machine will take a half-heart of health from each use. From the womb and onwards, the Blood Donation Machine will take one full heart instead.
  • It is possible to be killed by the Blood Donation Machine.
  • The machine will accept eternal hearts first, then red hearts. When Isaac's health is at half a heart (or a full heart in The Womb and beyond), the machine will drain soul hearts and black hearts instead.
  • While the machine takes red hearts before Soul Hearts or Black Hearts, donations do not count as red heart damage for calculation of Devil Room chance.
  • A Blood Donation Machine can be summoned using the XIV - Temperance card.
  • The player can use the machine at no cost while invulnerable.
  • Using a Blood Donation Machine will trigger Scapular Scapular once the player is at half a heart. Leaving the room afterward and then reentering resets Scapular, allowing for further donations using Soul Hearts. Repeating this process after every Scapular activation allows the player to farm coins from the Blood Donation Machine until it breaks.
  • The machine synergizes well with Bloody Penny Bloody PennyTrinket Bloody Penny icon.pngGives a 50% chance to drop a half heart when money is collected., allowing many more plays than normal.
  • With Isaac's Heart Isaac's Heart, the machine can be used without taking any damage.
  • Holy Mantle Holy Mantle does not prevent damage from a Blood Donation Machine.

Restock Box Added in Afterbirth[edit | edit source]

Restock Box.png

The Restock Box is an object added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth appearing in Greed Mode and rare versions of the Shop, Treasure Room, and Secret Room Added in Afterbirth †. Restock Boxes can be activated by donating pennies or hitting them with an explosion.

In shops, each activation will cause the box to activate all of the following effects:

  • Re-rolls every item and pickup in the shop.
  • Refills all empty shop slots.

The chance for the store to be restocked increases as more coins are donated.

In Treasure Rooms, the Restock Box will re-roll the item after donating enough pennies or hitting it with an explosion. It will not generate new items to replace the taken ones. It will reroll all items in the room even if they were not originally present (e.g. items from beggars).

Restock Boxes can break after the fourth guaranteed reroll with a 50% chance for every subsequent reroll that should've been successful. This will cause them to drop a small amount of money.

Mom's Dressing Table Added in Afterbirth †[edit | edit source]

Dressing Table.png

Mom's Dressing Table is an object added in Booster Pack #2 of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †. It has a 50% chance of appearing in the starting room of a floor if Isaac has more than 8 items.

If Isaac bumps into Mom's Dressing Table, his appearance will be randomly changed so that only a few of his items are displayed.

Hitting Mom's Dressing Table with an explosive will cause it to break and drop 1-4 pills. There is a 1% chance to spawn one of the following items instead: Mom's Underwear Mom's Underwear, Mom's Heels Mom's Heels, Mom's Lipstick Mom's Lipstick, Mom's Bra Mom's Bra, Mom's Pad Mom's Pad, Mom's Eyeshadow Mom's Eyeshadow, Mom's Contacts Mom's Contacts, Mom's Wig Mom's Wig, Mom's Perfume Mom's Perfume or Added in AfterbirthMom's Pearls Mom's Pearls. Items that have already been generated and/or collected can be spawned again in this manner.

Mom's Dressing Table is based on this Steam Workshop mod by Sinsthar.

Donation Machine[edit | edit source]


See Donation Machine.

Greed Machine Added in Afterbirth[edit | edit source]

Greed Machine.png

See Greed Machine.

Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The message "Your princess is in another castle" from the Fortune Teller is a reference to a famous quote from the 1985 NES game Super Mario Bros.
  • The message "I Feel Asleep!!!" from the Fortune Teller is a reference to a famous quote from the 1988 NES game Metal Gear.
  • The message "Look to La Luna" from the Fortune Teller is a reference to a hint on how to unlock the hidden character Reptile on the 1992 game Mortal Kombat.

Bug[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug!  Switch  In the Booster Pack 5 update, the Fortune Teller's fortunes are broken and display as a garbled mess.

Collectible Moving Box icon.png Booster Packs Collectible Moving Box icon.png
  • Collectible Angry Fly icon.png
  • Collectible Black Hole icon.png
  • Collectible Bozo icon.png
  • Collectible Broken Modem icon.png
  • Collectible Mystery Gift icon.png
  • Sprinkler Icon.png
  • Collectible Fast Bombs icon.png
  • Collectible Buddy in a Box icon.png
  • Collectible Lil Delirium icon.png
  • HairpinHairpinFully recharges Isaac's active item upon entering a boss fight.
  • Wooden CrossWooden CrossGrants a Holy Mantle shield upon entering a new floor, which protects against one hit of damage.
  • Butter!Butter!Using an active item will drop it onto a pedestal on the ground. Taking damage may result in dropping a passive item.
  • Huge GrowthHuge GrowthMakes Isaac large for the current room, increasing his range and damage.
  • Ancient RecallAncient RecallSpawns 3 random cards.
  • Era WalkEra WalkFor the current room, enemies are slowed, Isaac's speed is increased, and his shot speed is decreased.
  • Collectible Jumper Cables icon.png
  • Collectible Coupon icon.png
  • Telekinesis Icon.png
  • Collectible Moving Box icon.png
  • Technology Zero Icon.png
  • Collectible Leprosy icon.png
  • Filigree FeatherFiligree FeatherAngels drop items instead of key pieces when defeated.
  • Dressing Table.png
  • 7 Seals icon.png
  • Collectible Mr. ME! icon.png
  • Collectible Angelic Prism icon.png
  • Collectible Pop! icon.png
  • Door StopDoor StopThe last door Isaac went through stays open, allowing him to leave the room even if enemies are in it.
  • Collectible Death's List icon.png
  • Collectible Haemolacria icon.png
  • Collectible Lachryphagy icon.png
  • Collectible Trisagion icon.png
  • Collectible Schoolbag icon.png
  • Extension CordExtension CordBeams of yellow electricity flow between Isaac and his familiars, damaging any enemies between them.
  • Cross Grimace.png
  • Fistuloid.png
  • Gush.png
  • Soul Sucker.png
  • Tar Boy.png
  • Tube Worm.png
  • Collectible Blanket icon.png
  • Collectible Sacrificial Altar icon.png
  • Collectible Lil Spewer icon.png
  • Collectible Marbles icon.png
  • Collectible Mystery Egg icon.png
  • Collectible Flat Stone icon.png
  • Collectible Marrow icon.png
  • Slipped Rib Icon.png
  • Collectible Hallowed Ground icon.png
  • Collectible Pointy Rib icon.png
  • Collectible Book of the Dead icon.png
  • Collectible Dad's Ring icon.png
  • Collectible Divorce Papers icon.png
  • Collectible Jaw Bone icon.png
  • Collectible Brittle Bones icon.png
  • Collectible Broken Shovel 1 icon.png
  • Collectible Broken Shovel 2 icon.png
  • Collectible Mom's Shovel icon.png
  • Rotten PennyRotten PennySpawns a blue fly every time a coin is picked up.
  • Baby-BenderBaby-BenderGrants Isaac's familiars homing shots.
  • Finger BoneFinger BoneGrants a chance to gain a bone heart upon taking damage.
  • The Forgotten App.png
  • Crispy.png
  • Cross Stoney.png
  • Dank Charger.png
  • Leper.png
  • Leper Flesh.png
  • Mr. Mine.png
  • Mr. Red Maw.png
  • Boss The Matriarch.png
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