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Full red heartFull red heartFull red heart
Blindfolded.png Blindfolded
Table dividing line 1.png
Distant Admiration Distant Admiration
Forever Alone Forever Alone
Halo of Flies Halo of Flies
Transcendence Transcendence
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Mom's Heart.png / Boss It Lives.png
Rune of Perthro Rune of Perthro
Solar System Defeat Mom's Heart 3 times

Solar System is challenge #6. Isaac starts this challenge with Distant Admiration Distant Admiration, Forever Alone Forever Alone, Halo of Flies Halo of Flies, and Transcendence Transcendence. Isaac will also be blindfolded. The goal is to defeat Mom's Heart. This Challenge is available after unlocking Transcendence.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

  • As Isaac is blindfolded, Isaac cannot use tears, and must rely entirely on Distant Admiration, Forever Alone, and bombs to deal damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Because Isaac starts with 3 Fly items, he will also begin the challenge as Beelzebub. This allows Isaac to amass a large number of friendly flies on the Basement floors.
  • The orbiting attack flies can be quite powerful, especially Distant Admiration when used properly. This will require optimization of Isaac's movement to maneuver into position to deal damage, as the flies are constantly moving, and avoid damage simultaneously.
    • Duct Tape can fix the position of the flies around Isaac, somewhat alleviating this.
  • Enemies that explode on death should only be targeted with Forever Alone, as destroying them with Distant Admiration will result in Isaac getting caught in their explosions.
  • Shops can carry BFFS! BFFS! and Hive Mind Hive Mind, the former of which affects the damage of the orbiting attack flies and the latter of which affects the damage of the blue flies spawned from Beelzebub.
  • Broken Watch Broken Watch and Stop Watch Stop Watch are good items to buy since they slow enemies down.
  • Obtaining Gnawed Leaf Gnawed Leaf makes the challenge trivial as Isaac's orbiting flies still deal damage while Isaac is invulnerable. Obtaining it is highly unlikely, however, since there is no treasure room present.
  • Obtaining Ball of Bandages Ball of Bandages or Cube of Meat Cube of Meat grants a full circle of projectile-blocking orbitals around Isaac.
  • Removed in Afterbirth It is not advised to reshuffle Isaac's items. As this will not remove Isaac's Blindfolded status, it is possible to reroll items in such a way that the run can no longer be completed.
  • Obtaining the Rune of Algiz, Chaos Card Chaos Card or The Bible The Bible can make killing Mom and Mom's Heart/It Lives! much easier.
  • Devil room deals such as Brimstone Brimstone, Added in AfterbirthMaw of the Void Maw of the Void, and Mom's Knife Mom's Knife will be ineffective, because of the blindfolded status.
  • The Boomerang The Boomerang is a useful purchase from the shop as it has a chance to freeze enemies, allowing Isaac to safely use the attack flies against them for the duration of the freeze.
  • Transcendence and other flight items are useless in this challenge because the Beelzebub transformation grants flight by default.
  • Obtaining Bob's Brain Bob's Brain can be handy for defeating bosses, due to its damage and poison effect. It can also be used to break poop or golden poop to gain health, coins, or bombs.
  • Added in Afterbirth †Extension Cord Extension Cord electrifies the orbiting flies, dealing extra damage and destroys fireplaces and poops.
  • Added in AfterbirthBlack Powder Black Powder helps damage non-flying enemies and bosses.
  • Added in AfterbirthIncubus Incubus acts as a replacement for Isaac's tears, thus indirectly removing Isaac's Blindfolded status.

Unlockable achievements[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The challenge is a reference to the Solar System; Isaac represents the sun and the flies represent planets.

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