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Entity image

Table dividing line 1.png
Table dividing line 1.png
Shop Icon.pngSecret Room Icon.png
Degraded Mini-Boss
Stage The Depths icon.pngStage Necropolis icon.pngStage Dank Depths icon.pngStage Cathedral icon.pngStage Sheol icon.pngStage The Chest icon.pngStage Dark Room icon.png
Added in AfterbirthI AM ERROR Text Icon.png
Table dividing line 2.png
Chance to drop one of the following:
A Quarter A QuarterCollectible A Quarter icon.pngAdds 25 to Isaac's coin count, capping at 99.
Steam Sale Steam SaleSteam Sale Icon.pngReduces all Shop prices by 50%, rounded down to 7 coins for an item, rounded up to 2-3 coins for a pickup.
Added in AfterbirthHead of the Keeper Head of the KeeperCollectible Head of the Keeper icon.pngIsaac's tears become coins and now have a chance to drop pennies on the floor upon successfully hitting an enemy.

Super Greed is a tougher version of Greed and functions as a mini-boss. He can be randomly found inside of a shop or a secret room, but only if Greed has already been encountered this way. Compared to his weaker version, he has pennies for eyes, a dollar sign on his head, and an angrier look.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Wanders around the room, usually in lines.
  • Fires four tears at the player.
  • Occasionally spawns Keepers.
  • If hit by the tears, Isaac will lose 2-4 coins and drop 1-3 pennies on the floor.

Mini-Bosses Greed.png
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