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Secret Room Door.png

Secret Rooms must be bombed into, and are usually located next to 3 or 4 rooms. Entrances to Secret Rooms will never have rocks or gaps in the way. Secret Rooms usually contain at least one Shopkeeper. Secret Rooms stay open after bombing them.

Possible Spawns[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Secret Rooms are found by bombing the middle of a wall in a standard size room. For larger size rooms, divide the room mentally into the size of individual rooms to figure out where to bomb. For closet-size rooms, Secret Rooms will never be found by bombing the sides but may be found by bombing the wall at the end of the closet.
  • Rooms adjacent to Secret Rooms will always have a clear, walkable path to the middle of the wall where you can set a bomb. Secret Room entrances are never found in front of gaps, obstacles, or spikes. All the rooms next to a Secret Room must satisfy these requirements, so if one room near a suspicious gap in the map fails these requirements, then look elsewhere.
    • Cobwebs may be next to Secret Room entrances.
  • If there are no valid Secret Room locations surrounded by 3 or 4 rooms, it is possible for a Secret Room to be adjacent to only 1 or 2 rooms.
A secret room adjacent to only one room
A secret room adjacent to only one room
  • The X-Ray Vision item opens all available entrances to both the Secret Room and the Super Secret Room. The I Can See Forever pill does the same for the floor on which the pill was used.
  • Teleportation items can randomly teleport Isaac into Secret Rooms, and The Moon card will always teleport Isaac to a Secret Room.
  • Secret Rooms are revealed on the map with Crystal Ball, Book of Secrets, The World card, The Sun card, Spelunker Hat, Blue Map, or The Mind, but you'll still need to open their entrance.
  • Black Flies and Spiders can sometimes be found in the room, and you won't be able to exit the Secret Room until you clear out the enemies.
  • If Greed or Super Greed spawn into the Secret Room, you won't be able to exit it (like a Mini-Boss room), but once the fight ends, all the exits of the Secret Room will be accessible.
  • Secret Rooms can exist next to all types of rooms except Boss Rooms, allowing certain restricted rooms to be entered.
    • Even if you have no keys, it is possible to bomb into a locked special room should there exist an adjacent secret room. Leaving through the door will unlock the room without requiring a key.
    • It is possible to enter Curse Rooms without taking damage by bombing in from a Secret Room.
    • It is possible to access Challenge Rooms even if you don't meet the health requirements, but it is not possible to "steal" the items, as the hole will be blocked up as soon as the fighting stage begins. However, items can still be stolen by using Telepills or other teleportation items. The Challenge Room will not be accessible from the Secret Room if the Secret Room contained a fight with Super Greed. Boards will remain over the entrance to the Challenge Room even after the fight is over.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

 PC  927Q 481S (Secret Room above Treasure Room is not attached to any others, normal mode only)

Super Secret Rooms[edit | edit source]

Secret Room Door.png

Super Secret Rooms are only located next to one other room, and this room can't be a special room (item, shop, boss, etc.). Also, the entrance of the Super Secret Room must be directly accessible (no rocks nor gaps in the way). They are usually close to the Boss Room while following the first rule, but their location can be hard to find.

Each Super Secret room has set drops depending on the floor. Note that the type of Super Secret room is not limited to certain floors it mimics (e.g. one can find a Womb-themed Super Secret room in the Depths).

Possible Spawns[edit | edit source]



  • Cathedral: 1 Eternal Heart. Only Eternal Hearts can spawn in this room, regardless of any items used. For example, using The Jar will drop Eternal Hearts to the ground instead of regular hearts. Using The Lovers or The Hierophant will too.


  • Womb: 8 Red Hearts. Only red hearts can spawn in this room, regardless of any items. If you let Dark Bum collect the hearts, he will drop red hearts instead of soul hearts. Allow him to pick up the hearts and leave the room quickly, where he will drop the soul hearts or black hearts outside.


  • Basement: 5 pills
    • A Red Poop and Black Flies have a chance of spawning in the room.




Unknown Room.png

  • Added in Afterbirth I AM ERROR: A Mom's Hand, random pickups, chests, cards, and trinkets.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Angel Room: 3 Soul Hearts, 2 blue fireplaces, angel statue in center which will drop its key piece upon death.

Added in Afterbirth Greed Mode[edit | edit source]

In Greed Mode, Super Secret Rooms have different layouts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the original Binding of Isaac, secret rooms worked differently; if the player left a room after opening a secret room entrance, the entrance would close. To open the room, the player needed another bomb to open the entrance.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! After defeating an Angel spawned in a Super Secret Room, the music will not return to the floor's regular music.
Bug Bug! Teleporting to the Super Secret Room in Greed or Greedier Mode, when the room is generated behind a still-locked Treasure Room, will trap the player inside.

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