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Talk:Eye of Belial

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The Ludovico Technique[edit source]

"Eye of Belial" tears continue to increase in damage and tear size upon each hit successfully landed on an enemy, but reset once they hit the floor.

Adding "The Ludovico Technique" to your arsenal suspends that tear in the air, and allows it to rapidly increase in damage and tear size until it reaches its limit. The tear will stay at that limit until you leave the room, and have to start again. It won't disappear before then.

This synergy is very useful in "Greedier Mode". Just let it build up, move to the other end of the large room, and hover it away from you. A high-enough base damage stat and hit rate will allow you to clear rounds quickly. The width limit appears to be the width of the main room.

The one issue I see with it is that often, when it gets to its limit, the "Eye of Belial" tear tends to overlap enemies and shots/objects in the top part of the tear. This limits your visibility drastically, and you can only hope that your tear is hitting your enemy, and that the enemy doesn't somehow hit you.