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Knockback[edit source]

Testing knockback is kind of tricky and I didn't feel like trying to use Cheat Engine to see if there's an easy-to-trace knockback stat to follow, so the things I could tell are:

  • Pisces and 8 Inch Nails are equal in knockback
  • Blister is stronger
  • Only one boost applies, the highest one
  • Cricket's head does nothing

The testing on Flat Worm was a bit uncertain, so I wouldn't be surprised if there actually is no direct extra knockback and instead tear size affects it; flat worm's effect is also nullified by piercing unlike the rest. Cricket's head seems to have no effect (and the tear size increase is consistent with anything else that gives you equal damage) -Frionil (talk) 11:38, 16 January 2019 (UTC)

Tear flags[edit source]

Writing these down here since I'm not canny enough with cheat engine to locate the memory addresses for various tear flags automatically, so it's easier to find them when I can craft a combo to search for:

ADDR   flags0 h??? orpK mErf BCan GNAI ?wMR LpFt sHPS
ADDR+4 flags1 ???V ?T&b ZlJe £dcU Dngo y€.? i$YO X??!

S = spectral, P = piercing, H = homing, s = slow
t = poison, F = petriFy, p = parasite, L = lump of coal
R = my reflection, M = polypheMus piercing, w = wiggle worm
I = ipecac explosive, A = chArm, N = coNfusion, G = spawn full hearts on kill (Gimpy style)
n = tiNy planet curve, a = anti-grav, C = cricket's body, B = ruBber cement
f = fear, r = pRoptosis fade, E = fire + Explosive, m = strange attractor Magnetic
K = knockback, p = pulse worm, r = ring worm, o = flat wOrm
h = hook worm
! = godhead aura!, X = eXplosivo
O = cOntinuum (needs spectral to work), Y = holY light, $ = random coins on hit, i = black hearts on kill (serpent's kIss style, but no poison)
. = shrink, € = pennies on hit (h€ad of the keeper), y = mYsterious liquid
o = ouroboros worm, g = Glaucoma confusion, n = siNus infection, D = parasitoiD
U = sUlfuric acid, c = compound fracture, d = Dead eye (doesn't increase damage), £ = petrify into gold
e = Euthanasia, J = jacob's ladder, l = Little horn, Z = tech 0
b = pop! Bouncy, & = lachryphagy, T = Trisagion
V = hoVer (uncontrollable ludovico)

? are undetermined. Can't seem to locate *why* Blister knocks back more than Pisces/8-inch, still. Buddy in a Box seems to just grab some random tear flags, which explains why they can spawn lucky pennies on hit etc. Frionil (talk) 19:15, 15 February 2019 (UTC)