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Hi. I was really unhappy with the strategy section of The Lost's page. It literally did not contain a strategy, but only a list of items. Many extremely important items, such as Rune of Algiz, were not even mentioned with name but quickly worked off with a link to shielding items, easy to overlook. Many readers probably don't even click on such links, as it leaves you with the feeling "It can't be important if it's just linked". Items that are named stay rather in the readers head. Mostly items of secondary importance were explicitly named. Holy Mantle was alphabetically sorted into a list, although it's probably THE ONE ITEM for the lost and belongs on first position. I therefore created this page, added 3 strategies, a section I would like to call 'oh shit buttons' ;), a short topic about Devil/Angel Rooms and then copied the item list from the original article with the necessary adjustments. Due to its length, this article needs to be a dedicated strategy page. I hope this is ok with the community. Please someone correct spelling, grammar, faults, check on the things marked with citation needed and please shorten and simplify where possible, without removing content. Please do not add Chapter 2: Strategies, and then subchapter everything below until Emergency options. The titling then removes tons of overview and orientation within the long article. I know it's not perfect as it is, because it may not be clear that Chapters 2,3 and 4 are actually strategies. However, the first sentence will tell. I think the article also needs an image or two, to lighten it up.