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Template-info.png Documentation

Displays a floor icon.


This template is used by entering: {{floor|1=}}


unnamed parameter 1
The name of the floor.
Choose one of the following strings to specify the floor:
The Basement Stage The Basement icon.png
The Cellar Stage The Cellar icon.png
Burning Basement Stage Burning Basement icon.png
The Caves Stage The Caves icon.png
The Catacombs Stage The Catacombs icon.png
Flooded Caves Stage Flooded Caves icon.png
The Depths Stage The Depths icon.png
Necropolis Stage Necropolis icon.png
Dank Depths Stage Dank Depths icon.png
The Womb Stage The Womb icon.png
Utero Stage Utero icon.png
Scarred Womb Stage Scarred Womb icon.png
??? ???
Cathedral Stage Cathedral icon.png
Sheol Stage Sheol icon.png
The Chest Stage The Chest icon.png
Dark Room Stage Dark Room icon.png
The Void Stage The Void icon.png
The Shop The Shop
Ultra Greed Ultra Greed
Downpour Stage Downpour.png